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The following are comments from faith leaders who have seen the movie "The Shack" at pre-screenings across America. They come from pastors, priests, ministers, nuns, church staff, teachers and parents, of every color and every denomination (or no denomination). These are verbatim quotes taken from their comment cards, and used with their permission.

Powerful and absolutely amazing! Touched my heart deeply. God is LOVE and deeply deserves relationship with us. Healing and forgiveness in action.

- Andrew Abdalla, Kingdom-Minded Ventures, Atlanta GA

It was very good, the movie was done really well.

- Hemma Abdalla, Kingdom Minded Ventures, Atlanta GA

There are so many people who are hurting because of the evil that is in this world. They feel God has abandoned them. And we are unable to understand how a loving God can allow which evil. The Shack is a story of Gods; deep love for his children in the midst of that evil, in the middle of unbelief and in the completeness of the sorrow. His children experiences, God is the solution not the problem the Shack reminds us of that.

- Jeff Abramovitz, , Atlanta GA

Inspirational. Greater awakenings. Profound. Creative.

- Sean Allen, Changing A Generation, Atlanta GA

A wonderful way to show the love of God in all things.

- Victoria Archer, , Atlanta GA

Almost 2 good 2 B.

- Chandra Armstrong, Dekalb Family Medicine, Atlanta GA

The impact of this film is still making its way to my language centers, but in the few words that I have I will say that the film is not only a visual feast - it is a feast for all the senses we as human beings have access to and invited the viewer not only to glimpse the "intolerable beauty" and goodness of God - but to experience it. Profound. Stunning. Mesmerizing. Beautiful.

- Heather Baker, Writer, Atlanta GA

This did the book justice.

- Clarissa Bell, The Dream Center, Atlanta GA

Beautiful, moving, inspiring. The movie will be a gift to all who see it. I think Paul should write a book to be released with the movie- sharing what he shared after the movie. I would carry the book at Family Christian.

- Chuck Bengochea, Family Christian, Atlanta GA

So great! I cried the whole time! Also loved the diversity in the film. Lved how it was relational and not religious.

- Kimi Bengochea, Family Christian, Atlanta GA

One of the best movies I have ever seen. If you need wrestling with anything. In your life if you see this film. You will laugh, you will cry, but you will definitely learn and feel.

- Corey Blackwell, Blackwell Ent., Atlanta GA

As someone who hasn't read the book, I completely blown away how how The Shack portrayed God's unconditional love for His Children. Both the words of the story and the visuals were completely awesome.

- Michael Bomer, The Life Center , Atlanta GA

The very powerful message this film promotes about the importance of forgiveness and of relationships between one another is amazing and i would highly recommend this movie to friends with faith relations and otherwise.

- Christina Boyd, Word of Faith, Atlanta GA

I thought the movie did an excellent job staying true to the nature of the book. This movie will minister to and touch people who would never read the book. The message of forgiveness and faith to amazing.

- Jennifer Boyd, Word of Faith, Atlanta GA

This is a great movie that connects people with real life. This is all about the journey. It's so practical it's or real.

- Dale Bronner, Word of Faith Family Worship Cathedral, Atlanta GA

I have been waiting for this movie to come out! SO grateful. I have the book on audio and I listen to it religiously. I am fond of the conversations between God, Papa, Jesus. The love relationship and bringing Mac into unity with the Trinity. Being able to convey God in anger, frustrations, sadness...powerful!

- RACHEA BROOKS, Rachea Designs, Atlanta GA

It was real in life circumstances and its depiction of God felt real. I love it.

- Dwayne Bull, Hair by Dwayne Xavier, Atlanta GA

Very heartfelt!

- Mark Burns, , Atlanta GA

When uninvited and unimaginable sadness comes in our lives, this movie reminds us of Gods unending love for us always.

- Robin Burns, Legacy Church, Atlanta GA

This film allowed the book to come alive on screen and tackle the very themes and challenges that most people encounter on a daily basis. It transcends, is powerful and anointed!!!

- Tuere K. Butler, , Atlanta GA

You knocked it out of the park! You stayed true to the book. Fans of the book will not be disappointed in the film!

- Jeff Carter, Salem Media Group, Atlanta GA

The Shack is enriching and enlightening. It's peppered with brilliant and beautiful examples of God's goodness, grace and mercy. The world needs this wow. March 3, 2017 can't get here fast enough.

- Yvette Casline, Rolling Out UrbanStyle, Atlanta GA

I liked the versions forms of God. I like that the journey ended with reality and not fantasy.

- Lionel Catchings, State Bishop of GA, Atlanta GA

I thought the movie, just like the book changed and/or expanded our perspective of God.

- Tamera Catchings, , Atlanta GA

Very good

- James Chandler, Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship , Atlanta GA

Almost too much to take in this quickly and process. To know that God becomes whoever I need in my given situation (mom/dad/black/white) is a game changer of how I view my past/present and future.

- Jeff Chandler, Integrity Worx, Atlanta GA

The Shack is a life changing experience. Every person who encounters this film will be changed for the good.

- Tasha Cobbs, Gospel Artist, Atlanta GA

Life changing film to help us see God more accurately!

- Cory Condrey, Condrey Evangelistic Association, Atlanta GA

WOW! I read the book years ago and had been waiting for this movie to come out. I can't imagine how you could portray any of this - but you went beyond the unimaginable! This was beautiful!

- Margaret Conrad, USAF;The PCC of the Susquehanna Valley - Coal Township, Atlanta GA

I've read the book, and the book as incredible. This movie was amazing. It captured every emotion that I remembered feeling while reading the book. I felt like I went on the journey with MAC. I felt his pain, his forgiveness and healing and felt relatable to his character. I'm going to buy and share this movie with everyone I know. Thank you. Amazing acting by the way. Great job, wonderful

- Celeste Correa, Emory, Atlanta GA

It was powerful and emotional. It really made me think, evaluate, and feel real emotion. Well done.

- Holland Cox, Richmont Graduate University, Atlanta GA

Paul Young offers a powerful presentation of the process of forgiveness, which ultimately brings one to a place of wholeness and Happiness.

- Herb Crump, Freedom Temple Ministries, Atlanta GA

Awesome! Lost my husband 3 years ago - Healing for me love it! The movie did the book justice.

- Brenda Davis, Changing A Generation, Atlanta GA

An amazing look at the message that relates today.

- Zachary Davis, , Atlanta GA

It was everything I imagined while reading the book. it was refreshing and how you could feel the presence of God through the screen. God bless the producers for keeping true to the book. I have strongly encouraged the book with friends and i will do the same with the film.

- Carrie Dean, Beloved Community Movement, Atlanta GA

The Shack is necessary production that makes sense of who God really is and the love he has extended to man kind Awesome Movie!

- Linwood Dillard, Citadel Of Deliverance COGIC, Atlanta GA

Absolutely beautiful film. The book was awesome and was transitioned beautifully into the film. I hope everyone will see this film.

- Nancy Ekes, Birmingham United Methodist Church, Atlanta GA

It was incredible! This was a very unique way of telling how God works in our lives. I think a lot of people will be able to relate to The Shack! I already have 5 sermons from the Shack!

- Charles Ellis, Greater Grace Temple, Atlanta GA

Beautifully done. Followed the book really well. Octavia was so warm, gentle, and kind. Perfect casting for Jesus. Loved the diverse casting in the film. The cinematography was amazing-seemed like the filmmakers put a lot of time and resources into making it a quality film. The great filmmaking helped get the message across even better.

- Jordan Foxworthy, Atlanta Mission - My Sister's House, Atlanta GA

Sam Worthington was amazing. He captured such authentic feelings. Octavia Spencer was wonderful! Loved the casting. Beautiful scenery. I felt it stayed true to the book and even made scene clearer to me.

- Jeff Foxworthy, Max Laffs, Atlanta GA

Very powerful, mind-provoking hit home with me (my daughter is the same age as his little girl Missy), spiritual, humbling, beautiful, love the message of healing journey of human kind.

- Elisa Frame, Randstad, Atlanta GA

Very well made movie - I like how we describe God as papa.

- Daniel Fu, EACF, Atlanta GA

This movie is what this world needs today especially after the election. Healing is what this country needs. Understanding that man is not in control. God is. God is good all the time!

- Alfanette Garvin, Magazine Muzic, Atlanta GA

I was blessed to attend an exclusive leader screening of the movie The Shack with Dr. Debra, Dr. Morton, and several other friends. This movie was amazing. I encourage everyone to please go out see this excellent movie.

- Dr. Lasynge Gayton, , Atlanta GA

The movie is dealing with lifes greatest questions - well done!

- Marty Godfrey, Burnt hickory Baptist Church, Atlanta GA

I really enjoyed this film. Very uplifting and enjoyable. I will recommend this.

- Dominique Grant, Dream Center Church of Atlanta, Atlanta GA

Very interesting. Inciting. Helpful. Eyeopening. It was good to see how God was revealed in this movie.

- Jacoub Herbert, Heavenly Body Scrubs, Atlanta GA

The movie was great.

- Ed Herron, Grace Life Church, Atlanta GA

Awesome depiction of this occurrence. Thought provoking soul searching. Challenging our belief in God and his awesome power. Good storytelling. I believed Mac's story. The way the story was told it was not predictable. Thanks for the opportunity!

- Karen Hoard, CCAMWMW, Atlanta GA


- Hunter Hodge, GiANT Worldwide, Atlanta GA

I love the approach to forgiveness even under the most difficult times. Also the challenge to our perceptions of God and stereotypes - judging.

- Jeff Hodge, H.E. Hodge Company, Atlanta GA

Simply amazing! A phenomenal experience! Deeply moving. An encounter with God.

- Brian Keith Hodges, , Atlanta GA

The film was so right on - such truth and the ultimate ending of forgiveness! So very powerful!

- Teresa Hogarth, Life Ministries Today Inc, Atlanta GA

Very well done! Quality was excellent! Close to the book as possible is a movie caught well the books portrayal of the Trinity! Love!

- Bruce Hogarth, Life Ministries Today, Atlanta GA

Excellent, overall - follows the book well. Brought clarity to several parts. Would have liked the reveal to be little higher. Powerful trust and forgiveness.

- Timothy Hogg, Father's House Ministries, Inc, Atlanta GA

Amazing and transformational! The film helped me understand the love and grief Papa went through when his son was dying on the cross.

- Daniel Homrich, Give Means, Atlanta GA

Just as the book did, the film had a profound impact on me. It moved me to tears a dozen times and left me speechless but with a profound sense of love, depth and insight. I will be processing this film for many years to come- such a beautiful visual representation of something difficult to concept.

- Julie Homrich, Give Means, Atlanta GA

A powerful image of how God sees us and loves us. This movie helps you connect with how God loves us despite our sins. A must watch movie.

- Bianca Hughes, Richmond Graduate University , Atlanta GA

The film was amazing! This showed the character and compassion of our God!

- Angela Jackson, The Dream Center, Atlanta GA

This movie was a canvas to the world that has the Heart of the Father painted on it. Heart providing for forgiveness!

- Darius James, , Atlanta GA

Inspirational, renewed my faith, and reminded me to forgiveness and to not judge others. I really enjoyed the movie and the journey it took us from tragic to pain to forgiveness and love/joy.

- Ebony James, Convergence Church, Atlanta GA

A beautiful depiction of the cove of God and the power of foreignness.

- D'Ann Johnson, New Covenant Christian Ministries, Atlanta GA

The movie absolutely spoke to my heart and soul. It answered the many questions that

- Charlene Keys, , Atlanta GA

Good movie. Haven't read the book. Good story line.

- Terry King, TK's Lawn Maintenance , Atlanta GA

I love the way forgiveness was interwoven. I think it was a beautiful joy to bring the message of the book to life. I was wondering how you could capture so much.

- Missy Landers, First Baptist Church of Woodstock, Atlanta GA

An amazing piece of work. That touches the soul, breathes life into the spirit and provides an abundance of joy despite heartache and oss.

- Jonathan Landrum Jr, Associated Press, Atlanta GA

Very close to the book, I will recommend it to everyone. It a fresh new way to see God and he's (her) greatness. It's a great faith film.

- Arlie Landry, Spa at stonecrest, Atlanta GA

This movie helped me to deal with issues I had hidden inside my own personal "Shack" awesome movie!!

- Brenona Lawrence, Dream Leader, Atlanta GA

The most holy and meaningful movie ever! May God bus us all!

- Tony Le, CTK, Atlanta GA


- Anthony Lee, Rev/, Atlanta GA

"The Shack" was/is the first movie that has moved me in a long time. From the casting to the production design, "The Shack" was executed with perfection. I pray that this movie continues to reassure people of Gods love across the world.

- Carlton Lee Jr., 21 Century Fox, Atlanta GA

The story answers so many questions as to why tragedy is not from God- But God is in it for the good. The story line of God pursuing you at any level to reach you.

- Deborah lenderman, , Atlanta GA

Beautiful, glorious, redemption. The movie was a beautiful depiction of trails.

- Ron Lenormon, , Atlanta GA

A great story about love and forgiveness, trusting God knowing he never leaves us he's always with us. Even through the god and bad of events.

- Rhodell Lewis, WYZE Radio AM1480/A Taste of Tradition LLC, Atlanta GA

Tears of joy and peace and forgiveness is the way of life.

- Michael Lewis, Delta Dental Insurance Company, Atlanta GA

A little different from the book. Really touching, emotional - a very good look on how to view God in the midst of pain.

- Mary Martin, Elizabeth Baptist Church, Atlanta GA

This movie needs to be global. Love is a missing ingredient in the world. "Love always leaves a mark!"

- Chiquita Mays, No Limits Christian Church, Atlanta GA

Film gave great revelation on why God always allows terrible things. Film also showed who its not up to us to judge people.

- Willie Mays, No Limits Christian Church, Atlanta GA

I feel this film reflects the authenticity and simplicity of the connection and relationship w the Trinity. I also feel we're inadequately shared the love of God that is so powerful we are missing the greatest blessing we could encounter.

- Kimberly McKissick, , Atlanta GA

I felt that the movie was true to the book, The acting was superb. I really enjoyed the way God's unconditional love was depicted.

- Teresa Merriweather, Victory World Church, Atlanta GA


- Dennis V. Mitchell, Paw/Greater Christ Temple , Atlanta GA

Great Enjoyed it, Tear Jerker

- Deborah L. Mitchell, PAW, Atlanta GA

It was life charging. I spoke to my generation. It really cause me to think about the trinity.

- John Moore, Career Coach, Atlanta GA

Amazing film loved it!

- Joi Mudock, Dream Center Church of Atlanta , Atlanta GA

Awesome movie that profoundly impacted me in multiple ways. I will be processing its themes for a long time.

- Danielle Murphy, , Atlanta GA

Compelling to sit and have the conversations with myself about all the different correlatives the movie has with my personal life. The Shack puts God right back into the center of our lives without all the complications religion has put on the relationship he has with God.

- Anthony Murray, Oasis Church, Atlanta GA

God is in the house. The Shack shows us that God dwells with us--in ways perceived, unperceived and yet to be perceived. So raw so real so strong. We learn autism for what to hold on to and what to let go of.

- Richard Murray, None, Atlanta GA

Wow!! It captured the love and compassionate of God that I did not think was transparent to the big screen. I feel this movie will be transformative and shape the culture of the next generation similar to the impact of the Jesus movie.

- Doug Murrell, Habitat for Humanity International, Atlanta GA

Riveting; stunning; spell binding. The visual effects were amazing. Clam worthington was stellar. You could feel despise, his anger, the wrestle to forgive, the enlightened moment with wisdom.

- Felicia Murrell, Habitat For Humanity , Atlanta GA

Awesome! Papa appeared in a form that Mac could receive "her". He let his guard down a lot easier because of this. I love the way Papa conveyed to Mac that loves needs relationship.

- Cecily Norwood, Victory World Church, Atlanta GA

Great movie - loved the book and feel like the movie captured the essence of the story.

- Faith Prescott, The Dream Center, Atlanta GA

Great film to show about faith, sorrow, persevered and love in what we go through the life daily. I recommend everyone see this film.

- Eddie Rhodmen, D4SM, Atlanta GA

Beautiful, moving, heart wrenching, must see for everyone! I can't wait to recommend to my friends, family, and all strangers to go see The Shack. I believe it can be restoring to many to deeper their relationship with God - or to start it!

- Toni Rigsby, UP Entertainment - TV & Digital, Atlanta GA

What an amazing reflection of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit and how God see's us.

- Lindsey Robbins, Victory World Church, Atlanta GA

2 words- LIFE changing!

- Mckenna Robbins, Victory World Church, Atlanta GA

I loved the movie it made me cry, get a revert, and very encouraged.

- Alycia Robinson, Dream Center Church of Atlanta , Atlanta GA

This was avery inspirational film. I haven't read the book but this film has encouraged me to go read the book.

- Bernie Ruffin, , Atlanta GA

"I have never been so moved by a film before." I had so many tears that only reminded me of how much He loves me. The crossover between the book and film was nothing like I imagined...I limited it...you guys captured the essence and truth of the story. I pray that others can be healed and changed forever.

- Jonathan Rush, Life Church International, Atlanta GA

Have not read the book. Excellent demonstration of Gods love and forgiveness. Beautiful scenes. Great art.

- SANDRA RUSSELL, The New Jubilee Harvest Church, Atlanta GA

Moving, tender, movie much like the book. I read the book years ago, but still remember the emotion of the events that touched our hearts. Well done.

- Sherry Scater, Nesting Place, Atlanta GA

Freeing, A warm hug from the Father. A piercing light for a dark world

- Trey Sheneman, Influency/Blueprint, Atlanta GA

This was imply awesome! Words cannot express how profoundly powerful the message was and how beautifully developed the storyline took through the path from pain to redemption. I'm a therapist who works with rape, incest, and abuse and other types of victims - never in my 10 years of work have I seen such a powerful presentation of healing and reception over truth.

- Emily Shopert, Simplify Life Counseling , Atlanta GA

Great acting, right on target with scripture. Very emotional and full of truth. Thanks for the invite.

- Richard Shupert, Global Vision Resources, Atlanta GA

Beautiful, well done! Inspiring, a breath of God!

- Veronica Slater, Divacoachv LLC, Atlanta GA

What I loved most about the movie was that it was both relative and disarming. The message of Christ was powerful and impactful. This film will definitely touch the entire family.

- Tiffany Smith, The Dream Center, Atlanta GA

A unique perspective on the Trinity. Excellent performances. Inspiring, moving.

- Darlene Smith, Flat Creek Baptist Church, Atlanta GA

Great movie! This film will re-introuduce people to someone they thought they had all figured out.

- Venetta Smith, The Dream Center, Atlanta GA

OMG, I read this book 8 years ago trying to deal with the passing of my father. But seeing the movie has given me a better appreciation for our God. my papa. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity.

- Rhonda Spencer, , Atlanta GA

This film was powerful. I love how "Papa" was both female/mom and male when needed. Forgiveness and healing was clearly showcased and the process of how to let go was greatly portrayed.

- Margaret Stallworth, Beloved Community Movement, Atlanta GA

I loved how it illustrated the Trinity so well. The idea of how God loves all of his children were powerful.

- Eric Stallworth, The Beloved Community Movement, Atlanta GA

It was great tool to begin to help both Christian and non Christians begin to understand the complexities of spiritual life and biblical principles.

- Terrence Stewart, Click 2x Digital, Atlanta GA

If religion has gotten in the way of how you see God, then ( like the book) this film will help recalibrate your beliefs or challenge them in a great way. Perfect family film for all wakes of life. As powerful as the book. Will definitely recommend to my friends and family. Great character development. Brad Cummings - props to him for navigating Hollywood and fighting for staying true to the book. I emailed Wm. Paul - Love him! He's so good and I am thankful for all he's gone through to make this story.

- Mike Stoudt, Mike Stoudt Productions, Inc & Atlanta Voiceover Studio, Atlanta GA

Great aspect of the Trinity with an earthly aspect of how significant of how God, the father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit truly does impact our daily life.

- Danny Stovall, Living Proof Church, Atlanta GA

Uplifting, it is difficult and challenging task to accept death through tragedy - the film echoed and brought out these personal challenges.

- Patricia Sullivan, Health Professionals, Atlanta GA

Excellent! Very moving and emotional. Great content and themes touching on the Heart of God. Kept my attention the whole time.

- Isabel Summers, , Atlanta GA

I am overwhelmed by how well The Shack encompasses and demonstrates the nature of God. It's truly a life-changing film.

- Judah Swilley, Ignite The World, Atlanta GA

Beautiful, thought provoking, universal, love love love how the Trinity was portrayed!

- Debye Swilley, The Village , Atlanta GA

I thoroughly enjoyed it! Cried the whole time. It stayed true to the book and the casting was almost exactly how I pictured the characters in my mind from reading the book.

- Rebekah Tatum, Life Church International, Atlanta GA

Powerful! Embodied reality and a beautiful wrestling with some of the hard questions of life. Glory to god! Loved it

- Jessica Teague, , Atlanta GA

The film was absolutely amazing! It was such a profound and practical pathway for believers and on-believers alike to experience God the father, God the son and God the Holy Spirit in a way like never before. It exposed me to the thoughts soul, mind and presence of God that absolutely captivates one's very essence!

- Rinnita Thompson, , Atlanta GA

The film is really close to the book. The words are so detailed and carry lots of emotions. The actors were amazing.

- Sara Tunggala, The Indonesian Community, Atlanta GA

The effects were great, good story.

- Gabriel Tunggala, , Atlanta GA

Gorgeous. So faithful to the book, which was critical. And so faithful to the message of God's deep love for each of us, which is what the world needs to hear.

- Kristen Vincent, Prayerworks Studio, Atlanta GA

This movie was amazing! It pained a beautiful picture of the nature of God. Loved it!

- Melissa Walthour, , Atlanta GA

Amazing - I want to rent out a theatre so our whole church can see it!

- Ray Waters, The Village Church, Atlanta GA

Awesome portray of the Trinity, baptism of the Holy Spirit, foreignness, trust and love of God.

- Jane Waters, The Village , Atlanta GA

Awesome! Movie truly shows Go's unconditional love and grace!

- Deborah Watts, The King's Children, Atlanta GA

This movie is awesome! More powerful than the book because it will e able to reach the masses.

- Christina Watts, The King's Children , Atlanta GA

It shows God is always with us. Everyone goes through pain. We are given choices in life. We must always have a forgiving heart.

- Anita Whitlow, , Atlanta GA

I believe this was a beautifully produced film that is sure to ave a profound emotion and renew our commitment to trust and follow God.

- Suzanne Akin, Austin Interfaith, Austin TX

Theologically sound; beautifully rendered. This was not your hokey Christian film that plods along until it closes at a Billy Graham crusade!

- George Akin, , Austin TX

From someone who read the book and had high expectations of the movie, no words at all! Fantastically and tastefully done.

- Regina Armendariz, , Austin TX

I enjoyed it all, the acting, the message, the meaning, the scenery. I read the book and liked how the film staye with it. Well done. I will recommend it to all.

- John Bauer, Marys touch, Austin TX

Was an amazing story of love and foregivenss full of light beauty and love. It is not what God does t people but what people do to people. This movie teaches you to let go and be love. Thank you

- Shari Bauer, Mary's Touch, Austin TX

Fantastic, so moving. must see for anyone facing hardship, pain and suffering..to finally find that forgiveness to move thru life.

- Kelly Boyd, , Austin TX

I enjoyed it what a difference in what is usually seen on the screen lately, we need more of this kind of movie for all ages, but especially for the young there is so much horror, fighting and killing.

- Audrey Brady, Mary's Touch, Austin TX

Powerful, Life Changing. OUr daughter died in 2000 after watching the Shack- the bes word to describe the Shack is "Healing".

- Abby Caswell, St. Martin de Porres - Dripping Springs, TX, Austin TX

I thought that the film was very powerful. I have not read the entire book, although did start it a few years ago, and from what I could recall, I believe the film adaptation did a very good job portraying the imagery and characters found in the book.

- Noan Coker, Head to Heart Restoration Ministry, Austin TX

It depicted the real struggles we face as Christians at times. wanting to explain our painful experiences by making God a god that is angry or vindictive. This movie made you actually feel the love and warmth of God!

- Kim Coker, Head to Heart Restoration Ministry, Austin TX

Powerful film that beautifully portrays God's unconditional love. As a pastoral counselor, I would use this film to help demonstrate the need to forgive and how not doing so keeps us in bondage. This will be a true blessing to many who struggle with letting go of the past.

- Tom Coker, Head to Heart Restoration Ministry, Austin TX

I really liked the movie, the journey for Mack and for all of us. It is timeless with God's plan for our messed up world making sense of all of our transgressions. A real eye opener. Thank you and may God bless you abundantly!!

- Kathleen Diamond, St Margaret Mary Catholic Chuch, Austin TX

Amazing story and perfect setting of God's love for everyone. There's always a time for healing peace and comfort. The movie gives a message of forgiveness, love and healing. We so need this now in our nation and around the world.

- Susana Garza, The Frontline Faith Project, Austin TX

Extremely emotional and moving. Heart breaking but truly inspiring. Makes you wan to live a better more graceful life. Great example and awareness of ow we tend to pull from our own faulty thinking versus pulling from our Lord.

- Terry Haecker, The Bridge 1120, Austin TX

Amazing film. I can't begin to describe now clearly the story was conveyed. Very impressed.

- Anna Hindman, Facebook, Austin TX

I thought the film was great. The scenery and acting were above most Christian films which is awesome. The story is one that covers many answers to the big question Christians and seekers have which make it good for ministry and renewal to those of us who forget the love we are offered.

- Kelleye Hutchinson, Hill Country Bible Church, Austin TX

Magnificent-Actors were impressive and believable. Brought tears t my eyes and joy to my heart. Sadness was felt but overcome with happiness at forgiveness. God is Love.

- Zellena Jay, Retired TxDOT Employee, Austin TX

A wonderful story of forgiveness and healing. Very emotional to experience but an affirmation of God's abiding love. There were many humorous moments that were weaved nicely into the story. The "Gideon" bible and "Anyone you aren't especially fond of" come to mind! One of the most powerful scenes is when Pap say to Mae "When all you see is your pain, you lose sight of me--

- Melinda Johnson, , Austin TX

I was amazed at how close it was to the book! It was hard to not feel his pain and grief, yet so easy to experience his growth, acceptance and forgiveness. The characters were so real-all of them! The trinity was very likable!! I will hard by recommend this movie o anyone, Christian or not!! One of the top Christian movies of all times.

- Belinda Jones, Head to Heart Restoration Ministry, Austin TX

Amazing! Very accurate to the book. The best Christian film I have seen. The movie made the book come alive.

- Al Jones, Head to Heart Restoration Ministry, Austin TX

This film brought so much of what I have been taught/learned throughout my life to light. The cleansing water, learning to trust completely in God and not on how I perceive to be life in all its ups and downs. This shows how God is complete love and we just need to let go and trust and love him fully. I will definitely share my thought so f this film with many. Thanks so much.!

- Chris & Diane Klotz, KOC, Austin TX

All of us have baggage we carry. I felt a cleansing, a renewal of my faith not just in God but in myself. Much of what Mac felt and experienced, I experienced in my life. I have been working through the ____ of emotions for years and through God have slowly released myself completely from the anger, guilt, pain as I grow in my faith. I will do all I can to promote this movie.

- Chris Klotz, Knights of Columbus, Austin TX

The movie brought the characters of the book to life on the screen. It was amazing to feel the same experience of the book. The meaning of the story definitely helps one want to better their relationship not only with God but family

- Loretta Lozano, Saint Mary Cathedral, Austin TX

A wonderful movie full of faith, joy, and that gives hope and insight to both believers and non-believers.

- Leslie Metzger, St. Mary's Cathedral, Austin TX

The film was encouraging and I could relate. Very good following book text and plot. Extremely inspiring and motivating.

- Wanda Mignucci, First Baptist Church, Austin TX

I thought if was a great allegory thought provoking moving; even thought allegory the principles expressed are biblical.

- marty mosher, Texas Baptists, Austin TX

Very inspirational and encouraging. Sheds light on Gods love for all of his children. Touched me at a personal level. Just in time before this Easter to show Gods love.

- Brian Orozco, Calvary Chapel Georgetown, Austin TX

"When all you see is your pan, you lose sigh of me" God-- Wow so impactful! Loved the book, but this movie really brought it to life! "Especially fond of you" is how God sees you-Priceless!

- Trixie Overcashier, ImagineBALANCE, Austin TX

I thought it was very inspirational and very touching. very thought provoking. Will highly recommend it to everyone to see. One should not have doubts about God after seeing this movie.

- Kathy Padilla, , Austin TX

A very entertaining movie. The most impacting aspect for me was the issue of sin and redemption. Good attempt at tackling the question of sin an devil. Very important message in the movie.

- Eduardo Perez, St. Mary's Cathefral, Austin TX

Emotionally Powerful. A Brand new ancient perspiration our existence here on Earth and how we relate to God and how he/she interacts with us! Inspirational if he can; we all can.

- Christopher Pfeifler, Hill Country Bible Church, Austin TX

The Shack was very close to the depictions and images of the book. It was great how Papa, Jesus & Siri (Holy Spirit) were played o portray the Holy Trinity as One and they were never separate but as one. The journey we all walk, will never be alone.--Thanks to God.

- Joe Ramos, St. Joseph Catholic Church, Austin TX

Really enjoyed this heart filling movie! Just beautiful. It reiterate what a mess we all are and in constant need of the father son and Holy Christ. Really appreciate all the work and time and love and laughter put into this movie. It will continue to reach many of God's children. Thank you.

- Roxanne Redwine, Mammography, Austin TX

Most of the time a movie is not able to capture the intensiveness, wonder and intimate moments like a book can, but this movie was very well done! When you have had a spiritual experience that can't be explained it doesn't matter if no one else believes it because you do and you never forget it. Awesome Movie!

- Gloria Saucedo, San Jose Church, Austin TX

Profound, moving, faith filled or not you learn the power of true love and forgiveness.

- Leila Scott, St Williams, Austin TX

This type of film has given me hope, faith and again to feel the presence of love. Amazingly done and well cast would see it again.

- Laurie Secrist, , Austin TX

A very creative way of explaining hte trinity.

- David Smith, Austin Baptist Association, Austin TX

Enjoyed the film very much. I had not read the book, so it was a new story. It did a great job of putting very hard issues in perspective. Having been widowed years ago, I asked the same questions. Great depiction of how it all works and joy comes out of a hard situation.

- Wayne Snead, Great Commandment Network, Austin TX

It is a christian interpretation not focused on a particular denomination except follow base faith on believing, let the past go and utilize forgiveness as a strength to be a better person. In summary, our faith though gets questioned, to the end it heals our pain moving forward. Emotional.

- John Strubbe, , Austin TX

Overwhelmed- deeply moved--better even than the book. Awesome actors!

- Kathy Thomas, Saint Mary Cathedral Parish, Austin TX

reathtaking!! loved everymin. I read the book a few times and felt that the movie was just as amazing. Thank you so much. I can't wait to bring my family for Easter.

- Nicole Thompson, , Austin TX

I was worried the movie would not be as good as the book. The movie was as good as better.

- Leonard Toohey, , Austin TX

The best movie I've ever seen! Intense, core-felt, thought provoking and filled with hope. Beautiful photography, choreography and music

- Lucretia Valle, GenesisPURE, Austin TX

Story was told very well, but developed too slowly at times. The visuals were great. The acting was top notch-each actor seemed ideal for their selected roles.

- Ed Valle, , Austin TX

Very deep, powerfully moving. I think most people would be affected by its very clear message: Renewed sense of God's love and nearness.

- Carol Watson, Bridgepoint Church, Austin TX

Surprisingly well acted- very moving and good representation of the book. Really think this will help people wrestling with their perception of God.

- Mike Watson, BridgePoint Church, Austin TX

Speechless... wish I didn't have to wait until March to show everyone I know.

- Dave Wike, Pastor Resources, Austin TX

Most true to scripture movie. I've ever seen. The visuals are impactful. Hope I can remember many of the great quotes. This will be a great movie for all to see. Anyone questioning God's goodness may see more clearly. I want to see it again.

- Diane Williams, Church of Glad Tidings, Austin TX

Excellent! The movie closely followed the book. Beautiful depiction of the story and unfolding of God's love and truth. Very Relate able.

- Cindy , , Austin TX

I didn't think a movie could do the book/story justice, and in fact it went beyond. The message was portrayed so cleanly and simply and yet so PROFOUNDLY. So much impact. I am amazed BEYOND words at the awesomeness and the beauty of how God's love comes to LIFE on the screen and comes to those watching the movie. WELL DONE! To say the least.

- Doug and Linda Addison, InLight Connection, Beverly Hills CA

Very powerful and moving. There was a strong anointing from the lord came into the theater. I had a personal spiritual encounter during the movie that brought healing to my past.

- Doug Addison, In Light Connection, Beverly Hills CA

Great adaption of the book. The love of God powered out fro the screen, who is especially I and of us!

- Steven Borst, Immanuel Lutheran Church and School, Beverly Hills CA

Cinema should be this inspiring and moving!

- Joy Burnworth, Pablo Cruise/Roots of Peace, Beverly Hills CA

As a millennial, I've become skeptical of media and movies and being sold to and as a Christian, you see through the religious marketing even more. But this movie was not a sell. This is a story inviting you into nothing more than relationship. A story worth telling through film.

- Angela Chadwick, Alpha USA, Beverly Hills CA

Such an impactful and powerful film. As a Christian, it took me back to the roots of my faith to the simplicity of God's love. Profoundly beautiful movie that finds a way in to people's hurting heart. I felt God's love wrapped around me during this movie.

- Katy Cusumano, Alpha USA, Beverly Hills CA

Warm, meditative, healing, inviting. Remarkably ambitious and yet so grounded in a profound reality.

- Craig Detweiler, Pepperdine University, Beverly Hills CA

The film is stunning. I was so moved, shed lots of tears and so blessed by the message! This film will bless tens of millions.

- Tom Gehring, , Beverly Hills CA

Profound! The easiest way for people to truly understanding how and who God is and why he is up to.

- Craig Gross, Fireproof Ministries, Beverly Hills CA

A beautiful and touching film. There comes a time when each person must come to terms with their lives and discover who God truly is. The Shack is a powerful story of one man doing just that. This is a film that will bring joy as people think about the journey this film portrays.

- Father David Guffey, Family Theater Productions, Beverly Hills CA


- Dru Hammer, Hammeredheart.org Foundation, Beverly Hills CA

Incredibly powerful. Touches the deepest chambers of the heart. Tastefully directed and written. Accessibly and painfully excited for this film and hit the world. SO grateful for your work.

- Brandon Hess, Tucker/Hess Productions, Beverly Hills CA

"Coincidence is a Miracle in which God prefers to remain anonymous." It is no accident that Lani and God neither elected TODAY - feast our Lady of Guadalupe and Eid.

- Heidi Kuhn, Roots of Peace, Beverly Hills CA

Powerful message - deep and profound idea that even the most mature Christian struggle with. Amazing to see there concept take from on screen.

- Sophie Lee, World Magazine, Beverly Hills CA

A beautiful story that is much needed for healing in this time of persecution and war. May this film be a healing balm for many in the church who are seeking a more full understanding of suffering and forgiveness. Continuing to lift up the film as it launched! Love to you and bless you.

- Kathryn Lineham, Pepperdine , Beverly Hills CA

This movie is not for the feint of heart! There is a powerful innovation here to encounter, if you are truly willing, a love and peace and joy that heals your heart and brings freedom to your spirit! YAY, GOD!

- Suzanne Lokker, Blazing Fire Church, Beverly Hills CA

Brilliant! This movie will truly change the world! The tsunami wave of Papa's love has begun! Having read the book, I never expected to cry my way through the entire movie - the changes added so much - Brilliant! Briliant! Masterful done!

- Brent Lokker, Blazing Fire Church, Beverly Hills CA

Fantastic - well done and praise God. The greatest message from 'The Shack' is that it gives people an experience of God's love!

- Gerand and Jeannie Long, Awakening to God Ministries , Beverly Hills CA

An amazing movie that will touch many live. A journey of true love of God and his forgiveness and purpose in our lives.

- Tisha Michelle, Exodus Lta, Beverly Hills CA

Heart warming - I believe people will come to know Christ - the love of God in a tangible way simply by watching this movie. A non preachy way of communicating the love of God - its a universal understanding for all hearts will be touched.

- Brenda Moore, , Beverly Hills CA

Well done! Sincere story telling. I thought this book could never be made into a movie, I was not supposed to be a judge of that like the movie teaches. This window into the heart of the Father.

- Nathan Nesbitt, The John Kirby Studio, Beverly Hills CA

Loved it! Loved it! My life was changed and it was so real, brought reality to who God can be in our life! I believe the world will be blessed to know God loves them. It will be a movie that many will identify with personally. There was so much love and healing!

- LeaAnn Pendergrass, My Gathering Place Intl., Beverly Hills CA

Fantastic film and will influence many. God then you.

- Krystyna Sinnott, , Beverly Hills CA

I loved this film. It spoke volumes to me.

- Theresa Sinnott-Eaton, Roots of Peace, Beverly Hills CA

Powerful!! I absolutely loved it. The spirit of God flew through that movie! I am so thrilled to see a film with this soft of a spirit touch the world.

- Tara Tucker, Tucker/Hess Productions , Beverly Hills CA

A healing film! A triumph not one but take two packs of tissues to this movie. I totally felt the ammoniating of God on this film.

- Susan Wales, Bel Air Presbyterian / Ken Wales Productions , Beverly Hills CA

Well done! Wonderful book that is hard to interpret on film. Loved all the symbolism captured on film. Humor was appreciated. Very touching/emotional. Universal themes. The concept of forgiveness/difficult but nicely done. The loss of a child is a wound like no other.

- Catherine Weber, , Beverly Hills CA

This movie impressed me. Challenged many of my convictions. Engaging/captivating. Multiple storylines. Forced to view myself. A mirror.

- Donald Adams Jr, TriedStone Full Gospel Baptist Church, Chicago IL

Very inspiring and uplifting! Good lessons on how to forgive and move past the hurts of life.

- Darlene Allen-Nichols, DAN Ministries, Chicago IL

Excellent movie of hope. Great depiction of God's unwavering love for us as his children. He is God all the time. The film gave a great understanding of whohe is in our lives.

- Demond Ausley, TriedStone Full Gospel Baptist Church, Chicago IL

My thoughts on the film was it showed God and its sovreignty. It really expressed how much God loves and is always with us through everything The wife had many attributes of a Proverbs 31 woman and she never once placed blame on him. What a wonderful movie!

- Virginia Ausley, TriedStone Full Gospel Baptist Church, Chicago IL

Glad it was not cheesy or corny like many Christian films are. Missy's charactger was perfectly cast. Her energy/spirit was perfect. Mackenzie's foreign accent came out from time to time.

- Aaron Bass, City Church Chicago, Chicago IL

It is a great representatin of God's never ending love for his children. How he chases us even when we are unwilling.

- Robin Bass, , Chicago IL

Very impactful statements made. Spiritually insightful with human touch. Relates well to real life events. Realistic family values.

- Walter Bauldrick Sr, 4th District AME Church, Chicago IL

We were all created to be loved and were blessed to come to earth, but we don't want to deal with or understand the pain, bu because it is an outlet, our tears wash the pain away and God's Spirit washes the gilt and bitterness away. It was a great movie that ave understanding about life.

- Cheryl Blackmond, Triedstone Church, Chicago IL

Excellent! Wonderful movie which was well made! The movie demands more converstaion. I want to sit and talk about it. Very important for today. Understanding forgiveness and how God sees us is a topic that everyone needs to see.

- John Bosca, , Chicago IL

I loved it. Heartfelt. Enlightening. I had a number of moments of reflectoin. It gave me a warm feeling. The movie, jast as the book, gave me a lasting impression. I beieve the movie did a graet job depicting the book. Words can't really express how I feel. This book changed my life. And the movie reminded me of how much.

- Angela Bradshaw, Voice of God Ministries, Chicago IL

The movie was very touch felt. Was definitely God send to, that I'm watching it now, at this moment in life, when my thoughts were just like Mackenzi's. Made me want to go home tonight and ask God what I need to forgive. I enjoyed every part. Great movie to play in thetaers. Definitely will recommend the movie.

- Yvonne Camejo, Christian Life Ctr, Chicago IL

The film tears the veil off truth in a profound way. The followers will love to do their part to encourage the skeptics to be open minded and go the distance. Thank you for walking on water.

- Jane Ch Jacob, Art Verite LLC, Chicago IL

Deep and heavily metaphorical. As one growing and learining more about spirituality, this film spoke to my spirit while providing another sense of understanding of a higher power. I can see The Shack being a healing mechanism for the lost and broken.

- LaToya Cross, Ebony Magazine, Chicago IL

As someone who is new to faith and has lots of questions on faith that got answered. Made me think about my life and how to forgive. And ot live in my past. Amazing movie, can't wait to recommend.

- Gregory DiCocco, City Church Chicago, Chicago IL

Excellent representation o the book. Made me think and cry, just like the book did. Heart and mind provoking. Not the best acting, but that was ovecome by the profundity of the content. Great cinematography, nominal special effects. Don't think this film could come at a better time i American history.

- Lauren Dillon, Triad Resource Group, Chicago IL

It was a very real depiction of hurt, unforgiveness and a disconnect or maybe not a real connect with God. It showed how he, Mack, related to God in the end. God related to him as a female because of his dad, authority as a child, was difficult forgiveness and healing did take place and a great relationship with God after it was worked out.

- Karen Fletcher, Moody Broadcasting, Chicago IL

A heartfelt story everyone can believe in. A poignant tale about loss, forgiveness ad finding th strength to persevere. Moving. Touching. Wonderful performances by all involved.

- Anthony Gagliardi, Ivy Tech, Chicago IL

This film gave me a fresh revelation how the Father, His Son and the Holy Spirit is with me. I appreciated the use of the different ethnic groups to show how God is in all people.

- B. Michelle Garrett, Triedstone Church, Chicago IL

The film was especially moving to me as I am reeling from the loss of my infant son a few months ago. I felt encouraged and challened to take another step in my healing journey. Some scenese were difficult to watch, overwhelming even, but worth every second.

- Jo Golden, City Church Chicago, Chicago IL

Powerful message about love and forgiveness. Forgivenes is about letting go of your own pain.

- Sonia Grych, , Chicago IL

Learning to have faith in the unknown is tough. But resting in the knowing htat God is not the cause of evil, it just happens. But that is when our faith in God is the strongest.

- Eric Jones, TriedStone Full Gospel Baptist Church, Chicago IL

Very touching movie, very necessary, and very timely. A movie I needed tos ee as I'm working on my own relationship with God and faith.

- Melissa Kimble, Ebony Media Operations, Chicago IL

Movie was creative in its portrayal of the Trinity. Thought provoking.

- Sherree Lee, Valley Kingdom Ministries Int, Chicago IL

This movie was a very emotional roller coaster. I really enjoyed it. I'm glad it was true to the book. Also, that it didn't feel like a religious movie, but an inspirational one. Thank you and praise God. Will definitely recommend it to everyone.

- Kenneth Lyons, The Mercy Seat, Chicago IL

The movie was as captivating as the book. I read the book many years ago, and I love it. So much a story of forgiveness. I gave it to family members to read. Now seeing the movie just re-ignited me to tell everyone I came in contact with about the love of God and forgiveness, my company as well. Great, super, amazing movie.

- Brenda Martinez, Family Christian, Chicago IL

A beauiful and poignant movie that speaks to the heart and touches the soul.

- Margaret McSweeney, Friend of Lani, Chicago IL

I came in expecting the typical cheesy Christian film, but was pretty overwhelmed by the issues the story grappled with. I have expreriened loss, and this film reminded me how deeply God cares about my suffering and how much helovs us all. While this is a sad story, it is also deeply hopeful.

- Anna Morgan, City Church Chicago, Chicago IL

Nice movie, good plot. Should have got two hot dogs. On wasn't enough. Thank you for this movie.

- John Morlan, City Church Chicago, Chicago IL

A beautiful and deep reflection of God's redemptive story. Painful in a good way. It had a way of touching on deep and inner places of my heart. I loved how the characters were portrayed. Great job, Octavia Spencer, on the depiction of Papa.

- Kent Munsey, City Church (Hillsong Chicago), Chicago IL

I'm 23 years old and I might be hte youngest in this room but this movie really touched me. It made me think about my relationship with Chrsit and it made me want to trust him more than I never have before. When I look at my life and what I been going through this movie just saved my life.

- Angel Murph, Triedstone Church, Chicago IL

Inspirational, emotional, gave a sense of peace. Great family movie. The best explanation of "if God loves uis so much then why..."

- Tiffany Nwankpa, City Church Chicago, Chicago IL

Fillm was powerful in the sense that it highighted a tragic situation that created understandable anger and pain. Many could relate to the emotional distress that the man was feeling. Ultimately it brought to light the fact that only God can judge mankind. Forgiveness is paramuont to the healing process.

- Liv Nwankpa, City Church Chicago, Chicago IL

I felt the way the cinematography was like my eyes were moving through the lens, allowing me to experience every ewmotion, moment and the essence of this film. KNowing I was created to be loved takes away the pressure of me thinking that I need to do something or be something for God who already loves me to love me.

- Tina Scott, TriedStone Full Gospel Baptist Church, Chicago IL

It was very good. Very good use of Bible reference and moving story. Moving and very good. Good acting. Enjoyable movie.

- Sharon Stewart, Bill Winston Ministries, Chicago IL

Poetic in its storytelling that exposed the universal weakness, vulnerabilities in us all. Eloquently demonstrated how faith and love heals the brokenhearted. Binds up their wounds and saves those who are crushed in spirit.

- Constance Toliver, TriedStone Full Gospel Baptist Church, Chicago IL

Healing and forgiveness.

- Mark Turner, The Salvation Army, Chicago IL

God is always with us. His love is beond our measure. Will help us to see God in a new light. Forgive without judgment.

- Sandra Turner, Salvation Army College, Chicago IL

Excellent movie. Touching story about forgiveness. Alot to think about with regards to our relationship to God. I liked that God ws shown in many forms.

- Robin Tyson, AME Church, Chicago IL

It was amazing. Very thought provoking and relevant to life today. I was moved to tears and felt very much a part of Mack's ourney. Bravo! I would definitely see it again, and recommend to anyone who will listen.

- Starr Viner, , Chicago IL

The Shack was an excellent movie addressing many of the quesitons people have about God, life and our purpose. It is masterful in reaching teh general audience without being preachy. This was a great experience.

- Terence Viner, Comptia, Chicago IL

Wonderful story on forgiveness and how it can free you and those you love.

- Kathleen Wilson, Community Covenant, Chicago IL

An amazing story come to life. God, faith, love, trust, hope. TThis is a Christian movie and it will move people. A family movie with compassion, drama and comedy. Passionate story. Heartwrenching. Learn to forgive and don't juge that's not our job.

- Eva Zachary, Family Christian Store, Chicago IL

I implore everyone to see The Shack. It is a must see movie for every Christian. This film puts the Christian faith into art. Using profound imagery and metaphors, The Shack goves context to some life's greatest mysteries. Watching this movie is a transformative experience and I am leaving the theater with a whole new understanding of man's relationship with God.

- Christopher Zwiercan, City Church Chicago, Chicago IL

Incredibly moved and touched. Loved that there were bits of humor. Experienced all emotions. So impressed by analogies and metaphores. Beautiful imagery. Can't wait for my family to see. Beautiful movie.

- Nicole Zwiercan, City Church Chicago, Chicago IL

A modern day Pilgrims Progress. A film that crawls into the dusty corners of your brokenness, leaving you raw and exposed...and refreshingly hopeful. Brilliant.

- Tjasha Anderson, EDC, Colorado Springs CO

What an amazing allegory. I loved it and so appreciated the power of this story retold in a very unique and fresh way. A beautiful, beautiful movie. I cannot understand the opposition to this book and movie or the criticism. The story is so beautifully directed to God. It was overtly Christian theology and amazing overtly about God. A great movie that stands on its own.

- James Anderson, New Canaan Society, Colorado Springs CO

A precious reminder of God's undying love for us even in the worst times of our lives.

- Bob Augsburg, WAY-FM, Colorado Springs CO

I experiences my own story as I watched the film - the need to forgive, step down from the judgement seat, and let God take me on a healing journey. It's painful. There are many tears. But it's necessary journey we all must take. Profoundly spiritual. Beautifully human.

- Amber Ayers, Dream Centers of Colorado Springs, Colorado Springs CO

"For I know the plains I have for you, declared the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future" Jeremiah 29:11. It took this film to remind me of this. God has the ability to speak though many things..It just takes us willing to listen in order to hear his voice. I heard His voice tonight. Thank you for allowing me to listen.

- Joseph Baggett, Salem Media Group, Colorado Springs CO

Speechless. Every bit of film has an affect on the viewer. One of the greatest movies I watched. So much in one movie, Incredible.

- Nashid Bainy, Outreach , Colorado Springs CO

It was beautiful and touching. Perfect mixture of humor and pain. So grateful for this film.

- Dawn Baker, Outreach, Inc., Colorado Springs CO

Wonderful, extremely well done, inspiring, a homerun!

- Tami Bales, Outreach, Inc., Colorado Springs CO

Mind-Blowing interpretation of the trinity, and a very winsome one. I thought it was well-done and well acted. Beautifully done and filmed as well. Loved the portrayal of beauty.

- Brad Beck, Ransomed Heart Ministries, Colorado Springs CO

It was fantastic, very good film and true to the book. Impacting, life-changing, reminds me of truth.

- Melinda Bell, Young Life, Colorado Springs CO

Amazing to have a different perspective of life and what happens in our life, including the hold not forgiving has on us.

- Tammy Bennett, Outreach , Colorado Springs CO

I loved it! the thing that took me off guard were what parts cat me to the heart. I think I learned about places I need to work on with God by the monest my heart reached to. Thank you that was truly beautiful!

- Benjamin Bjustrom, 1 of Save the Sterles, Colorado Springs CO

Thought provoking. Challenging to my heart. Life stretcher.

- Teresa D Bolton, ISI, Colorado Springs CO

The tears just ran down my cheeks as the scenes caused me to reflect on the unfathomable love God has for me. I saw how fresh the relationship between the Trinity and how He views us as His children and why He wanted to sacrifice Himself for us. Truly He brings good out of everything even the evil that occurs.

- Donna Bryant, Outreach Inc., Colorado Springs CO

The way I pictured the book as I read I mean WOW! So spot on! This is so powerful because the faith I "felt" after reading The Shack i was filled with again! I was in grad school when I read it and 8 years later I remember everything like yesterday. Thank you!

- Morgan Buckley, , Colorado Springs CO

This is the most incredible and beautiful story of love and forgiveness that I've seen on film. Deeply moving and social stirring. This is film that changes you! I'm so grateful to have read the book and now to have seen the film.

- Paul Buckley, Colorado College, Colorado Springs CO

Wonderful visual of God's "Papa's Love importance of Trust & focus on him. Really provides an curer for healing that can only come through him.

- Claude Burns, Operation Restored Warrior, Colorado Springs CO

Very well done. This will help people stuck in their hurt and suffering so much to think about. My first thought are this was a near death experience, which I have had. I love the God of Love and yet, I also know a God that in the end will deliver his wrath, to those who have evil in their hearts.

- Denise Burt, Radiant Church, Colorado Springs CO


- Michelle Burwell, Outreach, Colorado Springs CO

Great Movie! Makes me want to have a deeper relationship with God.

- Paul Canidy, Meridian Point Church, Colorado Springs CO

Brilliant adaption. This film will have a powerful impact in healing wounded hearts and broken families. We will invite everyone!

- Lynn Cerullo, The Healing Center, Colorado Springs CO

It was so incredible - so true to the book. Papa, Jesus - the Holy Spirit - were portrayed in a way that can't help but allows people to see God as LOVE - The movie so tenderly addresses the confusion people have as to who they perceive God to be and who God really is.

- Marilyn Chambon, Freedom From Co-Dependency Workshop President, and Counselor, Colorado Springs CO

Breathtaking/Beautiful and fabulous adaptation of a wonderful book. This film captures the wonder and awe of Paul Young's story. Bravo!

- Rick Christian, Alive Literary Agency, Colorado Springs CO

This movie thrilled my heart, refreshed my soul, made me believe even more deeply in a loving "Papa" worthy of my trust. The film magically brought the book to life - such artistry, such beauty! My only critique the narration by the friend at the end - seemed unnecessary.

- Debbie Christian, Alive Literary Agency, Colorado Springs CO

Great points. It brought a reality to what has been and taught through the bible. Great movie.

- Rebecca Chumbley, New Hope Christian Center, Colorado Springs CO

Life changing, unforgettable, touching, opened my eyes to my own unforgivness, sadness, despair, hope and healing. Impactful.

- David Chumbley, New Hope Christian Counseling, Colorado Springs CO

"Its a wonderful life, The Wizard of Oz" kind of experience helps me grasp how to think through this exposure to how Mac came to an understanding of God's ways. I understand "why" for now, Mac did not need a 'father image". It was not like God is a woman.

- Rev Al Dagel, Grace Mode, Colorado Springs CO

Overall, absolutely fantastic. A few comments having loved and read the book - the search for Missy seemed too short and nonchalant 0 felt that struggle needed to be felt more for impact. mac's acting was great, but occasional accent threw me. I don't typically enjoy "christian" films - but this was different.

- Caleb David, Cameron Butcher Company , Colorado Springs CO

I enjoyed this movie maybe it can help people like me who have lost family.

- Jacob Royce Davis, Outreach, Colorado Springs CO

Tear jerker. Good view on forgiveness to get through the pain of a tragedy.

- Kelli Davis, Outreach Inc, Colorado Springs CO

Very poignant! Beautifully captures the message(s) of the book, taking on some of the big questions (e.g., why is there suffering?), and delivering the Truth: God is love. God is so much more than we can ever comprehend. Everybody, from any faith or belief system, can take something from this movie. Thank you!

- Jill Davis, Mayfield Counseling, Colorado Springs CO

The Shack is a heart wrenching journey through one man's pain t odiscover the cove of God in a profound new way. You will cry a lot and walk away feeling drawn to want to know the Father, or should I say, Papa, on a deeper level.

- Stephen Davis, Family Christian Center AG, Colorado Springs CO

A powerfully inspiring story that invites youth wrestle with life, love and forgiveness at a life-changing level.

- Jason Daye, Outreach Inc, Colorado Springs CO

Having read the book I wondered how the film could possibly portray the characters. I throughly enjoyed the surprises, the liberty to portray the characters from book to movie was entertaining, insight feel, movers, heartfelt and creature. It was wonderful and awful for sure.

- Cheryl Dickson, Family Christian Store, Colorado Springs CO

Great presentation God's grace and forgiveness. Great acting! Amazing script to cover the mystery of pain and suffering, and God's love.

- Tom Dickson, Family Christian Stores, Colorado Springs CO

The film was great and very sticking. I liked the interaction between Mac and God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. The explanation of why God appeared to mac as a woman. The struggle to forgive the heinous crisis. The scene in the cave with wisdom was so moving.

- Maggie Dickson, New Life Church, Colorado Springs CO

The film was stunning. Truth in the emotion of a fathers loss and lack of control to get a grip on life after a child's death. There is blooper on the bridge while he is telling the princes story. The couple behind turns toward them twice.

- Ted Dittmer, Living Faith Church, Colorado Springs CO

The film was inspirational and outstanding.

- Nicole Drew, Outreach, Colorado Springs CO

A powerful reminder of who God is! Who we are not. All that He is encountered in this well done narrative of the heart of God.

- Timothy Dumais, Mesh Media Co., Colorado Springs CO

Very Moving, Really makes me want to know God more. Even Thought this world can be a dark place there is so much wonder it we can only see it. What a blessing to spread same of that light.

- Tim Eastwell, Messenger International, Colorado Springs CO

This could change everything.

- Jon Egan, New Life Church, Colorado Springs CO

I enjoyed a new and fresh real take on faith. This was about real faith, the struggle that faith has. The struggle of being huma and what that means to us and God.

- Jesse Ellsworth, Outreach Inc., Colorado Springs CO

I found the film to give me much insight on religion and God. I'm not a religious man, and that's not gonna change, but it made me realize that god isn't the monster I always thought him to be. Everything is bigger than what I perceived it all to be.

- Codny Ellsworth, , Colorado Springs CO

As a father, it resonates deeply. Cathartic, lots of tears, healing picture of God's love.

- Clay Enoch, Red Rock Church, Colorado Springs CO

Powerful description of the Trinity, forgiveness and redemption.

- Krista Enoch, Red Rock Church, Colorado Springs CO

I think most people will think about God before they watch this film, and another after. I'm most people.

- Scott Fischer, Messenger International, Colorado Springs CO

The Shack was a fantastically done movie. It took the best of the book and brought it to life in a wonderful way, leaving the perplexities behind and producing a peace and trust like no movie I've ever seen.

- Ron Forseth, Forseth Development, Colorado Springs CO

I think the film did an amazing job capturing the mystery of the book. It really pulls at your emotions and makes you truly think about your own actions, feelings and journey.

- Malari Foster, Outreach, Colorado Springs CO

The book changed my life but I had forgotten much of what I learned at The Shack. I doubt very much that I'll ever forget the film.

- Jason Foster, Outreach, Inc., Colorado Springs CO

Profoundly impactful and healing in coming to terms with life's mystery and God's involvement in our pain. I experienced God's presence in a surprising way. Knowing now how fond He is of me gives great comfort.

- Warren Friesen, Outreach, Inc., Colorado Springs CO

Excellent- well done -moving. Made me want to know Papa better.

- Dan Garery, Messenger International, Colorado Springs CO

Thought provoking. Answering some questions many people have about God.

- Matt Gioia, Messenger International , Colorado Springs CO

I am a U.S Army vet, whom once suffered with PTSD. In 2012, I fell to my knees to ask god to save me from self destruction and depression, and he did. Instantly I might add. This film is a must see by every boy, girl, man and women. It took a person to a place that justified my Gods purpose with and for all of us. Thank you for all you do in this industry to spread his word.

- Sertello GlennBracey, Christian House of Prayer, Colorado Springs CO

Incredible, powerful, deeply spiritual. Touches the depth of my soul.

- Theresa Gregoire, Penrose - St. Francis, Colorado Springs CO

The Shack movie can move and inspire people. It will meet people where they are at, in their brokenness just as does God. His love can reach anywhere, anyone, at any time. The film is a powerful way to teach people strong theological elements. It offers perspective that can be eye-opening and heart opening to God's perfect love.

- April Grisham, WFG, Colorado Springs CO

An unexpected joy and comfort flowed form this layered sorry of sadness and despair. God ( Papa ) comes close through this beautiful film.

- David Grothe, New Life Church, Colorado Springs CO

Great way to tell the story of God's love, forgiveness, and power of faith.

- Paul Haas, Young Life, Colorado Springs CO

Amazing!! I was reminded of Gods unfailing love for us. We are indeed His children.

- Amy Harrington, Salem Media Group, Colorado Springs CO

Based on the book this film was amazing you knew where it was going the story line is amazing. I am so blessed to have been a part of this private screening. Thank you!!! I Cannot wait for it in March it is a must see. You guys done great. The presence of God was in this movie.

- Mary Harris, Ministry, Colorado Springs CO

It was a very emotional, and powerful film. Excellent work!

- Amanda Healy, , Colorado Springs CO

Very moving and hopeful, challenges harmful perspectives about pain and suffering, very well done.

- Erin Healy, WordWright Editorial Services, Colorado Springs CO


- Jennifer Hemmingway, Outreach Inc., Colorado Springs CO

This was the greatest movie that showed the love of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Awesome movie great and moving. It made me realize what I need to work on spiritually! Thank you Jesus!

- Gwendolyn Henderson, Genesis Church of the Nazarene, Colorado Springs CO

The most impactful God experience I've had in a longtime. This movie explains God's love for all its people in a way that can't be ignored.

- Bill Herebic, New Caanan Society, Colorado Springs CO

It was a beautiful film with themes of God our father, Jesus our friend and the Holy Spirit that moves in our lives. I loved the message of forgiveness, redemption and unconditional love. The film was moving, sad, inspirational and uplifting.

- Ashley Herebic, New Canaan Society, Colorado Springs CO

I thought the fil was wonderfully made. I had never read the book, however, I thought the movie was very impactful! I love the portrayal of the trilogy. The movie seemed a bit long, but every point was so relevant that the movie had to be long. Beautifully made and would definitely see it again.!

- Allyson Herebic, New Canaan Society, Colorado Springs CO

Very well done; great production and humor. I do not agree with all of the theology, but believe this can help people. May God be glorified and the true known.

- Stacey Herebic, Church, Colorado Springs CO

As Larry Boy said "I laughed, I creo, it moved me Bob" Makes God trust worthy again. I want to know God like that. Wonderful!

- Kandel Hess, Outreach Inc., Colorado Springs CO

Wow! Very powerful. A great portrayal of the book. I spent a long weekend back in 2009 with Wayne Jacobson and saw the initial trailer. How cool to see it come to fruition!

- Mathe Hexter, , Colorado Springs CO

Amazing! The lessons learned impact each and every one of us...daily. I recommend it whole heartatly. I would love to have it seen in our prisons as well as our churches.

- Kimberly Hodges, St James Church, Colorado Springs CO

Thought Provoking. Inspiring.

- Tracey Hopper, Outreach, Colorado Springs CO

I was moved by the message of forgiveness and love. I felt that the story walked we through the deep concepts well and I will be excited to shame about how powerful and well made the film is.

- Lance Howard, Trinity Church of the Nazarene , Colorado Springs CO

The film helped me realize what a loving God He is. It helped me see God's love through the pain of things (awful) that happen in our lives. I have not read the book but definitely will now. Amazing movie!

- Jen Howard, Trinity Church of the Nazarene, Colorado Springs CO

Great film with a strong message.

- Andrew Hoyt, Outreach Inc, Colorado Springs CO

The movie had a great balance of humor. It also put the message in a very relatable way. I love the Trinity representation .

- Joy G Hoyt, Outreach , Colorado Springs CO

Powerful! Thought provoking. Deeply moving and difficult to watch because you can imagine the pain of the father loosing Missy.

- Trish Hughes, Outreach Media Group, Colorado Springs CO

Eye opening and inspiring film. Addressed struggles I feel in life and with God.

- Kodi Jackson, Outreach , Colorado Springs CO

Loved. Powerful. Eyeopening.

- Stacy Jackson, Outreach, Colorado Springs CO

Transformational, many perception surprises. Will challenge and heal -- so freeing convicting insightful.

- Diana Jessup, Young Life, Colorado Springs CO

Very well made, interpretation of the book. Very accurate and motivational for where I am in life right now an dealing with difficult forgiveness as well@ a must see! Great job!

- Dean Joeger, Young Life, Colorado Springs CO

Amazing, life-changing. Great picture of redemption and what it means to be loved. It was liberating and inspiring. Free from the past, free to live fully and love BIG.

- Brandon Kaiser, Young Life, Colorado Springs CO

Well-done-great portrayal of the book. Moving appreciated humor amidst such a deep subject. Really enjoyed; I would recommend. Sometimes difficult to hear words

- Joanne Kaiser, Young Life, Colorado Springs CO

I thought the film did a very good job staying close to the book. Just like the book wisdom was my favorite section. You experience God's true love for us. I think I am especially fond of this movie.

- Walter Kaye, For the Love TLC, Colorado Springs CO

We loved it! Disappointed that our favorite line from the book was not included in the movie. "Live in expectancy, not with expectations". Technically-the volume needed to be a bit louder in the theater.

- Kirby Lowry, Young Life, Colorado Springs CO

Wow! Amazing movie! Will definitely have to purchase and watch over again. What an uplifting experience. so true to the book.

- Jennifer Lynch, Self employed, Colorado Springs CO

I read the book years ago. The movie was inspiring and more especially thought - provoking. God - all three - is well portrayed and very true to who He says He is. My friend, my King, my saviors.

- Charlotte Magill, Outreach, Colorado Springs CO

True to the book. Loved the moment the Shack is transformed - healing moment that beings the process of trusting. Powerful imagery of love, pulling/pushing through judgement pain forgiveness and uptime sacrifice, moving on . Cave scene well done. Thank you! Great work! Strong relationships.

- Jeanette Martin, Beth-El Mennonite Church, Colorado Springs CO

I hope this movie touches all who see it and allows everyone the opportunity to feel the power of Gods love as I did.

- Michelle Mawhiney, Outreach , Colorado Springs CO

This movie portrays the journey I take on a daily basis with my clients in the counseling room! What a beautiful tool and visual representation.

- Mark Mayfield, Mayfield Counseling, Colorado Springs CO

Awesome/Thought provoking

- Scott McConnasghey, Nazarene Bible College, Colorado Springs CO

Have not read the book. Did not know this story. This film was a nicely paced spiritual journey that gave room to absorb the message at many points and process grief and life. Thank you for making this film well.

- Patrick McGuire, Pray In Jesus Name News, Colorado Springs CO

Great film very convicting. I relate to Mac. My grandson was killed @ 2 yrs old. want to let o of the pain but its so hard. Been living with it for 15 yrs. Need to see this film again it may help.

- Ray Mcullen, , Colorado Springs CO

Very moving and well done.

- Emily Morris, Wings of Grace Counseling Services, Colorado Springs CO

The book came more alive in the characters who played the roles of the triune God. Forgiveness came across as a hug part of human healing. Brokenness also came across very loud and clear as part of the messy world. Judgement was also a big message.

- Jan Morton, Young Life, Colorado Springs CO

This film was profoundly important for my life, and I could tell, for everyone around me who needed to be set free from pain.

- Jeff Myers, Summit, Colorado Springs CO

Beautifully made! Emotional, but not explorative. A powerful movie that stirs emotion brining the conversation happening on screen to become a one on one dialogue in your heart. A viewer can see his or herself in Mac with their own pain. Followed the book well. Subtle humor.

- Bryce Myers, Pikes Peak Christian Church, Colorado Springs CO

Excellent film - great job capturing the power of the book.

- Bryan Myers, Academy Christian Church, Colorado Springs CO

Wow, excellent healing tool that can impact others. Great inspiration tool to open the doors to the Gospel! Can connect with those who want faith in Christ. Would love to show this in the prison system in CO! Let me know if you can help make his happen. I have an open door...

- Mark O'Kalberg, Salem Media Group, Colorado Springs CO

The movie was impactfu! It was a god demonstration of God's love and how he truly has our best interest in mind. A good reminder that God works for the good for those who love him. God may not always give us what we want bu he always give us what we need!

- Dina Onstott, Transamerica, Colorado Springs CO

Thought Provoking and moving during Mack's time at the Shack. A little slow starting at the beginning but enjoyable as it got into the story. In a lot of ways inspiring & redeeming but still very sad that Mack didn't seem to get an explanation on "Why" his daughter died. Would be good to see again to catch any missing pieces. Thank you.

- Mark Onstott, Transamerica, Colorado Springs CO

Very well done, very close to book, that was amazing. Very moving excellent production. god will do great things through this film.

- Tonya Pellett, Dan Kaci, Colorado Springs CO

This movie was an eye opening look into God. It showed his love for the broken and the hope we can find in him for the future.

- Erin Beth Ponsor, , Colorado Springs CO

It was fun seeing childishness in papa God, Jesus and Holy Spirit in your film. Romans 8 talks about awesome relationship as children when our papa. The gospel is so amazing and ephesians says "its was God's good pleasure to adopt us as sons." To be completely honest the movie didn't impact me as the way I think you mean in your questions. I just love God and wanted to get back to being with him in y bedroom because the is exciting and truth so freeing . PS Amazing Staff.

- Joe Richardson, Messenger International, Colorado Springs CO

The movie was extremely moving and thought provoking. Watching Mack going the progressions of realization of his pain, of learning what ove is, and how freezing it is to forgive, and how powerful even the smallest acts of good can be.

- Stephen Riffe, Golden Bell Camp and Confference Center, Colorado Springs CO

The overall metaphor of forgiveness was amazingly powerful. The way God walked Mack through his anger sorrow, then forgiveness, and back to sorrow was so accurate. Only when he had given it all to God could he really mourn, and God mourned with him to help him bury it and grow past it. Amazing an powerful.

- Holly Riffe, Golden Bell Camp , Colorado Springs CO

The movie was very good. The characters did a good job explaining the message of love and forgiveness that they were trying to get across. That was very clear. Te actors did a wonderful job portraying. He emotions necessary to get the "freeing" message across.

- Krina Rixman, Young Life, Colorado Springs CO

More than a film for the purpose of sharing the Gospel, this film is an invitation for Christians to wrestle with their questions. It does not propagate the "once you find God/Jesus, life is easy" myth. Instead it shows the value of a relationship with God in the midst of real life.

- Sharon Roberts, Christian Bookseller's Association, Colorado Springs CO

This story was really moving. The issues it dealt with were deep and profound. I wish it would have been just a touch longer.

- Joel Roberts, Mayfield Counseling, Colorado Springs CO

Disruptive, painful, moving. A message or invitation that I hope will draw people to their own healing journey. Somewhat hard to follow.

- Amber Roberts, Mayfield Counseling, Colorado Springs CO

The movie was very touching especially in my young life, my dad was a bad example in my life. Now I am a dad and I am a great dad for my kids. God is amazing I love you so much papa the cave and when the son met his dad again and ask for forgiveness. Amen.

- Victor Romero, Outreach, Colorado Springs CO

Bravo! Fantastic! Excellent in challenging us theologically and modeling the intersection of Christianity an mental health - where I live and work eery day as a counselor.

- Jan Rosko, Mayfield Counseling, Colorado Springs CO

Love the depiction of the Father's love. As a therapist, enjoyed watching the journey of forgiveness and healing.

- Teresa Sahhar, Wings of Grace Counseling/Healing Harbor Counseling, Colorado Springs CO

God is always with us. We are to forgive and release the person back to God. He wants to redeem all of us. We are not here to judge. God gave the greatest gifts and redemption through his sacrifice of love. This film will be a great way to bring people together and start discussions of love and healing. Thank you for this gift. I thought it way great. still don'e understand "still" how to forgive, I have been trying for years and years.

- Greg Saul, CBRE Crossmark, Colorado Springs CO

A unique view of God. So moving emotionally. I was challenged to see forgiveness in a different light. The garden scene - beginning with the beautiful mess to the burial of his daughter to the birth of the garden of foreignness was a powerful image that will stay with me. Life is joy and sadness and a beautiful mess. Wonderfully made I couldn't finish the book because of the tears - love the ending.

- Rebecca Schaad, Remedy Connect, Colorado Springs CO

A great dramatization of Rom 8:28. A wonderful movie about redemption.

- Malcolm Schaad, Outreach, Inc., Colorado Springs CO

Incredibly moving and relatable to all. We Rehjon God for daily events but when tragedy however perceived-we forget! True reminder of the daily walk no matter what. Understanding who God is Life Game Changer!!. (Ending was different?)

- Andy Schein, Technology, Colorado Springs CO

Very thought provoking especially about God's love for us,wanting to be in relationship with us and about judging and forgiving.

- Jeff Schlumpf, Young Life, Colorado Springs CO

Tender; tastefully done; realistic characters; made me conscious of my relationship with God' gave a clear portrayal of the Trinity. The movie is good and done well but the movie is not he catalyst. It is God working through the movie.

- Carol Scott, MUSIC EVANGELISM FOUNDATION, Colorado Springs CO

Powerful, Enlightening, Incitful, Open my mind even more to the goodness of God- showed me how judgmental and unforgiving I am and makes me wan to change-Really change. This movie was so well done- one iof the best movie I have ever see.

- Bob Shelton, Messenger International, Colorado Springs CO

A fresh take on how we see God, a raw perspective of forgiveness and multiple opportunities to relate. Incredible example of life and the effect of pain on our faith and relationship with God.

- Tiffany Sheppard, Christian Bookseller's Association, Colorado Springs CO

The turning point in the movie for me was when Mac entered the Shack seeking his enemy. Tons of symbolism in each scene that for me transmitted his emotions, my emotions from hatred to needing to understanding. Overall a great movie, something that teaches and inspires to do better.

- Gary Sheppard, CBA, Colorado Springs CO

Great representation of the book. Addresses an incredible need to understand the Fathers unfathomable love for us. Especially in the misdst of our own personal pain.

- Paul Sherrill, Young Life, Colorado Springs CO

The story was great. Very emotional and gives a good representation of Christ.

- heather sherrill, Young Life, Colorado Springs CO

Watching the film was an insightful, humbling and awesome experience. It was deeply moving and thought provoking. An amazing spiritual journey!

- Barbara Shufelt, , Colorado Springs CO

Loved it.

- Sarah Sisson, Outreach, Colorado Springs CO


- Matthew Sisson, Outreach, Colorado Springs CO

Nan didn't seem upset or frantic enough when Misty was missing. Nervation may end seemed to wrap things up too well. The rest of the movie was good about making it cleanrnot all sadness would disappear.

- Elisa Stanford, Edit Resource, Colorado Springs CO

I'm so glad its a movie, I love the book! Very good representation of the book. t needs to be that long. The whole world needs to see it or read it!. Thank You!

- Jennifer Ulfurts, , Colorado Springs CO

A deeply profound emotional experience. Powerful. The movie gave the arguments i hear so often and an unprecedented illustration of a loving God.

- Luke Van Valin, Speaking of action, Colorado Springs CO

Absolutely amazing! AN incredible picture of the love and redemption of our God towards His children. Can't wait to see it again and buy the DVD - wow!

- Sally Van Wyle, Penrose - St. Francis, Colorado Springs CO

Amazing film, very eye opening and true to spirit of the lord. Very true to the book, better even!

- Stacey Verburgt, Outreach Inc., Colorado Springs CO

Great movie! Matches the book. Inspiration and incarnation. Well Done!

- Paul Ward, Young Life, Colorado Springs CO

Very professionally done. Like the book it really hones in the fact that we don't fully understand God's ways and that we nee to trust that God is in control.

- Dawn Watson, Black Forest Chapel, Colorado Springs CO

Very powerful allegory. Reminded me of Pilgrims Progress. Excellent display of process of dealing with questioning of God.

- Debbie Wieck, Gateway Church, Colorado Springs CO

Absolutely Fantastic! A healing movie. Thank you! Well cost - great acting. I am very picky with Christian movies but this is a definite keeper!

- Arleen Williams, East Borough Nazarene , Colorado Springs CO

Incredibly touching and moving for faiths and non-believers! Must see film.

- Marisa Williams, Outreach Inc, Colorado Springs CO

The book and movie portrayed the Trinity in a very effective and creative way. It all mad me thrive of my own past, wife, my Father, and wife's Father and mother and the horrors I suffered in my silence. I can comprehend more creatively and effectively about my past and future.

- Wesley Wilson, , Colorado Springs CO

Amazing, with a huge spiritual impact! A personal view of God, pain, suffering, redemption, and forgiveness.

- john witkop, bethel church, Colorado Springs CO

Powerful- sobering- full of teaching moments of Gods love and forgiveness. Answers the age old question of "Why God". I have always loved the book. Love the movie too. Healing tool.

- Barb Wolfe, , Colorado Springs CO

Loved it! A beautiful depiction of God's love in our mess. not just "out-of-the-box" it broke the box.

- Chad Wyatt, Outreach, Inc., Colorado Springs CO

This film captured and demonstrated the love and care of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit as well as the grieving with us. It showed the comfort they bring and answered some hard questions.

- Jennifer Wyatt, Outreach , Colorado Springs CO

Beautiful and powerful representation of who God truly is. Makes you challenge you relationship with God and your view of him.

- Joel Yanke, Messenger International, Colorado Springs CO

Very good - I thought of many people I would want to see this movie. I love the relationship between the Trinity and the response about wrath and "especially fond of you" perspective.

- Kara Zimmerman, Counseling Private Practice: www.karalzimmerman.cm, Colorado Springs CO

Wow! Much, Much, better tan I anticipated! Not a sugar coated "Christian" movie but a thoughtful realistic way of showing how God through relationship loves us through all things.

- Barry Zimmerman, Meridian Point Church, Colorado Springs CO

Powerful, thought provoking, deep, meaningful

- Kimberly Alexander, , Dallas TX

Excellent film. Hear warming way of describing God's love for us. Also a great way to help us understand when evil things happen. Most importantly- forgiveness is key

- Carmina Barnett, KHVN Radio, Dallas TX

The way all christian movies should be amazing story full of truth. I hope. Wonderful story love masterfully.

- Jon Bunn, The Church at Trophy Lakes, Dallas TX

Exceptional! I read the book and the movie transcends it. The message of love and forgiveness are effectively conveyed; as well as the ever 'presence' of God and the trinity-we walked along with Mac and found areas of our lives to improve, etc.

- Yvette Burgess, , Dallas TX

I loved the movie as much as the book! The casting was perfect and just as I imagined when I read the book. Thank you for making this film!!!

- Linda Campbell, Brentwood Trail Presbyterian Church, Dallas TX

I thought it was excellent. Not loving read the book, I was surprised at the character.

- James Campbell, Bentwod Trail Presby Church, Dallas TX

Very powerful! A great portrayal of forgiving, not living in the past and knowing that God will never leave your side. Don't allow pain to steal your joy.

- Erica Canty, One Community Church, Dallas TX

Awesome movie, I read the book after the lost of my husband and it helped me in so many way. The movie brought back all the emotions I felt than and still encourages me to put my faith and trust in God. Simply superb would recommend to all.

- Tracy Cartwright, HeartLine Ministries, Dallas TX

Wow-Overwhelming; it was as good as the book. Powerful, will break down walls to religion. Everyone should see this to heal hearts.

- Shinna Chambers, , Dallas TX

Life Changing... I f you let it. could watch it every day. I will tell everyone in Oklahoma about this show!!! They gotta go!!

- Peter Chambers, US Army, Dallas TX

Very inspiring. I love the way each character was portrayed-I can now relate to the Trinity better now. They are more real. Beautiful film. done so well- great acting. Thank you

- Becky Couch, Paraclete Ventures LLC, Dallas TX

This is a story that pulls you in on many levels. You can see yourself in the situations... which really hurts- especially when you are the judge. God is here to set us free.

- Jill Cox, HP Church, Dallas TX

Absolutely amazing, It help me understand the book. It changed my life. Life is a journey, we much approach it with God. That's the only way you can make it. Awesome,Awesome, Awesome. I saw me.

- Valerie N. Davis, Rehoboth Outreach Christian Center, Dallas TX

I'm going through a transformation in my life and God spoke to me as if I was Mac. I expanded a renewal in my spirit to forgive myself, and those whom caused me pain in my life.

- LaToyia Dennis, , Dallas TX

Excellent movie. Peace of god. Shows how to forgive; the process the outdoors shows the workmanship of God and how we need to just go outside and smell the flowers.

- Perkina Dickerson, New Life Community Church, Dallas TX

I think the film was awesome especially for youth people like me because I notice that many young people like me lose their way. I feel that all young should see it.

- brittany diggs, NSEAM, Dallas TX

It take the scripture to a level that will open more eyes to see Christ.

- Gwon Diggs, NSEHM Healthcare Alliance End of Life, Dallas TX

So powerful! Good use of humor at al the right moments. Beautiful reminder that I am not the judge Octavia Spence was wonderful!

- Brenda Feeny, , Dallas TX

Although a few doctrinal disagreements stuck out to me as a Bible believing Christian, I am very moved towards deeper devotion to God, my creator and friend because of the film, for that I will recommend to all my friends.

- Allyss Flores, City of Grapevine, Dallas TX

Amazing. This was something that the Lord would in my life to direct me and help me trust in him.

- Carlos Flores, , Dallas TX

This is one of the most incredible movies. I have seen in a long time. I was so amazed of the visual of how we see our selves in a garden of mess. But Gods view is a beautiful maze of organized Beauty. This movie will not only open the eyes of people on forgiveness, but love also.

- Beatrice Gardiner, Rehoboth Outreach Christian Center, Dallas TX

The movie is excellent! It helps us see God's heart for his children. It shows forgiveness, love compassion and the importance for as to not sit in the judgement seat. This movie invites the viewer on a journey to see where he or she might have forgiveness in their heart. It helps us see where I have been wrong.

- Bea Garner, , Dallas TX

The movie showed you go through est in your life that will help you see Jesus. Whether it through a dream or quiet time with God. He will talk to you and help you in your weakest moment in life.

- Linda Gilbert, Jordan Missionary Baptist Church, Dallas TX

Forgiveness is a journey.

- Fred Hammond, Musician, Dallas TX

Thank you for making our God our Lord our Holy Spirit so real--people will see that God is always with us-like being in the fire with the Hebrew boys-God was in the tower on 9-11 and with everything I go through and you go through. Such Love!

- Cindy Harris, Cornerstone Baptist, Dallas TX

Great film. Very powerful and has great way of showing the love and forgiveness of God.

- Rodney Hinkle, , Dallas TX

Beautiful, heartbreaking, warm and enlightening. The movie had a profound affect and allowed me to reflect on things in my own life. Forgiveness is necessary!

- Stephanie Holbert, Wage Works, Dallas TX

The message were superbly orchestrated throughout supplemented and accented by His moat just the right moments. Loved the mixed cultures used to show God's love. Awesome script. G0d is so real. So glad to ave this opportunity to see the movie, masterful!

- Priscill Hollis, The Potter's House, Dallas TX

Love requires the work, of an open heart of forgiveness. Hope is to look past the natural, it requires us to trust in God and God alone that is called faith.

- Susan Hunter, M.E.T.R.O.:Christ's Church, Dallas TX

WOW! A wonderful cinematic feature of God's mysterious awe and wonder. Not a dry eye in the theater! I cannot wait to see it again with our church group!!

- Nicole Hutchison, First United Methodist Church, Dallas TX

This movie makes me excited to share with friend and have a conversation about how God works in their life. Heartfelt, spirit-filled. The story inspires me to share the movie with everyone I know and love- and even those I don't. The movie does a wonderful job of bringing Paul Young's book to life!

- Cori Iadonisi, GRW, Dallas TX

Captivating and masterful. This film will redefine our understanding of having a relationship with God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

- Iadonisi, ORW, Dallas TX

The movie has the power to change the world. Because it changed mine.

- Raghib Ismail, , Dallas TX

Powerful is an understatement. Beautiful in every aspect. A great film for ones struggling with their faith playing tug of war with there faith, or in love with their faith. There is power in forgiveness.

- Candice Jenkins, , Dallas TX

Wow. What an incredible depiction of a journey of healing., Reading this book and watching this film helped me visualize a little bit of how God works.

- Lindsay John, Advocace, Dallas TX

The story was beautifully told. I have heard at the book but never read it for myself. It was an amazing story of forgiveness that I feel that everyone should see!

- Neshia Johnson, Word of Truth Family Church, Dallas TX

I really liked it- very well done. Powerful revelation of God's character.

- Sheli Johnson, Students Standing Stron, Dallas TX

I saw myself over and over in this movie. The film mimicked the darkest most painful times in my life. In 2014, the Lord walked me through a tough lesson on forgiveness. God is always with you even in the times when you feel alone or forgotten. I remember when God took me through a similar out of body experience. The world around you is often too loud to hear God's small still voice-You have to become still to hear his voice. The movie was spot on - it brought the Book to Life and answered the questions the book left unanswered. I will cherish this movie.l I learned to value the tears I have shed for others and myself. the essence of who God is and who Jesus is was released in this film. God has many layers. He thought me that bad things happen because people fail to pray. We must pray that evil be averted. Nothing in this world happens unless God allows it. It is about a personal relationship with God the father, Jesus the son, and the Holy spirit-3 personalitites.

- Wanda Mason, Full Gospel Outreach, Dallas TX

I enjoyed the movie and hope its inspiring and moving message can be shared with people who are hurting and need the release of forgiveness and peace. I encourage everyone to see the movie and read the book. Great adaptation!

- Karen Mason-Kenebrew, Full Gospel Outreach, Dallas TX

A wonderful visual illustration of the goodness of God when life doesn't make sense

- Greg Massey, Vineyard of Grace Church, Dallas TX

A good adaption of a book with Christian values that was not t=hokey and profound.

- Katelyn McElny, , Dallas TX

In a word, phenomenal. The cast was great. The scenery was breath taking. I will definitely go see it again in March.

- Patricia McGrew, Higher Praise Family Church, Dallas TX

"Forgiveness in this film is pwerful and gives freedom after seeing it."

- Sharon McNealy, New Life Com Church, Dallas TX

The film took what is complex forgiveness, hurt abuse and makes it plain,. It will minister to those who may have walked with the Lord for years as well as those who have never encountered the Lord before.

- Dawn Miller, METRO Christs Church, Dallas TX

This movie will create your thoughts to always remember who is really in control.

- John Wayne Owens, JWaynem3 Company, Dallas TX

Changed my life. Gave me a whole new perspective on love and forgiveness.

- devin pense, Lifehouse Pictures, Dallas TX

Peace truth, love wonder, faith. This is the best explanation of the trinity and the love of God I've ever seen. Thank you for making this movie. Everyone believers and non believers alike should see this movie.

- Andrelle Perry, Reach Media, Inc, Dallas TX

Finally my thoughts and feelings about god have words.

- Robyn Reed, , Dallas TX

This film deals with deep issues millions of people harbor. Gilt, anger, toward others but also God and the biggest dilemma, How can a loving God allow or even cause evil. A great line "its not that you can't, you won't"

- Mike Reed, Salem Media Reps/Vista Media Reps, Dallas TX

It was great! I love the multiculturalism and it is relatable to people of all ages and backgrounds.

- Shtka Rembert, OCFPR, Dallas TX

Wonderful movies of God's love for us. A great lesson forgiveness.

- Debra Rogers, , Dallas TX

Very impactful, calming, and on point... Stay within the realm of what everyone was taught about the trinity.

- McKinley T. Rogers, , Dallas TX

heartwarming! renewing ! encouraging! I love the positive and forgiving end. Thank you for letting us see it First!

- Cherry Sipe, First Baptist, Dallas TX

Haven't red the book-Film was very touching-dealt well with important timeless issues-Evil in the world vs an all loving God; evil; sin; forgiveness; death... Our inability to judge. Lead actor-Sam W. was outstanding. Film was inspiring; I see how it could be life changing. Interesting depiction of the Trinity.

- Lee Sipe, First Baptist Church of Azle, Dallas TX

This was a wonderful movie. I read the book several years ago and it was great to see the film.

- Tricia Solis, , Dallas TX

The movie was incredible! A great ministry tool that will change lives! A message that was very easy to digest.

- Keith Solis, KRNB-FM, Dallas TX

This movie is a healing experience. Rarely does a film match the expectations the book creates. For me, this exceeded it. Movies of the have signature lines or signature moments, The Shack movie itself is a signature. Its imprimatur is imprinted on me.

- Mark & Paula Sterns, Higher Power Aviation / Oral Roberts University, Dallas TX

It was so healing to me personally as I've been in a long season of sadness, where I've wondered of God was still good. or heard my prayers. I know he has caught my tears, and joy will return. It was also so healing as I have 4 babies in heaven that I lost. but they are being mothered and fathered very well.

- Paula Sterns, ORU Board of Refernce, Dallas TX

The most meaningful film I have ever seen. Absolutely beautiful. I will be considering many of the profound moments I experienced for a long time.

- Lori Tradup, Salem Radio Network, Dallas TX

"The Shack" is an awesome, beautiful film which has the power to heal pain and renew faith unlike anything I have ever experienced.


Incredible film beautiful cinematography combined with great, emotional performances by all the actors created a wonderful film.

- Ethan Tradup, Salem Radio Net, Dallas TX

I was amazed at the detail and emotion. There were so many small details that tied everything together to add even more. Outstanding! job well done! A film all should be.

- Ellie Tradup, Salem Radio Network, Dallas TX

This movie was an awesome display of forgiveness and love. The figurative language and speech prompted reflection and self application. It provides a true picture of how God serves in the role that we need, no matter who we serve.

- Charlotte Watson, McNeil Educational Foundation, Dallas TX

Profound-confronts some of the hard questions in a beautiful way. Wisdom/judgement scene very powerful.. So well done

- Becky Wiltz, Bent Tree Bible, Dallas TX

Good but need to process. Great about forgiveness.

- Mark Wright, St. Nicholas Church, Dallas TX

I think this film is eye opening about how we judge when we shouldn't. The film sowed that the peace of God overcomes everything and through Jesus we can cope with anything that comes into our lives.

- Debra Zoutman, Cornerstone aptist, Dallas TX


- Stanley , , Dallas TX

An emotional roller coaster. Imagine voicing every question you've ever asked of God. And imagine having God respond. As a Christian, it is a wonderful exploration of a personal encounter with the Trinity. I will be curious how non-Christians receive it. It's greatest impact may be with helping Christians on their journey.

- John Anderson, Trinity Presbyterian church, Denver CO

I was skeptical about the content but was pleasantly surprised in the end. It was a great message good in a proactive way.

- David Baca, The Grossing Church , Denver CO

Mind blowing, healing, miraculous and a MUST SEE! It truly shows the heart of God and challenges you to think.

- Dominique Bargaineer, Colorado Christian Fellowship, Denver CO

Powerful story of forgiveness, compassion and love! Will tell everyone!

- Gerald Bargaineer, Colorado Christian Fellowship, Denver CO

A powerful emotional film based on the shock. I think this film is an excellent representation of the book. There was some periods where there just seemed to be too much dialogue. I think it could have bee done with special effects in the cave/the celebration and Sar's character. This will be a solid contribution to faith based cinema. I'd give it 4/5 stars. Also very good on a Man's healing theme.

- Bill Bolthouse, Restoring the Soul, Denver CO

Sitting next to one of the stars. It was a great way to show God-Jesus and Sahara? It was a great way for someone who has lost a kid to find closure. Awesome movie I will see it again. Healing, deliverance, and freedom. Is an outstanding movie. Producer, director, music, scenery and cinematography outstanding.

- Patrick Brewer, Colorado Christian Fellowship, Denver CO

Oh my goodness, very representative and visually appealing to what I read. As I read the book I could "see" what the author was trying to convey. The movie was very moving and healing for my own life as I, to struggle with forgiveness even on this day. Great healing movie.

- Beatrice Brewer, Colorado Christian Fellowship, Denver CO

I was very pleased how theological the message of the film was to scriptures. The film took the gospel message and made it real and how we can experience a personal relationship with Jesus!

- Roger Chandler, Colorado Christian University, Denver CO

It was much better than the book. I was concerned about how the daughter's death would be handled- I really appreciated how delicately this was healed. I thought the theology was even more sound than the book. The characters were fantastic. Is there going to be small group study from clips? Wisdom was powerful in the theology exposed. The filming was much better than expected.

- Kathleen Chandler, CCU, Denver CO

Engaged the strong slow moving - great acting well done.

- Shirley Christmon, Anchored Life, Denver CO

The movie was very well done. I appreciated the message of forgiveness and reconciliation.

- Elizabeth Cogswell, Holy Name Catholic Church, Denver CO

Truly, a gift into the world to stimulate the forgiveness and healing we so desperately need. If you want to experience what it means to be truly loved, come to watch this movie.

- Jared Commings, , Denver CO

I think the movie really makes you think about your relationship with God!

- Leotis Compton, Arbonne International, Denver CO

Exciting to see biblical truths being brought to the big screen. Glad to have the message of forgiveness. Great tool to build faith of believers and shake up or wake up faith of unbelievers. Great symbolism and foretelling as the movie started and progressed.

- LaTonya Cooper-McPherson, Independent, Denver CO

This movie was very inspiring, in times like today it is nice to be reminded of all the good that can be in the world.

- Chase Corbitt, , Denver CO

Fantastic! Incredible! Insight into God, forgiveness - and myself. Convincing and liberating at the same time. A faith-based film with a quality equal to the best Hollywood could offer.

- Stephen Curtis, Lakewood Church of Christ, Denver CO

The images are almost the same as what I saw when I read the book. The profound love and all embracing compassion of God, Jesus and the Spirit is so well portrayed. I am moved very much by both the book and the film. Praise the Lord for the sincere and great productions.

- Dawn Curtis, Lakewood Church of Christ, Denver CO

I loved the portrayal of Papa, Jesus, and "Sara" (HS) Powerful. Moving. Redemptive. Restorative. Inviting. Healing. Deep truths in a real way. Humor! At times hard to hear the movies- maybe turn up the voice volume, esp. of Mac. Loved the different races and ethnicities. Better than expected! Well-made beautiful cinematography.

- Julianne Cusick, Restoring the Soul, Denver CO

Awesome! Slow to start and the little boy in the beginning got lost in the movie but it was a great movie! Coming from a parent whom has lost a child, I now have an even better understanding of how he is now a son of God. For those who didn't believe in the Trinity - I'll bet you believe in it now!

- Tammy Dallas, Christian Brothers, Denver CO

I could feel God's love.

- Jennifer Davidson, Family Christian , Denver CO

The movie was a powerful message about God's love for all of us. He doesn't want us to be judgmental toward others. We need to forgive for our own sake and also for others. It is all about healing from drama. I loved the movie. I read the book and went to a Sunday school class about tit.

- Lynn Davis, Bear Valley Church, Denver CO

This film is powerful...impactful. It brings to life exactly how I pictures the book, and the book will charge and correct how you understand God. Incredible!

- Tyler Deines, Young Life, Denver CO

It was a great movie. You should use it for people who have anger in their heart toward God and people who have hurt them. They would be able to forgive them.

- John DORTCH, North Metro Church, Denver CO

I felt like I was holding back tears throughout the entire film. People want to hear from God, this film could help them do that.

- Matt Doud, Leadership Design Group, Denver CO

Awesome, inspiring images! Breaks the everyday stereotypes of the Trinity. Brings to life the images from the book.

- Jerry Feard, , Denver CO

The best Christian movie i've ever seen! Right up their with 'Chariots of Fire!' 'Anything but Cherry!' We are messengers.

- Clem Fitzsimmons, Praise Center Church, Denver CO

"A beautiful demonstration of how a personal relationship with God can heal your hurts and create a life of love and purpose!"

- Michelle Fitzsimmons, Praise Center Church, Denver CO

Excellent movie. A good concept an "attitude" which can put us in "our" position rather than "gods"

- Dean Flanders, , Denver CO

As a fan of Paul's book, The Shack, I am so pleased the movie mirrored the story. The acting is superb, the story captivating. I loved it! Now I'm a fan of the movie! It's a message to bring healing to us al!

- Gail Fray, Gloo, Denver CO

I had some problems with the theology of this story, but I am remembering that it's just a work of fiction and perhaps it will be helpful to those that are hurting and have unforgiven. So because of this- I'm saying, I give it a thumbs up.

- Trish Fuhlendorf, K-LOVE, Denver CO

This movie is phenomenal. My perspective on judgement and forgiveness is forever changed! What an incredible way of realizing the heart of God and His heart towards us! Simply AMAZING!!!

- Charis Garrett, BYCE Music Group, Denver CO

Spiritually moving movie! A must see

- Patricia Gatewood, , Denver CO

I cried several times as the scenes were emotional. Thank you for making quality, faith-based films! The scenery was gorgeous! Love that it's fiction and teaches us about faith. I like how Papa changes to a father.

- Kayla Gilmore, Rocky Mountain Christian Church, Denver CO

I loved it. It was a beautiful story and journey, very mesmerizing. Great messages! Beautiful song and music! It chokes you up! Excellent and brilliant film!


Wow! It is a rue depicton of God's unfailing love and forgiveness. It was a great movie, even better than the book. I love the way it showed all thre epersons in the Gdhead, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

- Linda Hammonds, The Good Life Church, Denver CO

I don't have words to describe how powerful and emotinally healing this was/is/and will be every bit as good as the book. I needed this!

- Mike Hammonds, The Good Life Church, Denver CO

Fantastic movie! I didn't read the book, but I wish I had. I love that i gave a glimpse into how God works!

- Carla Harris, , Denver CO

I read the book,and I can't believe how you were able to get so much of the story live into the movie. It was beautiful! I wish the movie was being released before March. But when it is released, I am going to to invite MANY to come with me.

- Susan Hendrix, Colorado Christian Fellowship, Denver CO

I wish it was longer. I have read the book twice, and wondering how the film would do it justice. It was truly worth waiting for. Awesome job and a great witnessing tool. Thank you.

- JC Hendrix, Colorado Christian Fellowship, Denver CO

The film was a riveting work of art. It held my attention form begging to end. I'm so proud of this faith-based film that E-D, my former, MSH students, are supporting. This film gives an in-depth look into the powering of God. It reflects the omnipotence the omniscience, and the omnipresence of God. The Themes are plentiful.

- Gloria Henry, School, Denver CO

It was a moving story revealing the love and kindness of God.

- Robert Hudson, The Cross Ministry Group, Denver CO

Great movie about love, forgiveness hope God never leaves you no matter what He's always there. Helping other deal with tragedy helps deal with yours.

- Al Jackson, , Denver CO

I enjoyed the movie. I appreciated the limited view. I will encourage others to see it for themselves. Thank you for the opportunity to pre-view. It is a movie that you lean back in your humanity and flea from. I am challenged to continue in my in my evolution and growth as a result of. Simple beatify in the garden scenes.

- Larynda Jackson, Colorado Christian Fellowship, Denver CO

Powerful, a great demonstration on the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. A great example of forgiveness. It showed how need to port issues and problems. It showed not to take your eyes off Jesus.

- Dionna Jackson-Harding, Black Pearl Entertainment, Inc., Denver CO

I thought the movie/film was awesome. It made me reflect in my own relationship with God and the importance of having one. The movie also made me realize and understand even more that my faith in God is unshakeable. Praise be to God for films like this. Need more of them.

- Nichole Johnson, Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Denver, Denver CO

The film was very moving. Confreres what I believe in God. He can and does do all things well. Thank you for showing God as both male and female. I haven't read the book.

- Winifred Johnson, Retired, Denver CO

This film leaves me now raw and exposed. It gives me a longing for more and draws me into the wonder of all that God is.

- Cynthia Klingenberg, Restoring the Soul, Denver CO

There are times in life when I need to be reminded of God's love and of how "real" He is, how real the Holy Spirit is, and how real Jesus is. This movie more than accomplishes that, it is going to be something that I use again and again to remind myself of how to see God, how to talk to god, and how to be with God.

- Adelle Klingerberg, Restoring the Soul, Denver CO

One of the best films I have ever seen.

- Lindsay Kough, Tridens Medical, Denver CO

My great sadness in the world of Christian film has been the extreme lack of metaphor and subtlety...and the awkward "blockiness" of being direct. I believe the success of both the book and wow the film is the way it engages the mystery of God in the art, metaphor, and so much more. Exquisite!!

- Zach Kreeger, Young Life, Denver CO

I did not read the book. As a mother of three, my worst fear materialized bore me! I recently had a dream of this happening to my 3 year old daughter. I woke up horrified but refused to be fearful. I have since wondered how without God a family could get through such an event. This film helped me remember that no one is without Him. It's our choice how we get through crisis, small or large. God is Good!

- Tracy Lovato, Swansea Assembly, Denver CO

A game changer. Profoundly moved by the message that the actors almost became invisible. A sentimental journey with a healthy dose of humor.

- Anthony Lovato, The Swansea Assembly, Denver CO

This was an amazing movie, like non-other that has ever been produced. It was a "unique" book but illustrated in this film became beautiful witness of the mysteries of life. I would have never anticipated this book to be so well presented in this film. This was extremely powerful and beautiful. The message was clear. Actors great. and gentle.

- Paul Lucks, New Life Community Church, Denver CO

Phenomenal development of strong sense of family. Symbolism is clear and extremely powerful. The Lord's love is displayed in such a touching way. Very touching. Well done.

- Daesha Martch, Lighthouse Church, Denver CO

Profound. Moving. Life Changing. The Shack provides a glimpse into the life-breathed Gospel message. It moves people from the pains of this world to the loving arms of God. After all, that's all he wants - a relationship with His children. Thank you Papa! Come Lord Jesus! Guide us Holy Spirit!

- Angela McCaslin, Concordia Lutheran Church , Denver CO

Powerful. One of the most powerful and profound films...ever.

- Gregg McCaslin, Concordia Lutheran Church, Denver CO

I love the way the filmmaker was able to create this movie from the book. A beautiful well done film. All the characters were very likable and did not "over play" their parts. A 4 star (out of 5) ratings. Only negative was the dad's whispering was a bit over done.

- Andy Mirdik, Queen of Peace, Denver CO

Powerful. God's love spoken and shown in plain twenty first century life. This is going to have a massive impact. It already has. Shocked by the production value! No more cheesy christian movies.

- Chase Moore, Trilogy Financial, Denver CO

Very sweet and impactful- Reminder of God's power and love.

- Tina Moore, City Of Aurora, Denver CO

The movie stayed true to the message in the book. Absolutely love the portrayal of God and his love...the desire for reconciliation, forgiveness and healing! A message of hope that God is working things for good!

- Linda Mundt, The Ridge Community Church, Denver CO

It was awhile since I read the book. I always thought what a movie this would make. I don't know I don't think it could ever suppress the book cause the imagination I had goes way beyond a picture show. I thank you for doing this. It brought to life what I do in my life. Judge. A better short to forgive.

- Francis Muselt, , Denver CO

This story and the movie gives voice to the longing we all have for the relationship we desire with our father, the son and spirit. It's masterful in giving a beautiful picture of how God's love for us is so deep, wide and far - to an extent that we can never escape it. The movie reminds us that God (the Trinity) is a "hands-on" kind of love and we are in the grandest hug of a lifetime!

- Shana Patterson, Denver Community Church, Denver CO

This movie was breath taking. This movie caused a lot of self-reflection, simply WOW!!!

- Michael Permillion, , Denver CO

A deeply moving story of God's love for us. The film touches on aspects of human nature ( guilt, sin, forgiveness, grief, anger) that we all experience sometime in our lives. Beautiful illustration of the Trinity.

- Anna Phillips, Landing Place Church, Denver CO

Amazing! Very moving and powerful message of life and love.

- Terrence Porter, Worthy, Denver CO

An awesome liberating portrait of the Grace, Love, Core and personal of the Trinity of God! Oh the moral of the possibilies of the father.


Powerful, moving, inspiring!

- Elijah Porter, Praises of Deliverance, Denver CO

The film was a wonderful and empowering. It was a really good story of how Mack death with everything in his life with the help he got from friends and family.

- Dalencia Porter, Bishop Porter Ministries , Denver CO

This movie was awesome. As someone who has struggled with the lose of a child, this helps me understand God's plan is always better than mine. Great explanation of the trinity.

- Shante Porter, Praises of Deliverance , Denver CO

Moving, transforming, heart wrenching. This certainly takes you through heart racing highs and lows. I so appreciate seeing the different characters of God. How wonderful to experience God in so many ways.

- Katherine Porter, Bishop Phillip Porter Ministries, Denver CO

It allowed me to experience the broader, loving God that is the true God rather than just believing in things about him. This experience of God is truly powerful and overwhelming. It reaffirms that God really desires relationships with us above all things and can accomplish that no matter the circumstances we find ourselves in.

- Christina Progess, , Denver CO

It was an emotional roll of waves of pure emotions and a pure passion of the holy trinity personified on a one to one scale. It made a big impact on my look on my journey. Thorough a side by side comparison.

- Dillon Thomas Ricks, Whole Foods Market, Denver CO

Did a great job of depicting the story of the Trinity.

- Nanci Ricks, Empart, Denver CO

I did enjoy the movie. I was very moved by what the character was struggling with and would have most likely experience the same grief and anger. I was so heartbroken by the families tragedy. The profound forgiveness at the end is very healing and gives hope on everlasting foreignness by God.

- Debra Rivera, Adventist Mission Center, Denver CO

Excellent adaption of the book. A bit of a slow start but grabbed our hearts and did good as the film progressed. Eager and vowed all we know to see this life develop. Grateful for all the power.

- Wes Roberts, Leadership Design Group, Denver CO

I have been a christian for most of my life and green up in the church. This film is one of the most enlightening and impactful pieces I have ever experienced. Directly hit me in the heart and related to my story.

- Kyle Saff, Cushman and Wakefield, Denver CO

Thought-provoking, beautifying done. I appreciated the book and enjoyed seeing the visual beauty.

- Joani Schultz, Group, Denver CO

Heavy themes navigated with flashes of truth. Loved the "I'm especially found of you" lines.

- Thom Schultz, Group Publishing, Lifetree Cafe, Denver CO

Such a wonderful film! I wrote notes/lines from the movie in the dark and can read the lines. The best line for me written during the movie was "god never leaves us". The next best line-"follow the path that only you can make". Thank you for the experience .

- Sandra Seale, New Hope Baptist Church , Denver CO

The Father, Son and Holy Ghost were pictured well together, illustrating the love and interaction/interchangeability of them. The forgiveness message was powerful, showing how one moment of letting hate go can change the world

- Catherine Sees, CCU, Denver CO

A powerful mssage of God's unceasing love for me and for each of us. Creative, deeply penetrating, life changing, underscoring the need that we have for the Father, Son and Holy Spirit and the importance of surrender.

- Don Siecke, Kelmore Development, Denver CO

This was a powerful film that would help anyone who is going through something like this. The message was powerful and true to the gospel- The power to forgive is so important and this message was well presented- Praise God for a great film- life changing.

- Alice Kaye Simon, Lochwood Christian FELLOWSHIP, Denver CO

Fantastic. The message of forgiveness and true love were truly dominate and demonstrated the needing God of us adopting those. We need more messages like this.

- John Simon, Lochwood Christian Fellowship, Denver CO

The film was exceptional, interesting, and captivating. The film really got you thinking about your whereabouts and surrounding and what to do and what not to do. A quality and wholesome film.

- Phyllis Smith, Bishop Porter Ministries , Denver CO

The film was sad funny and it had a good ending.

- Johnita Smith, Bishop Porter Ministries , Denver CO

This movie was well put together, an amazing story. Everything worked well watching movie makes me want to read the book. I loved the build up and intensity of the movie.

- John Smith, Bishop P.H. Porter, Denver CO

Vivid description of the book. I really enjoyed the play of the actors of the trinity. Well done!

- Elizabeth Smith, Family Christian Stores, Denver CO

This shows the uninformed what God is and does

- Paul Sylvander, , Denver CO

Amazing!! So much love God has for us. Oh how we need to TRUST!! Faith in action!

- Susan Sylvander, Southeast Christian Church, Denver CO

This was a great movie, I enjoyed the balance of humor with the seriousness of the message.

- Christina Thomas, Sloans Lake Community Church, Denver CO

Interesting, symbolic, emotional, great filming. I liked the film - it was well filmed - not cheesy like some christian movies have been, it took a subject matter and expressed it impact-fully.

- Deedee Thomson, Young Life, Denver CO

A right now movie for a right now time. Inspirational!

- Marcus Trimm, , Denver CO

What an awesome encounter with Papa, Son and Spirit. Forgiveness can truly set us free.

- Ernest Trujillo, , Denver CO


- Joe Turner Jr., Christian Brothers, Denver CO

The film was powerful, beautiful and moving. The movie was a great adaptation of the book..one of the best I've seen. Instantly, I was drawn into the movie and was kept captivated throughout the whole film. All of the emotions I felt while reading the book were stirred once again while watching the movie. the visuals were breathtaking.

- Diane Urbano, Restoring the Soul, Denver CO

I think it will be very helpful for people struggling with grief after the death of a loved one.

- Kate Veik, Catholic News Agency , Denver CO

I was very impressed with every part of the film. Imagery, camera shots and angles. Great acting and strong script. I highly recommend the film. It is excellent story-telling.

- Harold Velasquez, New Hope Christian Church / Velasquez Group Productions, Denver CO

This was an amazing movie. It stayed very true to the book. It was just like imagined as I read the book. This was an extremely well done. Faith based film. Very well done!

- Alan Waibel, Sloan's Lake Community Church, Denver CO

This film will shake the very foundation of your ideas and perceptions of what God is really like. The gentleness and grace portrayed by God as "Papa" exceeds all expectations that you could ever have the goodness of our God. Such a great and powerful film.

- Meredith Wallace, KLOVE Radio, Denver CO

Simply Amazing! It touched my spirit and my heart. It offered deliverance in areas of my life. Words cannot express the feelings this film gave to me. It was the world (bible) coming to life. Just brilliant! Will go see it again when it comes out it march. Considering reading the book.

- Yolanda Washington, , Denver CO

Powerfully impacting, makes you think about the love you may not understand that moves you daily.

- Lionel Washington, Denver Public School, Denver CO

I felt like I was walking myself in the path through the movie. It made me revisit what forgives is all about, and to realize the pain of the past, very touching deep in my heart, and made me cry tears of healing.

- Linda Williams, CCU CAGS, Denver CO

Great writing of the script

- Terry Williams, Nehemith Global Foundation, Denver CO

This was a heart wrenching movie that was beautiful and moving. I enjoyed it immensely and was reminded of how much God loves me. It addresses the hard questions. Is God good and why does God let bad things happen? While walking through Mac's struggle I was able to relate and it brought home the power of love and forgiveness.

- Jade Winterhalder, National Jewish Health, Denver CO

I thought the movie is thought provoking and makes you have some insight into yourself. Enjoyed the imagery of spiritual aspects in the movie.

- Kourtney Woods, Acacia Ministries Inc, Denver CO

Enlightening and thought provoking story and remarkable love story.

- Janee Woods, Acacia Minisries , Denver CO

The simple lesson of forgiveness truly resonates on the freedom it lends to our soul is immeasurable.

- Codwin Abohwo, , San Francisco CA

I absolutely loved the film. I NEVER cry at films; but I needed the complimentary Kleenex. I was moved to tears when nMac's tears were collected. The film gave me a more or better understanding of the simplicity of our relationship with God, the Trinity, Kudos!

- Tanin Alexander, Praise Fellowship Bible Church, San Francisco CA

I think it is a great film, answers some questions in my mind helped me know the Father better, know. The father is heart give me a peak into the life in heaven.

- Mazen Bahu, Arab Christian Church, San Francisco CA

It impacted me in showing the love of God towards his children and no matter how bad it acts in our lives he is right there in the midst of how to pull us through.

- Rima Bahu, Arab Christian Church, San Francisco CA

Moving. Great content. A must see.

- Mike Basil, Saint Matthew, San Francisco CA

I like that the movie.

- Tracy Brown, St. Clare's Episcopal Church, San Francisco CA

Impacting, deeply moving, thought provoking, and raw and real in the best of ways. "Mac" asks all the right and hardest questions.

- Chris Burns, The Sound, San Francisco CA

Only Sam Worthington can have another out of body experience in a movie! Beautiful illustration imaginary theology in C.S . Lewis style.

- David Chew, Faith Chinese Alliance Church, San Francisco CA

This was amazing! An incredible depiction of God's love, as a parent who has lost a child this story gives hope to myself and others that He wants to see us all whole by truly embracing him as a loving father/mother, friend, savior and comforter, very well made.

- Katie Ciccone, Freedom House, San Francisco CA

This is an outstanding film. Brilliantly told story. It touches my heart. Some segments were pretty profound but insightful. A must see.

- Dione Coleman, Praise Fellowship Bible Church, San Francisco CA

Awesome, enlightening, encouraging, revealing, hopeful. I have a greater perspective of who God is and what God is like.

- William Coleman, Praise Fellowship Bible Church, San Francisco CA

Profound! It is hard to respond to this movie without taking time to fully digest. The message of forgiveness was so powerful!

- Edward Cone, Level 3, San Francisco CA

"Powerful display of God's love." "You're not forgotten and never left alone." "Awesome perspective on the power of forgiveness." Insightful and thought provoking look into letting go and moving on from past experiences, do-spite how painful.

- Anthony J. Cook, Shiloh Relta Valley Church, San Francisco CA

Amazing depiction of the book. Powerful scenes were its truly about relationships and not religion. Also funny!

- Maria Cook, Shiloh Delta Valley Church, San Francisco CA

It was very well done. It felt very real like I was there with Mac. Experiencing everything with him. Thats crazy since I've read the book a couple of times. It will be a big hit.

- kenneth cornell, Hilltop Ministries, San Francisco CA

The movie was OUTSTANDING!!! Thought provoking I Am!I thought it was GREAT to portray God in different genders and ethnicity, it shows that He will be who ever we need him to be.

- Jeffrey Crawford, Praise Fellowship Bible Church, San Francisco CA

Powerful, healing, inspiring. A lovely film and it was lovely watching it. I felt a profound connection to the main characters. A successful effort. I hope many, many will be touched by it. I intend to own it on day to remind myself of God's awesome love for me and all his creatures.

- Lawrence D'Anjou, St. Raymond Church, San Francisco CA

Every question ( well almost ) about God and what/why he does what he does was answered in this well put together movie. Absolutely incredible. Love is so powerful. This movie inspired me to change my thinking, it's changed my world.

- Rosina Dirrane, , San Francisco CA

It was amazing!

- Jesse Dykema, Revive Church, San Francisco CA

Helped me to understand how to get through a trial without wondering from my faith.

- Rich Estrada, , San Francisco CA

1. Beautiful. Full of honest emotion, beauty, tenderness, with a healthy helping of humor. 2. The scenes wee so beautiful. 3. Great job translating book into film. 4. Octavia Spencer communicated nuanced thoughts and feelings remarkably well!

- Russ Fochler, Light For Your Journey, San Francisco CA

A courageous and deeply moving presentation of the tough question - Why do hard things happen and where is God. Well done - the viewer is invited in/not forced into the truth.

- Susan Fochler, Light for your Journey, San Francisco CA

This movie was so full of the revelation of Papa's love for His children. As I watched this film I experienced deep emotional deliverance I had been holding on to for 52 years. The fact that one can let go with the help of Papa inspires me in knowing I can change into the image of love by expressing His love.

- Alan Garcen, Glory Revive Ministries , San Francisco CA

Wonderfully done - love detail - stop by very well told. Powerful.

- Tim Hunt, Teen Esteem, San Francisco CA

Well done, touching, informative and reinforcing of the faith. Creative use of our beloved story.

- Betty Hunt, 1950, San Francisco CA

Perfect! Conviction, relatable, diverse well put together and thought out. Love the Trinity, love God being what we need when we need it.

- Dionne Jackson, PFBC, San Francisco CA

There are no words that describe the joy in my heart right now. I realized something that God spoke to my heart last year, but I could not describe it with words: "He is the great I am" No limits He is and can be whatever He needs to be at any given time for us.

- Tiffany James, ReNewed Life Church, San Francisco CA

Very down to earth. Made the Trinity comprehendible. Forgiveness of the lack there of is the major problem for most relationship.

- David Jenkins, Pleasant View Church of Christ, San Francisco CA

Mac's journey reminds us that God meets us wherever we are. "The Shack" is truly a God is with us movie, one that brings God's person - God in 3 persons to life.

- Melissah Jensen, Resurrection Lutheran Church , San Francisco CA

Wonderful, I read the book and it lived up well. There are very few Christian films I would recommend because of the poor quality and bad acting. I believe it will be a great movie for those in grief, or dealing with pain or forgiveness.

- Josh Jonas, Cornerstone Fellowship, San Francisco CA

Amazing. You'll need a few minutes to gather your thoughts and emotions after its over. A very important film.

- Jennifer Klier, Davis Christian Fellowship, San Francisco CA

Amazing. You'll need a few minutes to gather your thoughts and emotions after it's over. A very important film.

- Jennifer Klier, Davis Christian Fellowship, San Francisco CA

This was the best movie I've ever seen! This "movie" truly "moved" me! I believe this movie will have a powerful impact in people's lives for gener-times to come. Often times spiritually themed movies have an element that is sometimes unreliable.

- Will Klier, Davis Christian Fellowship, San Francisco CA

Insight and inspiring.

- Karen Knight, The WHOO Group, San Francisco CA

Powerful; thanks for the kleenex.

- Gloria Krisell, Memorial Baptist Church, San Francisco CA

Great, parts shocking, the message of forgiveness is awesome, great portrayal of the hold guilt can have over someone. Thanks.

- Ralph Krisell, Memorial Baptist Church, San Francisco CA

Amazing story of the perfect glove, hope and faith. Hard to believe that it could have the impact of the book - but it does! Hard to put into words all the feelings that I have right now. It will be with me for days at the very least.

- Dennis Lafayette, Relentless Lovers, San Francisco CA

The Shack moves you at your deepest level and touches you in ways you thought were not possible.

- Daren Laws, Brave Church, San Francisco CA

Loved that God came to him as a women/mother. Met him where he was. Fragile from an abusive relationship with his father. Perfect reminder that God meets us where we are.

- Laurie Leahy Neel, southwinds church of tracy, San Francisco CA

Beautiful - completely captures the love of God with the clash of the world. The balance of emotions between crying to laughing, celebrating to mourning was amazing. Thank you

- Brigette Lopez, Bay Hills Community Church, San Francisco CA

Wow! Great...loved the connection mad between the Trinity and how it made me complete a connection. How such a tragedy can still be made into a real relationship with God make things so better. The actors did a wonderful job. I cried and felt some joy in knowing that God was still there.

- Kevin M Lopez, Bay Hills Community Church, San Francisco CA

This thing was beautiful in every way. I've read the book 4 times and I'm so happy with the outcome of the film. Fantastic acting, stunning cinematography and score. The message gets me deeply. I look forward to taking people to this...hurting people, people who love God and people I know who don't yet.

- Todd Lout, REFUGE, San Francisco CA

Healing movie, beautifully done. Brought up some pain for the past but the truth spoken healed my heart in ways I didn't know I needed it. Mirrored the book and brought it to life beautifully.

- Karena Lout, Refuge, San Francisco CA

Amazing, Love. Powerful, powerful, powerful. Healing, forgiveness, breath of life you can totally feel the presence of the Holy Spirit. I love how there were so many moments of what you can relate to in your everyday life.

- Natalie Martin, The River, San Francisco CA

Amazing! The hard questions were perfect and made me pleasantly uncomfortable. The answers of mystery made me an left me both amazed and fulfilled - It's a must for many sharing over and over through out my lifetime.

- Chris Martin, The River, San Francisco CA

I was very touched by the release of emotions and honestly of reaction to pain. Love was clearly expressed through the Trinity and nature and beauty was beautiful!!

- Chuck McCallum, Kier and Wright, San Francisco CA

It was good to be reminded that God is especially fond of us. Forgiveness is not always easy. We have so much in our lives to worry.

- Randy Mcgrady-beach, John Knox Presbyterian Church, San Francisco CA

Amazingly captured the book in every detail. The characters well recreated by the actors. God's love and different personalities shined and came through.

- Carla McRee, Shepherd's Gate, San Francisco CA

Totally different than anything I have ever seen. Depicted God's love!

- Steve McRee, Shepherd's Gate, San Francisco CA

I don't remember the book but will certainly remember the movie, better understand God's infinite love and forgiveness - truly feel God's love and movie was a tearjerker.

- Barry Mew, Pathway Community Church, San Francisco CA

Pure love from God expressed in this film. Loved the movie as much as the book. I was afraid the images I'd formed while reading the book would be ruined by the movie. Instead, these actors were the very visions of faces I had already imagined! God is SO big! It was if I'd been reunited with the people I'd seen...

- BethAnn Moitoso, Cornerstone Fellowship, San Francisco CA

Awesome film. Highly recommend! Healing for the soul and pain of life.

- Kenny Morgan, Psalm 84, San Francisco CA

I loved the casting of the characters - near perfect. The essential elements of the book have carefully been maintained, at the same time the elements added for the film make it more accessible for those who haven't read the book. Extremely well acted and filmed. Easy to recommend.

- Kevin Murphy, Saint Matthew Lutheran Church, San Francisco CA

I loved the portrayal of the Trinity in different ways - loved Papa!

- Debi Murphy, Saint Matthew Lutheran , San Francisco CA

By far the best Christina film I have ever seen I loved the way the dialog addressed the deeply real issues that people have in their hearts and minds. Thank you for not backing away but addressing them with real and biblical answers. I loved the multicultural casting to represent God.

- Leslyn Musch, Clayton Community Church, San Francisco CA

A very deep and moving movie. Anyone who has delt with pain or hurt should see this movie.

- Steven Nation, Oakland Worship Center, San Francisco CA

What a beautiful picture of how Papa unravels our perceptions and replaces them with relentless love. I have had a dream similar to the part where mac met his father in the field and the father asks for forgiveness. I had a physically abusive father and in my twenties I was seeking to forgive him - then God gave me a dream of my father coming to me and similar.

- Mary Norcross, Shepherds Gate, San Francisco CA

A breathtaking and moving portrayal of the goodness and grace of God that pain and suffering blinds the human soul and prayer to.

- Robert Norsworthy, W Foundation, San Francisco CA

Loved the film. I've read the book several times and seeing the movie brings the revelation of the love of God so alive. LOVE LOVE LOVE the focus on the "goodness" of God and God's love for us and the vital importance of forgiveness.

- Jennifer Paltridge, Kingdom of Grace, San Francisco CA

Very good, excellent in many ways. Will open the door for many who have profound grief, a bad history and who need a revolution in them to how they view God. An invitation to learn and experience forgiving and forgiveness.

- Gary Paltridge, Kingdom of Grace Ministries , San Francisco CA

Great - well done. Beautiful scenery and excellent capturing of book.

- Elbert Paul, National Christian Foundation, San Francisco CA

It is a wonderful depiction of our relationship with God our "Papa", his never ending love for us and how He works with our savior and His spirit to guide us. Powerful!

- Donna Peralta, Valley Community Church, San Francisco CA

I loved, loved, loved the movie - Great job! To be honest I thought I was going to be another cheesy Christian film - with lack of talent! I was wrong! This was professional in every way - done with such integrity - loved the humor as well.

- Margaret Pharis, Psalm 84, San Francisco CA

Very very touching. Great on showing the Trinity and how each part play a part in my life. It showed me all the areas i my life that I have hurt and judged others, and what I need to deal with in my life and how much God truly loves me and wants me healed. Awesome! Loved it!

- Dan Pharis, Psalm 84, San Francisco CA

Powerful expression of love, God's love for us. Would be impactful for anyone, regardless of their faith. Thanks for the tissues!

- Garrett Reed, Forunner Christian Church, San Francisco CA

A fantastic way to explain the relationship that the Lord desires us to have with him. Absolutely loved how each part of Him was portrayed in the movie. Loved the book, loved the movie.

- Breanne Rich, W Charitable Foundation, San Francisco CA

The film was simply awesome, it ministered to me in such a profound way. Crave me a fresh perspective of God and his great love for me!

- Sabrina Robertson, Praise Fellowship Bible Church, San Francisco CA

Very powerful! Well done!

- Shawn Robinson, Clayton Community Church, San Francisco CA

Powerful - a lot to ponder of process. Grapples head on with the heart wrenching reality of life - Truly revealed God's heart and character love, judgment, forgiveness, pain amazing how misguided we can be. I pray many people will come and have hearts opened and healed.

- Patty Robinson, Clayton Community Church, San Francisco CA

I think it was a funny and sad/uplifting movie to watch.

- Tyler Romero, Calvary Tracy, San Francisco CA

Very powerful adaptation of the book. I read the book dozens of times and seeing it come to life truly blessed my life. It captured the beauty of God and the book of love and forgiveness.

- Michelle Salviejo, Forerunner Christian Church, San Francisco CA

It was great. I think it will impact many, and possibly reach thousands/millions!

- Keith Schaad, Tree of Life Transformation Centers, San Francisco CA

Beautiful portrayal of a good God.

- Susan Schaad, Tree of Life Monterey Bay, San Francisco CA

Makes me re-think again all my pre-convinced notions and religious beliefs of who my God is! Wow- judgement issues - a lot to change in my own views. Amazing movie - It will change lives how exciting the ways God lets the world know who he is!

- Cheryl Sharp, Monte Vista Christian School, San Francisco CA

Amazing film! So good to see God laugh, show compassion and teach us how to see life from his point of view. He does work all things out for good.

- Greg Simas, Convergence House of Prayer, San Francisco CA

Awesome!! the best movie ever on the theme of heavenly reality. Very nice movie. recommend everyone to watch it.

- Mohan Sunderraj, Good News Family Fellowship , San Francisco CA

Wow. What an absolutely amazing movie. I was blown away. I love how this movie made life so extremely relatable. It absolutely touched my heart. There was awesome and appropriate humor. I'm convinced that this movie will change numerous lives and make a huge impact.

- Julianna Tate, , San Francisco CA

Beautiful. Couldn't hold tears back. Healing. Loved every minute of it.

- Janae Valci, Valley Christian Church, San Francisco CA

Many movies entertain. This one moves the soul. It is emotionally freeing. And intellectually stimulating you simply must see it!

- Roger Valci, Valley Christian Church, San Francisco CA

This film was moving and heartfelt. The way each character played their role was genuine and portrayed God's love perfectly. Touching.

- Lauren Walchek, W Charitable Foundation, San Francisco CA

I feel the script, characters and message of the film captured the heart of God so accurately.

- Jill Weinberg, , San Francisco CA

Beautiful done. Stunning cinematography overall, really enjoyed. Caliber of acting was on par. Production quality was high. Story was engaging and emotionally charged throughout. SO hard to find a satisfying answer to the issue/problem of "why do bad things happen to good people?" AND "how could God allow tragedy?" Well done!

- Todd Weinberg, Walcheck Family, Trov, Inc., San Francisco CA

I was moved by this film and I really encouraged me in my faith. I was able to sense God in this film and the actors were amazing. i want to recommend it to others.

- Ben Weinberg, Walcheck Family, Trov, Inc., San Francisco CA

Loved it - definitely A list production values - wonder if the pace and theology is too thick for non- church folks - thank you for a Jewish Jesus!

- Myles Weiss, House of Peace [Beth Shalom], San Francisco CA

I have been a Pastor for eleven years and have been asked countless times to explain the scandalous mystery of the gospel revealed through the Trinity. Now the easy answer will be, watch The Shack. This film knocked the ball out of the park. A blessing that will serve the body of christ for generations. Thank you!

- Jesse West, Pleasure point church, San Francisco CA

Profound, deeply moving...Resolutes deeply with the journey we all have to let go of our own "great sadness". forgive and learn to love as we have always been loved.

- Rod Williams, Kainos Santa Cruz, San Francisco CA

Very insightful perceptive of what people struggle with in life and the truth in us of who we really are in spite of our own circumstances. We are beloved sons and daughters of the must high God and that is our truest identity. Excellent!

- Eileen Williams, Kainos Santa Cruz, San Francisco CA

Having read the book when it first came out I was impressed with how close they kept to the book.

- Michael Woodfield, Freedom House, San Francisco CA

Film was awesome, perfection. Impact on me - 1. Keep my focus on God. 2. He will never leave me now forsake me, never, in all my life. 3. He loves me more than I can imagine.

- Sheila Bobo, First Presbyterian , Franklin TN

Emotional, good acting, story music

- Stephan Blinn, TBN, Irvine CA

Inspiring! True to the story and leaves me open to receiving a deeper relationship with our LORD "Papa"! This will be a movie that is easy to tell others to see, just as it was easy to give copies of book to many!

- Stephanie Fromm, Worship Leader Media, Irvine CA

The Shack was an inspiring film was an amazing message of l love, mercy, redemption, grace and forgiveness. An absolute must see for all.

- Pastor Molly Godzich, National Association of Marriage Enhancement (NAME), Irvine CA

Beauty! Compelling! Expands our capacity in how we see God, Jesus and Holy Spirit. I believe this film is revolutionary and will indeed set many captives free as well will rattle religious - in a good way.

- Patti Helzer, Mourning to Morning, Irvine CA

Incredible! Rarely is a movie just as good as the book, and this might have been even better! So touching and moving. I believe this movie will bring healing to any and answer some big questions for all who see it.

- Kirston Johnson, Worship Leader, Irvine CA

Really liked, appreciate this film. Favorite words from papa, "You have no idea how much I love you!"

- Joe Johnson, Heart of the Father Ministries, Irvine CA

Impactful, meaningful and beautiful. Loved the beauty and the stillness of the film. The running on water disrupted the flow was a bit cheesy and funny. Overall it was a good, artistic, thought provoking film.

- Michelle Mifflin, Worship Leader , Irvine CA

Opened new chambers in my heart.

- Tom Newman, TBN, Irvine CA

Shows Gods intense love for us. Fantastic film!@ Unlike some other christian films, this one is very well made. Great cast. Great job, you all can't wait to see its impact on the world!! Intense! tearful, tough, heartfelt, love, impactful. Thanks

- Joy Haas, Chaismamedia, Lake Mary FL

Openness to who God truly is and healing of brokenness. The movie does a god job bringing the book to life. Loved t and would watch again and again.

- Atalie Anderson, Charisma Media, Lake Mary FL

We must forgive in order to move forward. We don't need to go through only situations alone, we are connected to each other. Father, Son Y Holy Spirit is always with us, we only need to trust and believe.

- Awilda Aviles-Rivera, 1953, Lake Mary FL

Powerful, meaningful, perfect, Great. Will defiantly come back and see it again. Everyone should watch this movie.

- Ricardo Casiaro, Zion Worship Center, Lake Mary FL

Thought provoking; heartfelt way to present the mystery of who really God is. Excellent shot of details. Excellent script. Very captivating from the beginning with humor, wisdom, knowledge, feelings, truth, forgiveness. (mystery of life). The story has a great impact on me as i reminds me of the power of healing; forgiveness and restoration of my relationship(and strengthening) with God, son Jesus and Holy spirit. The scene I love & touched me the most is the girl being happy in heaven as I have loved ones in heaven.

- V. Alicia Chan, Charisma Media, Lake Mary FL

It was a beautiful film. The film was able to lift a veil from both my heart as well as my eyes as it applies to God's tenderness and love. So different and refreshing from what our choices are at the theater.

- Joseph Cioffi, Foundation Academy, Lake Mary FL

The movie was great. It tells you that he is always with you no matter what you're going through.

- Brandy Combs, Greater Orl Baptist Assoc., Lake Mary FL

Inspiring, captivating, unique, motivational

- David Cruz, The Lighthouse Church, Lake Mary FL

Powerful, it definitely hit close to home and I wouldn't recommend not to wear make up. What impact me the most and I can relate was that God love all his children even those who hurt us.

- Jasmine Gonzalez, Charisma media, Lake Mary FL

I loved the film. I loved the explanation of God as a loving Papa caring about us in the of a fallen world. It was truly beautiful and moving. It was intense, heart breaking, and heart healing all at the same time. Thank you!

- Denae Haas, Charisma Media, Lake Mary FL

Overall I loved this movie for its realism on multiple levels. I enjoyed the illustration of the trinity and the explanation words like vivid, colorful, enlightening, entertaining, beautiful and awe inspiring. Well written, well acted, well shot if should and will be enjoyed by all ages.

- Brian Hamel, Friend of Charisma Media, Lake Mary FL

Such an awesome demonstration of our amazing loving Father, Yahweh. I am deeply touched and forever changed by the simple story-line of an ordinary day in the life of an ordinary family who faced tragedy and the forgiving transformation of our creator. Thank you so much!!!

- Sherrie Heath, Self Employed, Lake Mary FL

I think the movie was well put together. Unexpected scenes which kept you engaged. And the symbolic garden was a great touch. I quickly identified the message. It was great and it touch my heart. We are never alone. Gold is with us always.


Moving. There's always something new around the corner; the comer; the story keeps unfolding. It's beautiful to see how the 3 persons of the trinity interact and work together. The film focuses on the deep and significant themes of human suffering and God's goodness.

- Christine Johnson, Charisma Media, Lake Mary FL

Fantastic movie!! This is a must see 2,3,4 times. I was worried I'd be disappointed because the book usually is always better but I was not at all disappointed. I've heard Paul Young speak twice at Northland about the boo and this film is far closer than any of us thought it could be. Best scene-meeting with wisdom. Wept a lot because questions about good & evil where answered in a very real tangible way.

- Donna Kannon, Northland Church Bookstore, Lake Mary FL

The film stayed close to the story line in the book. You cannot help but feel deep emotions that are a catalyst for questions in your own soul about how you love and how you judge others. The symbolism of forgiveness may start a lot of open ended questions to which we continue to point other to Jesus.

- Greg Kannon, Free Methodist Church, Lake Mary FL

Wonderful and simple way to teach about God, life and forgiveness.

- Pedro Maldonado, Liberty Christian Center, Lake Mary FL

The film is a fantastic tool for people to see their own life now. To reflect without all the other circumstances, worries etc. clouding their minds. I think it shows how strong the lord is always with you. The film is very powerful for going right to peoples heart. Cuts through all of the fake thoughts or different beliefs in God.

- Michael Marcie, , Lake Mary FL

It was complete, truly amazing, the message clear and profound. It was not Christian I will accept Christ. I will definitely see it again. Love it and I wil recommend it.

- Astrid Marquez, Zion Worship Center, Lake Mary FL

It was excellent just like the book. It made all three members of the trinity come alive to me. I love how Jesus related to Mac. My favorite scene was in the cave when he realizes that the people who do unspeakable bad things are still God's children. even if they don' choose him, He loves them and desires to be with them and give his life for them.

- Debbie Marrie, Charisma Media, Lake Mary FL

I thought this film was very impactful, we all have had our own walks of life yet pain is something we all have to go through and this film answer that pain with truth about who God really is an I loved it.

- Michael Marrie, Charima Media, Lake Mary FL

The film was one of the most profound films about faith that I have ever seen. I love how this film broke down all 3 roles of God, Jesus, and the holy spirit. I especially love the masculine and feminine sides of God. I will definitely recommend to all friend.s

- Tiana Mitchell, Charisma Media, Lake Mary FL

I loved it! So many deep truth. This will affect my relationship with the Lord profoundly because o a deeper understanding of who he is in the world and my life. The visual effect of seeing the trinity of the love and fresh understanding of how I'm loved.

- Carol Morgan, Charisma Media, Lake Mary FL

Powerful depiction of the love of the trinity for each believer. A fresh "out of the box" and "Human" relationship available to those who do not put God in a Box. I assume this is the final cut; but the dialogue was hard to hear with the whispering (probably just me) Great reminder that God can be trusted-especially when we don't understand so we do not need to have all our questions answered. Just keep our eye on Jesus

- Monty Morgan, Chairmanedia, Lake Mary FL

This movie, like the book upon which it is based, reminded me of how tiny my perspective often is vs how infinitely vast are the purposes and ways of God. It inspires me to release my hurts and anger- to trust God and his perspective on the hurts and pains that have been a part of my life from an early age.

- Mike Neal, Emenent Lighting, Inc., Lake Mary FL

I can't wait to see this again. Seeing Papa, the son, and Spirit on the big screen doing everyday things makes them so real and approachable without diminishing God's greatness and holiness. The acting is believable. There are so many truths spoken without being peachy. It touches everyone's struggle with pain and God's goodness. I pray many nonbelievers and believers are deepened in their relationship with God.

- Tracy Pratt, Grace Journey Community Church, Lake Mary FL

This was a presentation of forgiveness. One of the best I have seen. Thank you! This message speaks to the hidden-closed off parts of your heart.

- Rosella Ridings, Charisma Media, Lake Mary FL

Too much emotion to express on this paper. I really think this movie will change my life. or save it.

- David Showers, AAA, Lake Mary FL

The movie really captured the book so well. There were parts that I don't remember being in the book but it didn't bother me. I wish. Sara would have had more movement like she did in the book. Really a profound movie. I loved how Papa said when she first saw Mac " I love you so much!" I hope God says that to me someday.

- Cara Showers, Charisma Media, Lake Mary FL

Beautiful portrayal of his love touched me profoundly. Excited to see impact for Christ love, love, love.

- Connie Smith-Mendez, Connie Smith-Mendez, Lake Mary FL

Moving, touching, relevant and realistic, but most importantly it was so impactful its heart changing. I will never be the same! Thank you! It is a must see!!


The love that God has for everyone of us has been portrayed in a way that even those who have never accepted it can experience it. He is especially fond of you! Papa's healing power is available for all.

- Tammy Weible, Grace Journey Community Church, Lake Mary FL

Stunningly beautiful, very well done. Personally, It was a reminder of how God brings healing to pain through relationship with him. He makes it possible to give. The Shack is a great gift to anyone who needs help letting go of pain.

- Mark Weible, Greater Orlando Baptist Association, Lake Mary FL

The movie is awesome!

- Kirk White, The Crew, Lake Mary FL

I am going to tell everyone!!!

- Tracey Arseneault, GO YE International Ministries, Inc., Los Angeles CA

The film was powerful, impactful and revealed the TRUE essence of the love of God who overpowers our pain. "Thank you" as well as this powerful healing balm of our souls.

- Darlene Baysa, Faithful Central Bible Church, Los Angeles CA

I read the book several years ago and it left a big impression on me. I always hoped that if a movie came out, it would capture the beautify, essences and spirit of the book. I was not disappointed! I felt the same love and awe for our character and his provisions!

- Patricia Caudle, New Christ Memorial Church, Los Angeles CA

I loved the book and it's always hard for the movie to live up to it, but I was moved by the film. It captured the heart of the book, the performances were wonderful and sit gave a true struggle with human pain. I felt it was visually beautiful and a great movie to talk about. The opening was confusing to me. But I will remember: "I'm especially lord of you!" Thank you Gil Wetter for stepping out and making this film!

- Karen Covell, Hollywood Prayer Network, Los Angeles CA

Incredible. I love how God is portrayed in such a warm and inviting way. The story felt with such major questions non Christians have when I talk to them about Jesus. Forgiveness, heartbreak, judgement, relationships: all things we need to be reminded truths of.

- Elizabeth Davis, ArtAround, Los Angeles CA

Very scripturally based. Very sound doctrinally great cinematography. Deep, yet light hearted points to how God loves and desires relationship and how the film showed relationship in the Godhead and the importance of relationship between people.

- Preston Davis, Faiothful Central Bible Church, Los Angeles CA

I loved the movie and how examples were used i.e - wen they were on the lake. How they let you know if you keep your eyes on Jesus and the pain and problems would not overwhelm you. All the beautiful things God created eh still loves you more.

- Lynn Davis, Faithful Central Bible Chruch, Los Angeles CA

I thought it was beautiful, excellent written story. Very believable. It taught how God loves us everywhere.

- Elaine Dickson, Faithful Central Bible Church, Los Angeles CA

The film demonstrated the love and forgiveness of the Trinity and how we are to trust God in spite of our challenges in lief. The film gave hope.

- Valerie Elston, Faithful Central Bible Church, Los Angeles CA

The film was very inspiring and hopeful, love the story telling, subtle in its delivery but profound in its messages.

- Will Elston, Faithful Central Bible Chruch, Los Angeles CA

I thought it was a beautiful depiction of explaining God in the 3 persons. It showed the greatness of His love. It also explained how we may get angry over and over but we should continue to forgive anyone. The colors in the Garden especially is something I will continue to picture i my mind.

- Alphonsine Esters, Faithful Central Bible Chruch, Los Angeles CA

The film was a great depiction of God's greatness, and how we should let God's love child us in life.

- Jerry Esters, Faithful Central Bible Church, Los Angeles CA

Heartwarming, moving, comforting, supportive, gracious, mercy, God, Holy Spirit, and jesus was, is, and will be. The movie overall was very enjoyable. It was slow at times, and some of the transitions caused you to fell in the gaps quickly us to not miss the next storyline. Overall, I enjoyed the film. Thank you. Water destroys and heals. Great movie to share with grieving individuals. The depiction of the Trinity: "individuals yet unity".

- Kim Evans, Faithful Central Bible Church, Los Angeles CA

I enjoyed the language which tied directly to the word; relevant; exemplary; an excellent demonstration of love in action; must see for ages 12 and above; Entertaining and entertaining great metaphors, similes, comparisons and contrasts.

- Geraldine Gamby-Turner, Faithful Central Bible Church, Los Angeles CA

This film was incredibly moving! I think it was a beautiful depiction of God's heart and character. It was amazing to see the creative portrayal of the Trinity and then different roles. I absolutely loved the redemption and healing desire of God!

- Veronica Garcia, Hollywood Prayer Network, Los Angeles CA

Compassion and forgiveness matters. God is bigger than any problem or the pain it may cause. Live everyday to the fullest, starting over every day. Be a blessing wherever you are, love matters. You matter. God is love.

- Lori Gay, , Los Angeles CA

Generally good content. Thought provoking. Good acting. Great scenery. Inspiring story. Both tragic and funny.

- Bob Gay, Faithful Central Bible Church, Los Angeles CA

Riveting, powerful, authentic, stunning and simply beautiful. The acting superb. And the storyline and direction drawn with rich - vibrant - intention intelligence and authenticity.

- Jenifer Hall, Cooke Pictures, Los Angeles CA

Divinely inspired to heal the core of a (our) broke, hurt, fragile spirit, God is everything if she/he is anything.

- Nia Henderson, , Los Angeles CA

Beautiful and realizing. It was deep and out of the box view of God. Insight and humane.

- Nikki Hevesy, A.C.T. Hollywood / Through the Glass Productions, Los Angeles CA

If we don't forgive we are really walking dead. This film made me forgive someone I thought I had given 20 years ago.

- Bettie Horne, Faithful Central Bible Church, Los Angeles CA

This film definitely spoke to me in the same way. I thought the Trinity was beautiful yet heartbreaking as well. The gospel was so well done in this film and the dialogue was spot on because I loved the way they quoted scripture.

- Emily Howell, HPN, Los Angeles CA

Deeply impactful. Great acting and beautiful cinematography. I pray that it will help those struggling with their relationship with God. Wonderful treatment of why bad things sometimes happen to innocent people.

- Sr Marie Hunt, Pauline Books & Media, Los Angeles CA

The film was inspiring and heartfelt. I enjoyed the message of God's love and the importance of healing, redemption and forgiveness. Awesomeness of the Trinity of God!

- Evelyn Jones, Faithful Central Bible Chruch, Los Angeles CA

I thought it was a film about healing and after reflecting all the messages of the words.

- Timothy Jones, , Los Angeles CA

I enjoyed the movie very much. Having lost a young child to a drunk driver I could relate to Shack and his attitude toward "Papa". The movie gave me a glimpse of God's love for me.

- Michael Ladisa, Office of Restorative Justice/Archdiocese of LA, Los Angeles CA

It was an extraordinary film that reminded me about God's Grace a forgiveness, not that were worthy - it's all about God. The plot line was intriguing. We hurt in every real ways but God's love for us is so powerful. Actors very believable.

- Janice Lauderdale, Faithful Central Bible Church, Los Angeles CA

Using subtle analogues, many spiritual truths about God and his ways.

- Dennis Lauderdale, Faithful Central Bible Chruch, Los Angeles CA

Believable, enlightening, true to scripture, I read the book so I don't know if I had not read the book if it would have been so easy to follow. I loved it. I think it will help a lot of people deal with paint concomitant feeling toward God.

- Noma LeMoine, Faithful Central Bible Chruch, Los Angeles CA

Moving. A wonderful expression of God's diversity to love, educate and care for His children! Deep and so compassionate and beautiful portrayal of this character in action. The film truly gives a arise of peace and sets the atmosphere for love and healing. Thank you.

- Janice Martin, Brothers and Sisters in Communication (BASIC), Los Angeles CA

Wonderfully told film. Love all the visuals used to demonstrate practical lessons we have from the bible. Perfect casting for characters and I loved the comedy and of course the silver linings though every tough moment. Really changed my mind on concepts of thought of. Thank you very much "BLESS YOU!!"

- Brandon McClain, Experience Christian Ministries, Los Angeles CA

Amazing movie!! Being a Christian, this movie described God the father, son and spirit better than ever! It also showed the importance of forgiveness and the steps to heal when your in Christ and how easy it is to let God in. Favorite part was the execution of his world and how Go is what you need him/her to be in your life.

- Jaime Mills, Experience Christian Ministries, Los Angeles CA

Excellent! The movie adaptation was almost as good as the book! Papa, (The Trinity), came alive in the way that all can relate.

- Crystal Mozell, Faithful Central Bible Church, Los Angeles CA

The dispelling of the stereotypical description of the Holy Trinity is outstanding.

- Anthony Newman, Faithful Central Bible Chruch, Los Angeles CA

A soul - saving movie/true vision into the word of God. A must see film. Excellent. It is a great example of how we stuck in our pain and the only way to heal is though God/Jesus/Holy Spirit. Great cinematography loves conquers all..Touching/moving.warms the heart/award wining.

- Pamela Newman, Faithful Central Bible Chruch, Los Angeles CA

I loved the movie. It had an amazing effect on me. I have not been to church in a while. I need to return Sunday. I love Papa and I know he loves me. The story reads like a preacher.

- Pat Rogers, Faithful Central Bible Chruch, Los Angeles CA

I appreciated the diversity and the artistic way they tried to keep theological intensity about the God - Head from a Christian perspective. I liked the way resolve the issues but maybe resolve, the father issues.

- Matumaini Taylor, Faithful Central Bible Chruch, Los Angeles CA

I could really identify with Mac.

- Craig Tschudi, Alpha USA, Los Angeles CA

I felt as though I had entered a therapy session I didn't ask for, but needed immensely. I literally felt the presence of God and forgot that I was watching a movie. Never experienced a movie like it/ It sucked me in until I head a breakthrough. I feel free in areas I thought I was already free. God is good!

- Daphne Vincent, Experience Christian Ministries, Los Angeles CA

Wow, heavy movie! Loved it and the actors. Only scene I would cut would be to 2nd walking on water fury scene, didn't fit was corny.

- Dan Wathen, Cooke Pictures, Los Angeles CA

It was good. I read the book 3 times and the film ran very close to the book. Most movies take liberty and do different things. I'm glad this one didn't. There was a slow spot when it came with wisdom but I understand the resuming - the build go to visitors missy. Mac should have "cried" for real. Good acting expect for those issues. Especially since they saved his "tears".

- Joyce Zenon-Peters, Faithful Central Bible Church, Los Angeles CA

I saw that God is so diverse in nature, in people, in personalities but they all make the world a great place. Forgiveness is vital for emotional as well as physical health.

- Vanessa Ali, Bethel Christian Center, McLean VA

Good message of how God is always with us. Great acting and production. Great illustration of God, the trinity. Great ability to explain God's love for creation, love and forgiveness. Good job answering why bad things happen in the world. Great expression of God's desire for relationship. Helpful instruction on how to forgive. Great casting, especially Octavia Spenser. Good evangelistic job.

- Shannon Anderson, Heritage Fellowship Church, McLean VA

The film will please and comfort most Christians. It offers an excellent exploration of what our relationship to God might be liek, in terms and through idas and images that modern day Americans can easily relate to. The inter racial coasting and casting Octavia Spencer a woman as papa was a delight. Well Done!

- Corbett Anderson, , McLean VA

I thought it was awesome. It gave me a better perspective on God and his/her position. I felt the emotion. The actors were awesome. Will take my family to see this movie.

- Theresa Ball, , McLean VA

Payed like a parable; conversion to belief in God was portrayed with clarity.

- Mary Bates-Washington, American Mothers, Inc., McLean VA

The shack is a beautiful film about the persistent love of God. It is an honest look at human tragedy and suffering and the unfailing presence of God in our lives. If you need a reminder that God is especially fond of you, come see this film.

- Tom Berlin, Floris UMC, McLean VA

The Shack movie was deeply moving! The story and its presentation of the trinity was beautiful. Each encounter Mac had with God demonstrated more and more God's desire to be in relationship with us. The power of forgiveness in the midst of tragic pain is so real and easy to relate to especially today. I'm definitely bringing my youth and young adults in March!

- Yalonda Blizzard, Mount Zion Baptist Church, McLean VA

Wow! An amazing way to tell the love of God for us. It goes beyond our own ideas and thoughts. We tend to limit who God really is. The way his truth was shown was so vivid. So many points, and scripture, and his own words. really enjoyed this. Thank you.

- James Boyce II, Trinity Assembly Lanham, McLean VA

The movie was very good and very impactful. It was a total tear jerker! I love its depiction of God's love. Its a characteristic of God that our world needs to hear. It answers so many questions about whose God is in really though and hard times. I can't wait to see how God uses this for HIs Gory!!

- Bryon Casey, Community Bible Church, McLean VA

Wow! The well written book was accurately portrayed, the emotions, feelings etc. It showed raw emotion and struggle with our true thoughts and feelings on forgiveness. God was portrayed beautifully in 3 persons with care, yet love the humor it showed. WELL DONE!

- Charity Casey, Community Bible Church, McLean VA

Helps see from Gods point of view!! Shows what time will and forgiveness! God is good all the time! Great tool to help those are hurt ad in pain.


What its like to experience God beyond religion. "Love". Deep w/o being preachy.

- Lakesha Coates, Mt Oluve Baptist Church, McLean VA

Outstanding.. closely captured the essence of the book. Can't wait to see it again, sharing with family & friends.

- Yolanda Compton, New Hope Church of God, Waldorf, MD, McLean VA

I thought the film was enjoyable over all. I really liked the main character and he girl who played Missy deserves an MVP. Although I grew up in the Baptist church but no longer consider myself a christian. I agreed with many or the core principles of the film. Also the scenes around the lake were absolutely beautiful. Thank you!

- Kaylene Conner, , McLean VA

Good Story. Definitely realistic from a non-family obduction perspective and spirtual perspective.

- Bailee Dover, National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, McLean VA

Great Story of the lengths God will go though to reach us all!

- LaTrecia Frieson, Generation Of Praise Christian Church, McLean VA

Stunningly powerful, full of truth and accurately depicts the gospel message. Fresh look at the Love of God & how he loves people through pain. Gorgeous clear picture and wonderful imagery.

- Leonard Frieson Jr., Generation of Praise Christian Church, McLean VA

"Our children deserve our love, even if it costs us everything." An excellent lesson for everyone in this world, whether literal or figurative.

- Mark Gianturco, Natl Center for Missing and Exploited Children, McLean VA

A wonderful moving account of God's love and forgiveness in a world that is too often painful and unforgiving. The movie captures the sense of the book excellently.

- Alice Greene, Shiloh Baptist Church, McLean VA

I enjoyed the film. Its difficult to understand or relate to the trinity, the way God is portrayed in the movie is beautiful!

- Akeia Haddox-Rossiter, Capital Christian Fellowship, McLean VA

I thought the film did an excellent job at addressing difficult issues and theological perspectives. I thought the acting was well done- and could easily be made "cheesy" having read the book I thought the creative license that was tarun was appropriate. I would recommend this film to see and trust.

- Barry Hill, Bright Salt Media Labs, McLean VA

A wonderful reminder that God is with us always, through joy and pain. Evil is in the world, but God is there for us always and forever.

- Sheila Hopkins, National Council for Catholic Women (NCCW), McLean VA

It was as powerful as the book. I liked the ending better. It is a wonderful out the box understanding of the three person of God. The Shack confronts our misperceptions of God, His heart, and our too easy ability to judge God, others, and ourselves.

- Dr. Deborah Jenks, Walking in His Ways, McLean VA

It's incredible that the lord's prayer, tells us about the spiritual law of forgiveness. The book and now the movie I believe will, bring this forever.

- Kenneth Johnson, Seed to the Sower, McLean VA

A surprising accurate portrayal of the book. The actors fit the description in the book. A very moving story that will touch lives for generations. It will be a discussion starter.

- Bruce Jones, La Plata United Methodist Church, McLean VA

I think the overarching theme of this film is love-- a message the world need to hear! But personally, forgiveness, "is or was the piece of this film that hit home as an adult man who, like many struggle with forgiving my father. This helps to start the process of forgiving.

- Adrian Jones, Grace Covenant DC, McLean VA

The Shack was amazing! It touched on the wounds of everyone's soul. It was such an incredibly written and directed film. The actors were perfectly cast. I loved every single minute! I was reminded how important doing we together with God is and how much he loves me. A definite must see!!

- Christy Jones, Simply Sisterhood TV, McLean VA

The book radically altered the way I pray and relate to God. The film is very true to the book. Bring our heart, and tissues. Extraordinary! Profound reminder of the countless ways God presents himself to us, and of the craving he has to be in relationships with us. Whether this is the first time you've hard the message, or the 50th it is important, vital, life changing.

- Butch Kinerney, Pender United Methodist Church, McLean VA

The story line was very relevant, passionate and spirit filled. He message how to deal with grief and pain was very moving. My take away was how God uses all life experience to grow in our love for him. and those around us. The power of forgiveness.

- Pamela King, NCMEC, McLean VA

Excellent!! Thank you for making this, and putting for the budget and prayer. It is evident you captured the essence of Papa's heart for us, and how to reflect his heart back.

- Jeffrey Kinnick, Word Of Grace Christian Church, McLean VA

good metaphors. Good connection on relationship of us and God. Good look and judgement of others and our self. Nice ties to the trinity and forgiveness.

- Lynn Lambert, Community Bible Church, McLean VA

I thought the film was very spiritual- it wasn't very "missing child" focused- more about the aftermath and what families go through. I felt for the whole family and cried for about an hour straight. Very well done! Makes me want to forgive.

- Stacy LaRosa, National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, McLean VA

An excellent film which brings us to a closer understanding of who DAD is and who he ants us to be. I''ll definitely will bring the congregation.

- James Lavender, Word of Grace Christian Church, McLean VA

Overwhelmingly brilliant work! LIfe-Changing, convicting. I will not leave the same. I tried to give my invitation away (my meeting was cancelled, my guests cancelled and no one was available to accept invite- it was meant for me to be here! I thank God for this oppt.

- Coyan Lewis, Oak Grove Baptist Church - Baptist General Convention Area D, McLean VA

Profoundly meaningful. Deals with issues of loss and forgiveness in a profoundly meaningful way. This film significantly impact the way a person views God.

- Chris Mendez, Knollwood Community Church, McLean VA

Its was very true to the book which was excellent. Papa was amazing. It gave an excellent analysis of the difficulty of fergneres and the relief that comes from accepting love.

- Barbara Miner, Floris UMC, McLean VA

Interesting excellent performances by Octavia Spencer and Sam Worthington, clear and straight forward message.

- Christina Moyer, Emmanuel Lutheran Church, McLean VA

Awesome, This movie was like watching my life on screen. I lost my wife a few years ago and I am in the same process as Mac. God has since spoken to my heart and has healed me. God is Good-Highly Recommended!

- Aaron Payne, Victory Community Church, McLean VA

Powerful, emotional, inspirational, uplifting. Even more inspiring than the book. Captivating! Provided powerful spiritual insight into the true love of God.

- Kim Peaks, Holy Comforter-St. Cyprian Catholic Church, McLean VA

Incredible, Moving, extraordinarily touching! The Shack was a powerful reminder of the difference God makes in a life. With just enough light hearted humor to alleviate the extremely difficult topics of healing and forgiveness. The Shack offers the true hope of Christ.

- Shannon Peterson, Community Bible Church, McLean VA

This was the most touching and believable message about faith that I've seen in a while. God was personalized and diverse. This movie fearlessly question what most people question where God is concerned. Touching, heart warming, honest and so real.

- Vanetta Rather, My Sister My Seed, McLean VA

Powerful, impact, its really not about religion-its about getting to know, trust and love God-whenever one finds themselves in their spiritual journey. We get so caught up, we forget to just spend time with God.

- Mildred Reyes, St. Paul's Rock Creek Episcopal Parish, McLean VA

Very powerful movie, it makes a believer out of anyone! Most powerful scene is when Mac had an exchange with his father-true forgiveness.

- David Reyes, , McLean VA

I thought it was a very touching story about forgiveness, true pain and finding a path toward self love. The spiritual analogy was very well done and offered a kind way to help understand the trinity.

- Marita Rodriquez, National Center Missing & Exploited Children, McLean VA

Great!!!! There is a lot of dialogue. I read the book , so I appreciated ALL of it. I just hope the average movie goer can hang long enough for the significant message this film conveys.

- Kawika Sever, Woodbridge Nazarene Church, McLean VA

Such a deep ad meaningful movie, inspiring real soul searching. Relevant to anyone hurt, questioning, and in need of hope. Very true to the book. I love that it addressed all the hard questions. You could actually feel Mack's peace at the end. It modeled a journey we all have to walk. Loved it!!!!

- Valerie Sever, Woodbridge Nazarene Church, McLean VA

Well done! Cast personalitites and talent did well in capturing the charactures. I belive it helps us in our human limitations to view God out of your "Box" . Man seems to put him in. I can see indivduals being released of guilt and pain because of this move. Loved it.

- Linda Sly, Immanuel's Church, McLean VA

Deeply powerful. Nice theological content. Beautiful images, imagery offers hope for the broken and broken hearted.

- Michael Theisen, National Council for Catholic Youth Ministry, McLean VA

Beautifully done. Just like I pictured. I will be thinking about this for a week ahead. So easy to show God as Father/Son/Spirit and being who we need God to be

- Kathleen Uffelman, Emmanuel Lutheran, McLean VA

An imaginative, thought provoking film. Extremely well Done.

- Ronald VanGorder, , McLean VA

Excellent interpretation of all three persons. Love the realness of the character of movie. Great film for people to experience the inter relatedness of the person of the trinity.

- Tim Ward, Floris UMC, McLean VA

Very deep & right on with the book. A beautiful movie,thought provoking.

- Kelly Yazdani, Life Church, McLean VA

Moving, a fresh perspective on the way God truly sees His children. Amazing to see the book come to life. The quality was for above the average "faith based" film, made today.

- Samuel Hancock, Worship Pastor, Nashville TN

Beautiful. Inspiring. Sad. Emotional. touching. True to the book. Good acting. Funny on some parts. Love the redemption - really beautiful to see. Overall really liked it.

- Emily Hancock, , Nashville TN

Really moving and beautiful adaption of the book. Best of all, it stands on it's own, even if you didn't read the book. The film, does a great job of putting the viewer in Mac's shoes so that you experience the journey with him. Thank you.

- Betsy Miller, Story Brand, Nashville TN

Even more impactful than I expected. Great exposure of how we judge God - most people didn't even realize how we do this.

- Sherrie Moore, Church of the Redeemer, Nashville TN

"That what love does" Reconciliation the God head imagery was awesome - diversity. This movie The Shack nail it for me - "Gospel" The good new- The journey it takes us through - I love it! There more which could be said.

- Anthony Pickett, First Missionary Baptist Church, Nashville TN

Beautiful, deep, incredibly insightful. the best picture of God I have ever seen. Aesthetically and inartistically gorgeous.

- Luke Rodgers, CBS Sports, Nashville TN

"The Lord will move many people through pain and this film. What an honor to know this story of hope and redemption."

- Airelle Snyder, , Nashville TN

The Shack lovingly and beautifully paints to all four stories of when letting go stops our abilities to be who we were created to be...

- Kevin Sparkman, CCM Magazine, Nashville TN

Hope, forgiveness, love

- Michael Turner, jBo, Nashville TN

Incredible: Makes me want to read the book again!

- Linda Yoder, , Nashville TN

Truly great film. Love it so much!

- Wes Yoder, Ambassador Agency, Nashville TN

Joy, love, happy, peace, sadness, but mostly happy & love! Not only is this movie great for someone who went through a tragedy, but this helps with anyone going through any type of sadness. This movie gave me so much joy in remembering now. Great God is. I loved the book and now the movie as well. This is a movie that change lives. To understand God in this very poignant direct way.

- Nytia Baker, Macy's Inc, New York NY

Heavy and light, difficult and easy to watch. The great ironies that surround truth are alive in this film. Thank you for going a face to the theology I know in my heart.

- Daniel Baltzer, Baltzer Glass, New York NY

I felt the movie really made clear a lot of what people find confusing about Christianity. It is a super intense film for a secular audience. I really wonder how it will be received. I image it will change many hearts and clarity as many minds.

- Liz Beard, , New York NY

Loved it.

- Mark Berner, Woodbridge Educational Ventures, Inc, New York NY

Very good but a lot all at once. Film could be shorter and have the some impact, but message of twisting in God was strong.

- Amanda Bucceri, Lincoln Square Productions, New York NY

Gorgeous film, gorgeous message. In fact, there was a message in it for everyone!

- Dr. Gilda Carle, MasterMedia, New York NY

Powerful, Relateable, Can be used as a powerful tool for those that doubt God. Feel betrayed or have loss and pain. Movie uses both scripture and creative liberties to reach a person with this pain. Some of the sample lines from the "son" that are direct reminders of God love and devotion.

- Tina Cervasio, , New York NY

Very beautiful film, sometimes hard to underrated dialogue.

- Michael Chislett, Hillsong, New York NY

I enjoyed it. It made me think of people that have passed away in my life. I was slightly confused who Octavia was when he was a child(pie scene) and why he didn't recognize her later. I loved the Garoen scene with "spirit" and Jesus was casted so well. He the actor was comforting that's how I hope/feel Jesus is.

- Andrea Clark, Simple Grace, New York NY

Lots of contrast between brightness and darkness. Moved to tears in many moments. I wished in the "spirit" scenes that there were more "spirits" more colors in the filed.

- Meegan Closner, The Band Joseph, New York NY

It was incredible. Moving. Every single emotion was hit. Thank you.

- Allison Closner, The Band Joseph, New York NY

Touching. The movie was beautiful in every way. It stayed true to the book. the characters were believable. Thoroughly enjoyed it!

- Lisa Closner, friend of Paul Young, New York NY

Beautiful film. Captures Gods heart for humanity

- Rafael Dasilva, Hillsong, New York NY

It was incredible. I laughed, I cried and i learned about my own God.

- Jeanette Eng, Jeanette Inc, New York NY

This film uncovers the heart of pain and grapples with trusting God in a world that is groped by evil- or feels so, sometimes.

- Alexandra Fadler, IBM, New York NY

The film was PHENOMENAL, and a must -see with a universal message that could apply to anyone at any age.

- Tranae Farmer Boston, , New York NY

Great Story, incredible performances from actors. Very moving, make you realize and believe in the power of forgiveness.

- Paul Italia, , New York NY

I never read the Shack, but I love this film. As a Christian I admire the way the film was Christian concepts to show universal truths.

- Lawrence Jordan, Morning Star Books, New York NY

Excellent casting and surprising amount of humor that helped with the heaviness of other aspects of the film.

- Jennifer Kowalski, Hachette Book Group, New York NY

Emotional, visually moving journey. Walks the line between being a movie of faith and a movie of life. It wass resolute with these who already have faith ( in anything).

- Sujin Lim, Google, New York NY

Fantastic interpretation of the book. Could have gone either way but it was visually, emotionally and spiritually stimulating. Congrats! It makes ya think and fee.

- Stephanie Logan Segel, The Human Connection Project, New York NY

Absolutely incredible. Deeply moving. The artistry is phenomenol, the message piercing. This is the kind of experience that stays with you.

- Adrienne Lotson, Hachette, New York NY


- Laura Lovell-Scercy, GO YE International Ministries, Inc., New York NY

A true and authentic portrayal of a life altering book. An insightful look into the purposeful heat of God.

- Scott Lurlington, The Paradygm Group, New York NY

Awesome Movie Loved it.

- Rodrigo Mateo, , New York NY

Thought - provoking, scene by scene with action and words of translated current ideas - truth for today and for tomorrow.

- Russ McCullum, Hephzibah House, New York NY

The film was great interpretation of the novel.

- Tatiana Nicoli, Boulevard Books, New York NY

The book truly changed my life. It was very much a visual of the book and Hoping the Church emphases the movie.

- Leanora Ortiz, , New York NY

Pain, Love, Caring, Forgiveness, Equality

- W. Jonathan Palmer Jr., Merrill Lynch, New York NY

A profound and moving piece for believes and non believers.

- Nigel Pearce, Grace Church, New York NY

Riveting! Absolutely Awesome!

- Joseph Pellegrino, Legacy Minded Men, New York NY

Touching, inspiring, eyeopening, heart warming

- Kylie Raber, , New York NY

I loved the film. it is a powerful movie that will help people from all walks of life better understand God's relationship with them and the world.

- Gretchen Richter, NCF New York, New York NY

I think the film demonstrates unspiritual, cultural vision of image of God. The belief of God being a woman was encouraging and beautiful.

- Cheryl Riley, Changing Inner Learning, New York NY

Creative visualization of God's personality. Frees the reality and pain of loss not sure movie answers this as clearly as the book.

- Chris Roper, The New York City Leadership Center, New York NY

I think this movie is a love letter to the kingdom of God and a much needed ministry tool for anyone, regardless of whether one has suffered extreme pain or loss.

- Tiffany Salaberrios, Concerts of Prayer / Infinity Bible Church, New York NY

I liked the setting. And how it showed God.

- Joey Silva, Passaic County Technical Institute, New York NY

The story was very inspirational and exhibited very well how even through great tragedies can result in good and change someones way of living their life for God and how through these tragic events God never leaves even when we only see the pain and suffering.

- Ashley Silva, , New York NY

This movie reveals a lot of the thoughts/questions about the Trinity, about the question of the "why God allows things". Truth being that there is a fallen world and evil, but in the midst God is working all along besides us longing for a relationship for us to trust Him in everything,e even the must unimaginable circumstances. We will see the good and his glory. Loves changed for Jesus.

- Marianne Silva, Michael Franzese Ministries, New York NY

I was truly touched! It reminded me that the father, son and holy spirit are with me always no matter the circumstances in life. I was also reminded that God is always working through all matters. He is in control!

- Joe Silva, Michael Franzese Ministries / Legacy Minded Men, New York NY

A massive therapy session. Healing. Bring lots of Kleenex. I need to go home and spend time with Jesus because something happened internally I can't articulate.

- Kelly Singleton, Elevate New York, New York NY

I thought the movie definitely makes you think of your own losses in your life and makes you think of your own connection with God. The pain you go through when you go through something traumatic comes in mind when watching the film.

- Megan Smith, AOL, New York NY

Powerful and deep and refreshing. This is absolutely amazing that a movie that is so incredibly spiritual ad overtly about God will be shown to millions in America. It warms my heart. I read the book right after my father died so it really means a lot to me. I thought the movie was just a good if not better! Thank you so very much for taking a risk and making this film

- Bonnie Smith, NCF/NY, New York NY

This movie opens the door for people to start down the path understanding the destructive power of guilt and anger and the healing power of forgiveness.

- John Stanley Jr., NCF, New York NY

Over society is hungry for this film.

- Rich Swingle, Westchester Chapel Church of the Nazarene, New York NY

I never read the book. I found the movie personal and moving. I really appreciated the movie, the images and positive, redeeming, hopeful message it portrays. It deals with the great questions of life in a way that I pray will touch many lives around the country and would.

- Bill Tetreanlt, Alliance For Family Leadership , New York NY

Beautiful! Loved the imagery of the Trinity. Loved the whole film and the way in made me think about fogginess. Even in my own life.

- Dylan Thomas, Hillsong, New York NY

Wonderful story of loss, redemption and spiritual triumph!

- Jasmine Thomas, Citi, New York NY

The Shack isn't just a spiritual film. Its an experience that inspired you to tap into your emotions. It's moving!

- Kiara Tolliver, Sheen Magazine, New York NY

This film asks you to dig deeper into your faith and re evaluate your entire view of God, forgiveness, anger, grace and love. If you think or don't think you believe challenge yourself to see it. It will blow you away.

- Wendy Ward, The Youth Mental Health Project, New York NY

It was extremely personal for me. I've been Mack and I am Mack still healing everyday.

- Meta Washington, Sirius XM, New York NY

Revealing the revelation of love. Release from deep pain. Unexpected gift of forgiveness.

- Bruce Wilkinson, CMMB, New York NY

What a movie! A reminder to experience the Lord with childlike wonder and trust.

- Rasheeda Winfield, RasheedaTV.com, New York NY

I thought The Shack provided a unique perspective on the things that we feel are beyond our understanding about God's love for us and His ways. It asked hard questions that we ask in our everyday lives, and it provided answers.

- Elizabeth Lenox, CRU, Orlando FL

I thought the film cast well from the book and really brought the book to life. Christians will love this. Not sure how non-Christians will reflect. The only part I missed from the book was where Papa told Mack that she was with Missy through her whole ordeal.

- Debra Alexander, CRU, Orlando FL

Breathtakingly beautiful. Real, honest look at what it means to trust God in the midst of raw pain. A story of healing and forgiveness. Unflinching.

- Susan Allendorf, , Orlando FL

Powerful healing story over past pain. Very true to the book. it's like climbing to a place of spiritual restoration. Moved to tears many times. meaningful message of forgiveness. opens up a new conversation about faith (not religion).

- dwight bain, The LifeWorks Group, Orlando FL

It was very moving as was the book. Once again I loved how the story made one look at who God is. HIs nature exposed as a reminder that is other. Forgotten in the distractions of the world and life. Well done!

- Stephen Benjamin, New Frontier Community Church, Orlando FL

A true showing of the fear, pain, anger, love, compassion, and forgiveness. An altogether amazing movie that was perticularly fond of.

- Ray Brewer , Muree Group, Orlando FL

very moving. Brought up so many emotions. As a man I related to the father who blamed himself for things that go wrong in the family.

- Brian Buckley, Insurance Office of America, Orlando FL

A very raw, authentic, profound movie that has personally helped me with my relationship with God tonight. A lot of doubt recently in my spiritual walk can make you doubt God's love for me. This movie showed unconditional love that God has for me. (Being a chef I loved seeing God in the kitchen!)

- Lorrie Ann Buckley, , Orlando FL

This film is an "eye opener"; we are all too quick to judge God and others for their faults...of course without wanting others to see our own. Great movie.

- Arlyn Castro, Sanandro La Tierra Intl, Orlando FL

"Outstanding, this is a must see for all" "Awesome will help many heal for many worlds" "It answers man questions people have"

- Alex F Castro, Sanandro La Tierra Intl, Orlando FL

Great! Good symbolism. Easy to understand the concepts. Acting was great. Character development was solid. I think this movie will impact a lot of people.

- Sarah Chapman, Bible Study, Orlando FL

I very much enjoyed the film. i think people's view of God is a lot like Mac's at the beginning and this brings that to life. In the end we see God how He truly is - loving, forgiving, and full of grace. I visit a girl's home in Honduras for girls rescued from sex trafficking who would benefit; you should voice over in Spanish!

- Michelle Closson, OCPS, Orlando FL

Loved it. Heart warming. Loved how the Trinity was portrayed.

- Nancy Cole, Crossway, Orlando FL

Amazing, remarkable, spoke volumes to my heart as a Christian. Brought light to a lot of areas of my life and perception of who God truly is. March is too long to wait to watch again!

- Sandy Cortes, Church in the Son, Orlando FL

Great film very touching. I will see it again.

- Luis Cortes, CITS, Orlando FL

Powerful. Emotional. Accessible to me (and so many others) and what I'm going through. Touching. Funny and heart warming. Moving. Unflinching. Reminder of what my relationship with the trinity can and should be like. Beautiful conversation starter.

- Lisa Daly, cru, Orlando FL

Incredible representation of Father's love for us. Breaks through so many stereotypes of who we think God is, but really isn't. His love is so amazing. Picture is worth 1000 words.

- Jonathan Davis, Family Christian Stores, Orlando FL

Very good experience and change life and attitudes, decision in my life to be different to love forgive, thank you for all to sharing. Love and God bless.

- Miguel de Oliveria, Caluario City Church, Orlando FL

Profound, well done, inspiring, potential to inspire healing & transformation, to touch hearts in a real way, to help others see God for who He really is, to understand pain and suffering a little bit more. _x000D_ Perfectly casted - actors did incredible work, beautifully shot.

- Debbie DeCola, CRU, Orlando FL

I thought it was powerful the way the film confronted "God" with the questions many people have about pain and suffering, and the opportunity it gave "God" to answer them in a way that might be easy for most to understand. The love felt throughout the film was warm and touching, especially Jesus!

- Jon Domeij, Creative Communication Strategies, Orlando FL

It was beautiful. Wow! I need time to let it all sink in. I love the diversity in the cast. So much truth and peace. I want to see it again at home.

- Cody Duncan, Discovery Church, Orlando FL

Very moving story of love and forgiveness. It is timeless and timely. Very relatable tragedy that will touch your heart and stir your spirit.

- Angie Dyer, Cru, Orlando FL

It is a beautiful film. While it is obviously a Christian-based story, anyone who has gone through tremendous grief and loss can relate and will be captivated by this, even if they are not "religious." I especially like the straight-forward questions that are asked in the film and how they are addressed.

- Tommy Dyer, Cru, Orlando FL

This movie gave a very profound look at our lives, living and trusting God. God comes in a shapes, colors and sizes! God is good, just trust and believe in him.

- Ina Emanuel, Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church, Orlando FL

I love it. This movie makes me so happy to have my own personal relationship with God. I know that I need to continue to trust in God. This is a movie I will see over and over. It taught me how to depend, lean, trust and believe in God.

- Akita D Emanuel, Shilon MB Church, Orlando FL

Totally blew me away. Awe inspiring. I look at everything differently after The Shack. I loved it. Loved the book, totally enjoyed the movie.

- Richard Falzone, CRU, Orlando FL

very powerful. This film shows what the triune God might look like. It pieces the soul of what we may honestly think of God and how erroneous that can be. I wonder how a non-Christian many perceive all of this. Will it be forgiven, will it strike a chord?

- MaryJo Felsted, Cru, Orlando FL

The film will be a big hit with small groups, bible studies, and bible classes. It is safe to ask lots of questions and vibrant discussions. It is also search and interaction of one's journey - so this would be therapeutic for many.

- Mike Fernandez, Northland & Paul's friend, Orlando FL

Incredible beauty and acting. The message of love, judgmental, release is so perfect and understandable. EXCELLENT. Only tough one for me was lack of pain shown by mother of child.

- Pam Findley, KRS Media Group / Cru, Orlando FL

Loved it! Well acted, loved the story, beautifully shot. Great message.

- William Findley, KRS Media Group, LLC, Orlando FL

I especially loved how the Holy Spirit displayed Mac's life as a wild, untamed garden - beautiful yet wild. Then Mac in unit with the Spirit took us to a portion of of the garden and made a cleaning and a hole which together with the Trinity God would take.

- Thomas Fisher, Reflections Church, Orlando FL

This if a great story about the power of forgiveness and what it can do in our lives when we let go of our anger. The book was good -the movie is great!

- Mary Anne Fisher, Reflections Church, Orlando FL

Awesome. A movie is never better than a book. This was! Tender. Actors spot on.

- Robbie Fitts, Cru International, Orlando FL

The book changed the way I view God and the way I pray. I think this movie will do the same for many people. Excellent work.

- Autumn Fruchtman, Guest of cru employee, Orlando FL

The film was impacting walking through Mac's journey of healing in the film brought memories of some of the my own journey in life. Seeing the work of God the Father, Gd the Son, and God the Holy Spirit as they worked harmoniously throughout the journey helps to bring understanding of God's work in our lives, even when we don't see or feel it. I hope this film impacts many lives, sit has mine.

- Kelly Garriga, Iglesia Vida Abundante, Orlando FL

I really enjoyed the movie overall. Still trying to understand the concept of why having a female representing God and the Holy Spirit; but to me personally wasn't a big deal. loved the way they used symbolic things to represent a moment.

- Kevin Gonzalez, Calvario City Church , Orlando FL

The Shack is a warm, thought provoking film that elegantly deals with the tough question and why bad things happen to good people. I loved the vision and the quality story - feeling.

- ROBERT HINES, Seventh-day Adventist Church, Orlando FL

Astonishing portrayal of God's unconditional love and grace.

- Jim Hoge, Z88.3 Radio, Orlando FL

Just as descriptive as the book, amazing depiction of God's love for all us. Eye opening tear jerkingly powerful. It brings such awareness of the minds issues and it answers and approaches every single question with coverage, convection, strength and love. Everyone can find themselves in this story.

- Sasha Holmes, Faith Live, Orlando FL

Excellent! Unlike anything I've experienced before! So many emotions experience throughout the movie. I felt such a connection with each portrait of God. Definitely will recommend it to everyone I know. Definite MUST SEE!!

- Chad Holmes, Faith Life International Church, Orlando FL

I loved the moving perspective and well-dipicted character of God. The creative freedom captured my heart and serves and drew me in to the story allowing me to see myself in Mac.

- Merrie Karimov, Discovery Church, Orlando FL

Deeply moving. The subtle references that cut to each of us and our judgmental attitudes was more than impactful, it was liberating. Seeing and hearing the sincere voice(s) of Father, Son and Holy Spirit speaking in common language, the love of Scripture was energizing - and comforting. Beautiful.

- Donald Keene, Keene Ideas Creative, Orlando FL

Didn't know what to expect the first 20 mins of the film (whether or not it was realistic or fantasy) but it slowly got there. Very powerful and thought provoking for ALL audiences, believers, and non believers. Loved it.

- Kylah Kerry, Cru, Orlando FL

Loved it - loved to see Mac honestly wrestling with God and gradually coming to grips with the truth. All was beautifully portrayed. Loved the garden scenes; and the cave scene. Two thumbs up! and the starry scenes, and the nations of people with Mac's dad.

- Donna Knopf, CRU, Orlando FL

Painful, heart-warming, healing, great conversation-starter. Each actor is a great job, really enjoyable over all. Made papa, son and spirit come alive! Asked and answered great questions about God. it's about relationship and love. A paradigm-shifter! Powerful!

- Tim Knopf, Cru (formerly Campus Crusade for Christ), Orlando FL

Amazing story told in a very powerful way. So many levels of emotion went through me durning the story. At one point, my own relationship with my Dad was playing out before me. Thank you.

- Jeff Kosik, New Beginnings , Orlando FL

I loved the book and this film did not disappoint. The acting was spot on as well as the cast expertly executed. The scenes were beautiful and attention to detail was obvious and authentic. Loved the father (dad) and missy. As well as the trinity personalities/actors, again spot on!

- Suzanne Kosik, New Beginnings of Central Florida, Orlando FL

I really loved how God was both African American woman and an American Indian man - it helped show how God can be exactly what we need when we need Him. How He can relate to all people of all nations. Really, God's love just became more real, and it showed me how much more I could let God love me and actually live from that love.

- Lauren Kreischer, Cru, Orlando FL

Encouraging message of hope and forgiveness and promise of heaven. It made the bible come to life.

- Duane Kuck, Regal, Orlando FL

Powerful message of love, forgiveness and redemption. Practical depiction of God's love story for us.

- cindy kuck, church, Orlando FL

Film portrayed characters very close to context of Young's book. _x000D_ All 3 persons of God were alive and believable. This film would be an excellent tool as we process life's pain. Very moving experience of God's presence.

- Charlene Laird , CRU, Orlando FL

Portrays God's plan for redemption and forgiveness in a refreshing way. It is hard to watch beaches you put yourself in Mack's shoes. Very well done. The interaction between Mack and the trinity was very intriguing.

- Lori Lloyd, CRU, Orlando FL

The film reminded me of my hard journey of forgiving my husband for ending his life through suicide. It also gives me hope for others to find in way to do the same as they hear Papa's gentle leading. I'm so grateful! I pray it will help my son - who has walked away from the Lord because of his father's wounds and through his death - to come back to Papa. Please pray with me. He was with me tonight.

- Susan Londres, CRU, Orlando FL

An amazing adaptation of the book. It has a unique ability to touch on something important to every one. I am not a Christian, but I still love every aspect of this film.

- Zachary Londres, CRU, Orlando FL

Profound, great movie, I will recommend.

- Sandra Martinez, Calvario City Church , Orlando FL

Forgivness!!! I could see how this movie could really help people, it help me! May God bless everyone who made the movie. I pray that this movie goes to every broken heart who has past though such an experience.

- Juan C Martinez, Orlando Baptist Church, Orlando FL

Wow. I am speechless. What a profound story with surprises wrapped in truth. Captivating and intimately speaking the reality of the journey of our lives and the papa who came to restore and redeem our pain and our lives.

- Vicky Mathews, , Orlando FL

8 years ago, as I was going through my own "great sadness" I was given this, "The Shack" to read. I ave now read it 4+ times, and each time, I read it, I gained more insight in God's love, and relationship with him. Now, I am as emotionally gripped and amazed by this movie and the truths that jumped out of the screen, on God's love and compassion! Well done! Wow!

- Bill Matthews, Life Steward Ministries, Orlando FL

Extremely emotional, but well done. Jesus on water was predictable, but the height of the movie made these brief moments of predictability nice. Wish there was more of a gospel representation/ trust Jesus, forgive sin, eternal life.

- Angel McCurdy, Cru, Orlando FL

Outstanding, storytelling. Healing, funny, beautiful description of a loving father.

- Jim McMahel, Evoke Ministries, Orlando FL

The film was awesome! It was slow but had a lot of great points about God and his love for us. There were several moments I felt God's love by the mere words that were spoken by Papa. I like the fact it dealt with real issues that people are facing in life.

- Taja McRae, The Experience Christian Ministry, Orlando FL

A family movie, for sure. Relevant issues touch in the movie. A little bit Hollywood in some themes, taught well represent and full of symbols, you just need to pay attention to it. Just the kind of movie we need in this moments, How to deal with anger, forgivness, etc. We need more movies, like that!!! Good job.

- Juan Motta, Living Word Church, Orlando FL

In light of all the confusion in the world right now, The Shack paints a clear picture of God's role. It can be discouraging to see so much evil int eh world, but this movie helps to reveal how much we have to hope for.

- Kelsey Murray, First Baptist Orlando small group, Orlando FL

Profound yet simple, in the best ways. Powerful. The film is fearless in asking us the "big" questions of life. Would happily invite anyone to see it. A great conversation starter! Intensely thought provoking. This is powerful parable that can't be missed.

- Nathan Nazario, Motion Picture Pro Studios, Orlando FL

Words can't describe. Powerful film.

- Duane Neumeyer, South Daytona Christian, Orlando FL

Thought provoking and powerful! Takes God right out of the box we put him in! Explains God's big love in a beautiful and dramatic way!

- Karen Neumeyer, South Daytona Christian Church, Orlando FL

Great movie, my thoughts all the film story God so need.

- Laura Olivo, Calvario City Church , Orlando FL

The film following the themes and the theology of the book. The emotions and acting was outstanding. Thank you for bringing the visual story of The Shack to the big screen! Well done and bringing connects into the movie.

- John Paccione, Life Church Orlando, Orlando FL

Great clear story and script. Great acting at telling the story.

- Paul Paccione, Life Church International, Orlando FL

I enjoyed the movie. It was very relatable and touching. The characters/actors were very well and making the book come to life. It was great to see the character of God displayed different from the norm.

- Leslene Pender, The Experience Christian Center, Orlando FL

It was a great movie. Forgiveness is a load lifted of your shoulder. Gives a call to talk and listen to your feeling to heal your inner battles.

- Raul Perez, Calvario City Church , Orlando FL

Fantastic, inspiring, transformational, therapeutic, very moving. The best Christian movie I ever saw.

- Silas Pinto, Downtown Baptist Church, Orlando FL

Great introduction that led into a great movie. Movie met my expectations of what the book was about and will not only enrich the heart of the believer but will touch the heart of the unbeliever. God speaks though the movie. God appearing as a woman was what Mac needed because his love relationship was always stronger with woman. IE mother, wife. No fatherly love because of hurt and pain of fatherly image.

- Michael Rainwater, Campus Crusade, Orlando FL

Amazing!!! What an inspirational for our personal life and the lives who will watch this captivating movie. It has brought deep feelings that have been inside of me for years. Thank-you for this movie. It will help me forgive myself and love more.

- Kathy Rainwater, CRU, Orlando FL

The movie was extremely powerful! A message that will bring healing to many who need it!

- Lilivette Ramos, Calvario City Church , Orlando FL

Wonderful experience! Move to God with me because the life was really situation that can make me no get what Dad for me.

- Nilsa ramos, Calvario City Church , Orlando FL

Great movie, message and God.

- Lillian B Ramos, Calvario City Church , Orlando FL

Great movie and message.

- Luis Ramos, Calvario City Church , Orlando FL

Powerful. In a time and in a world where pain and tragedy is prominent daily, this film perfectly describes what we need...God. It's a moving depiction of what we as humans falsely judge and feel sometimes and how even through the pain, we are never alone.

- Casey Redish, Cru, Orlando FL

The story of The Shack strikes at the least our own deepest questions and our deepest pain. Though Mac's loss pain and shame and his encounter with God we are drawn into our pain and deepest wounds. Through Mac's story we can see our own lives, and there we love with new eyes and with new hope.

- David Rice, CRU, Orlando FL

It was in a way, painful...I have kids and just to think something bad could happen to them - it has no words...in other way it was healing and liberating ( God being whoever you need to help you through your journey ) and to see the marks of Jesus in the hands of Papa and the Holy Spirit it changes my mind a lot.

- Blanca Saldana, CCR, Orlando FL

Very moving and powerful message of forgiveness. The message was brought in a way that everyone can relate. Message was brought in a great way. Not an easy message to convey but brought in a way that everyone can understand. Portrayed Gods love and forgiveness in a great way. Loved the actors as well. Great job.

- Eliud Saldana, CCR, Orlando FL

Emotionally powerful! Deeply thought - provoking! Moving beyond words! No ones leaves The Shack unchanged!

- Gabriel Salguero, National Latino Evangelical Coalition , Orlando FL

Absolutely amazing! I felt myself forgiving and loving as the time went by. Thank you! Thank you for bringing me back to the radical Gospel of Love.

- Jeanette Salguero, NaLEC, Orlando

A gentle power that starts like a breeze and finishes like a whirlwind of emotion and grace. Never has forgiveness been explained so visually and beautifully. And the trinity so simply. This is today's face of Christian movie-making - real and powerful.

- Paul Sirmons, NRB / ICVM (International Christian Visual Media Assn), Orlando FL

The movie was excellent!! I loved seeing and feeling the book come to lief. Expertly directed and wonderfully done. Can't say to enough. Can't wait until 3/3!

- Jada Smith, The Experience Christian Center, Orlando FL

The words that pop into my mind and will stay wit me from the film was: forgiveness, knowledge, love, patience, family, non-judgement. This film is a gift and is a rare in that it is as good as the book. Thank-you.

- Larry Spoolstra, CRU, Orlando FL

It explains so much of God's love and how the Trinity together works in our own situations anyone can relate to Mac's feeling and how it relates, to our own questions and disappointments. God's love is forgiving and we are to forgive as Christ forgives us. Anyone who does most understand God's actions with walk out of this movie without the love of God all over themes.

- Barbara Stegall, Z-88, Orlando FL

Transformative, powerful. Hope to bring a group from our church.

- Jamie Stewart, Life Church - AG, Orlando FL

Profound. This is one the best movies I have ever seen. It allowed a person to get to know God for who he is in ways not thought possible. Healing, comforting and freeing.

- Mark Stewart, Cru, Orlando FL

Remarkable gospel story of healing, forgiveness and new life. This is the relationship with papa and the love of the Trinity I have desperately wanted for Papa's children to experience.

- Jennifer Stiles Williams, St. Luke's UMC, Orlando FL

It was moving. Good message. It seemed a little rushed, but that is in comparing it with the book and so I realize that a movie cannot capture the totality of a book or take you to the depth but it was still a powerful film.

- Benjamin Testerman, Testerman's Painting, Orlando FL

Very impacting. It did a good job of handling difficult questions of faith and life. It didn't answer all the questions but it answered the question.

- Jeff Testerman, The Empowered Life, Orlando FL

A life changing story becomes a life changing film! "The Shack" will surely inspire hope, bring healing and above all, reveal the Love of God to a hurting, broken world. A must see for all ages and I highly recommend this excellent film!

- Cheryl Testerman, Testermans Empowered Life, Orlando FL

Amazing visuals, stunning scenes. I loved Mack's personal struggling to find his way through the haze of pain and unforgiveness. Finally, the depiction of Godliness with all the concepts we grew up believing, yet it seems so natural for God to manifest in all those ways.

- Joseph Thompson, Primal Purpose Inc. , Orlando FL

Paradigm shift in how we view and relate to God. Practical portrayal of the Trinity. I love how it makes God relatable and very near to us.

- Sola Thompson, The Lifeworks Group, Orlando FL

God's church was accurately represented for one and it was totally refreshing to see it. Blows religious ideas of God out of the water, which is a good thing because it corrects the erroneous idea that we have ti work to have relationship with God when the opposite is true - He pursues us.

- Nancy Tikunoff, LifeWorks Group, Orlando FL

This film captured the true image of who God is. Each scene and line made perfect sense every step of the way. This is definitely a must see for 2017. I love how God played different roles, and allowing people to see Him in different light. This movie is very refreshing!!!

- Bidguny Tresil, Misfits ORL, Orlando FL

The movie was deep, moving, relevant and extremely outstanding and inspiring. The story had profound connection with biblical truths in a very subtle an inviting way that allows you to reflect and receive the message. Many people would benefit from such a movie like this. I wish I had such an opportunity to live what Mac experienced. Great job!!! LOVE IT!

- Dense Vega, Calvario City Church , Orlando FL

Awesome! Movie touched on delicate subjects that many Christians think of you are too afraid be open about. You definitely see God's love and mercy with each and everyone of us! Loved the different characters of the Trinity!

- Sonya Velez, Calvario City Church , Orlando FL

The film was amazing!! I was engaged the entire time!! I cried, laughed, and was moved with emotion! I'd promote!!!!

- Catherine Victoria, Misfit Orlando/Beauty Boxx Inc, Orlando FL

Intense, emotional, eye-opening inspiring. A new perspective on grief and the immeasurable journey that goes along with it. It's one of those movies that you don;t just watch, you open your eyes and heart, you leave with an entirely new perspective. Well done.

- Kaitlynn Watkins, Cru, Orlando FL

Very powerful! Not many films can convert real emotions and significant characters change in a believable way that keeps you engaged as well as this film did. I'm so glad you brought this story to life. Even more so to portray God in a believable, loving, lovable reality. You grasped the beauty and amazement conveyed in the book.

- Carolyn West, Cru, Inc., Orlando FL

Wonderfully provided, acted and directed film. Really brought to life the complex and touchy story. This film is ideal for anyone dealing with wounds. I found this movie to be cathartic and that I have a greater understanding of my relationship with God in Trinity. A complex film with many layers deep and fill of many truths tackled deep theology and common industry for Christians.

- Ted Wilcox, Cru, Orlando FL

Very well done and cinematically stunning. The depiction of God's love - its power and comprehensiveness and the message of forgiveness are clear and powerful.

- Carol Witmer, Cru, Orlando FL

Very moving and though provoking. Does a good job of elevating how much we are loved by God in spite of our flaws and questioning. Good job grappling wit the issue of good and evil and typical why questions. Great casting - each actor fit perfect for their role. Powerful forgiveness message - it's power to bring healing to deep wounds.

- Dena Yohe, CRU, Orlando FL

It is a wonderful opportunity to watch this movie. I arrive this morning to states from Myanmar . A long flight from the other side of the world, was able to watch it. It is an amazing movie. Many souls will be stirred from this film. I pray that it will be translated to many languages including Myanmar. Able to understand the trinity.

- Judah , Mission Myanmar, Orlando FL

We come to understand that the hurt, pain that we experience in life, the only way to get through it is to keep our eyes on God and trust him through the process of bing healed and forgive and forgive those who have caused us that hurt and pain.

- Langley B. Binion, Prestige, Phoenix AZ

I think it was a very touching movie that displays the love of God. It could help people who have questions about their relationship or lack there of. With so many evil around this world there are so many people who blame God for all their issues they experience in their lives.

- Teresa Bland, Henri-Delta Company, LLC. dba Gospel, Phoenix AZ

This movie was a powerful example of true forgiveness and pure trust in God.

- Louis Bland, Gospel 860AM Radio, Phoenix AZ

This is a movie that you can truly relate to. It hits home in many ways and shows the importance of forgiveness and truly letting go and letting God. Astonishing film right from the start! You're spirit should be set free by the time you walk out the theatre!

- Lashanda Boxill, Faith Christian Center, Phoenix AZ

This is the first movie of which I can honestly say it is better than the book! Please do not change, add, edit anything. The movie is perfect the way it is! Thank you!

- Pipo Coronel, Catholic Sun, Phoenix AZ

Powerful. Beautiful in the lessons it tells so thoughtfully. Thank you for the opportunity to see this film. I pray it will touch many hearts. Our worlds so broken and inner of messages of forgiveness and healing.

- Joyce Coronel, The Catholic Sun, Phoenix AZ

Love the way it portrayed the Trinity - God, the Son and Holy Ghost. The message of forgiveness and how much god loves us. The pain that his family lived through and how forgiveness heals.

- Ken Furr, various political candidates, Phoenix AZ

WOW! What an amazing story, the movie touched on so many issues I am currently experiencing. My anger toward God for all the hurt my judgement, loss...this movie resolved so many of my questions...Gods love for his children is amazing the movie does a great job expressing it. I loved the part of forgiveness.

- Virginia Garcia, , Phoenix AZ

It was very good. I may not have enjoyed as much if I hadn't read the book since some of the concepts were quite bold. I think most people will enjoy it. The overall theme of love and forgiveness is universal.

- Carmen Green, PRBC, Phoenix AZ

This is an excellent film and adaptation. There is so much going on here and its structure is so ken that every aspect/segment of the film makes its intent clear. Everybody needs to see this movie. This movie is more than a movie...its a moment.

- Paul Jackson, Jr, Faith Rising Christian Fellowship Church, Phoenix AZ

I loved that God was depicted/represented by different ethnicities, races and genders. The film made me want to have an even more personal relationship with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Also, I need to forgive those who judge me. And I need to be more mindful about judging.

- Sophia Johnson, Help 4 Kids, Phoenix AZ

I look forward to using the main characters line about letting her mother answer the God questions. When I'm sharing my faith and get stuck, I can say "Let's watch this movie to answer the questions." Great. Superb diversity.

- Dzifa Kwawu, Progressive Baptist Church, Phoenix AZ

Nailed the book - if not better. I think this movie can change lives and save souls. Great job! Taught Mac to forgive - may forgive because of this movie.

- Dillon Lewis, Iron Sharpens Iron, Phoenix AZ

A very beautiful and touching movie. Very creative and artistic.

- Andrea Malinski, HopeKids, Phoenix AZ

I have read the book 3 times and bought ten books and handed them out. The movie and the book is life changing for me personally. I carry the book with me everywhere I go and look book on it a lot - my pastor new to ask me personally to come this place - the movie was excellent! Thank you!! lots of love!

- Karen Mitchell, One Church Scottsdale, Phoenix AZ

I totally love the book, the movie was so right on. I love it!!

- iris Ozorio-Savocchio, Redeemed Outreach, Phoenix AZ

I've been active in deliverance ministry and I have facilitated great shape for a number of years. What a powerful visual depiction of freedom, victory and deliverance. It is also very true to Biblical teaching.

- Elaine Penn, Pilgrim Rest, Phoenix AZ

As a father, a son, and a husband, this movie shook me to my core. Forgiveness is freedom. My daughter is 6 years old; I was he, a dad filled with anger over his beautiful loss. I was literally shaking when he finally buried his daughter. A masterpiece with no peer.

- Marcel Pratt, Life Choice Professional Group, LLC, Phoenix AZ

What a refreshing journey! Just when I thought there was no hope in the film industry, this film brings new hope! What a remarkable way to shed some light on our salvation. Simply amazing.

- Robert Rucker, Scottsdale Police Dept & Church Leader, Phoenix AZ

It was amazing, vey accurate to the book and would give it 5 stars.

- Jonathan Savoccho, Redeemed Outreach Center, Phoenix AZ

I really enjoyed this movie. I liked the part of God to being a certain kinda race, color or sex.

- Crystal Sosa, HopeKids, Phoenix AZ

Wow! The theological depth and portryal of the love of God is the unity of the Trinity in diversity was beyond amazine as we saw the true glimpse of the Kingdom. This film should be marketed as a film for all to see not just limited to faith based audiences. This movie will heal the broken and give hope to those in despair and cause a deluge of God's true love and forgiveness.

- Warren Stewart, Remnant South Phoenix, Phoenix AZ

This was the best demonstration of the process of forgiveness! The representation of God's presence doing during every aspect of forgiveness was portrayed very well. I loved that he was able to return and move to his family and provide hope for his daughter who was living in scheme.

- Chrystal Stewart, Remnant South Phoenix, Phoenix AZ

Tear jerker! Profound! Relieving as thorns of pain uprooted.

- Geoff Tio, Community Care Chaplains, Phoenix AZ

This movie will lead you to reflect on important theological issues relevant to life esp. on forgiveness. Very profound.

- Magdalena Tio, Community Care Chaplains, Phoenix AZ

I appreciate the excellent fashion in which God (The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit) was represented via multiple ethnicities. The representation of a woman as absolute strength was phenomenal seems so true to how I feel God created women. The wife held up her family before she emoted herself. Masterfully made.

- Andrea Waddell-Pratt, Life Choices Professional Group, LLC, Phoenix AZ

Answered some questions. Nice reminder of the Trilogy. This movie defines love.

- Mark Wood, One Church Scottsdale, Phoenix AZ

This was the best movie that I have ever seen, the movie answered so many questions about Christianity that I had. It showed true emotions that we as humans have, and answered so many unanswered questions I had. Best movie ever!

- Robert Sidney Woolen, , Phoenix CA

Very creative adaptation of biblical concepts and tenants of our faith. Loved it. Very uplifting. Can't wait to share. Great cinematography. Golden words about the freedom o forgiveness affirned God's goodness and ever presence in our lives.

- Patty Ansorge, , Sacramento CA

I am so glad that you made a movie that tells everyone who watches it that Papa is good. I love that the movie goes after some hard questions. I think it will help people overcome the things that have been separating themselves from love. I want to go tell evreyone to make sure they watch this when it comes out.

- Erik Bagley, CA State Assembly, Sacramento CA

Very indepth of how to work through issues in their lives. The symobolums in the film while good may be difficult to handle.

- Darrel & Arlene Billups, ThD, National Coalition of Ministries to Men (NCMM), Sacramento CA

It has been a while since I read the book. The movie truly brought the book to life and the characters were just as I had envisioned them to be. This was a phenomenal film.!

- catrina blair, New Season Christian Worship Center, Sacramento CA

Just as awemazing as the book! Might be better. Funny! The actors really do a great job bringing the spirit of the book alive. Yes a tear jerker, but worth it.

- Paulione Boyd, Harvest Church, Sacramento CA

The different attributes of God were expressed beautiflly through each character. I loved how the tenderness of a woman's heart was present when he was needing emotional freedom and the strength of a man when he was called on to do the unthinkable - forgive. Beautifully depicted. Challenges m to truly embrace the entire fullness of my Papa!

- Debbie Bryditzki, Destiny Christian Church, Sacramento CA

An extremely creative way to show us how God shows love through tragedy in our lives. Very creative approach to show God's actions and feelings when evil happens in the world.

- Scott Bryditzki, Destiny Christian Church, Sacramento CA

God's lvoe is just like this. God has ently led me into meeting Him. As I spent time, He, through His love, showed me myself. Not my thoughts towards me, He showed me who He created me to be. His thoughts towards us is pure, love and the only truth. LOVE.

- Crystal Buie, , Sacramento CA

This film was amazing. The writers did an outstanding job with being able to connect and relate to the audience. This film was full over joy, laughter, tears and the everlasting love of God.

- Allison Burch, KLOVE Radio, Sacramento CA

The Shack answered quesions about God I've always thought but never asked. The Shack peeled back the heavens ad shined a light on some of the mysteries of God. I want to run, not walk into my Papa's arms.

- Edee Burch, K-LOVE / Air1 Radio, Sacramento CA

Phenomenal, heart warming example of God's grace and mercy and redemption. The Shack is a must see for all believers and even non belieers. God's love is sufficient.

- Tonia Burgess, New Season Christian Worship Center, Sacramento CA

This movie helped me to see clearer, why it's important to forgive others that hurt us and it's a process because you may have to forgive more than once until you succeed. I love what Jesus said to the father when he wanted to walk on the water on his own. Jesus said it's easier when we both do it together.

- Esther Calderon, New Season CWC, Sacramento CA

Great movie. If it dn't get an Oscar award then I don't know what they are thikng. I see it as a blessing t the world and hte next blockbuster. Chris is glorified.

- Isaias Calderon, New Season Church, Sacramento CA

I'm a movie watcher, but I did read this book twice and I loved the book and being able to see this special screening was definitely a blessing Everyone did a gret job and characrtesd were very relatable and were very eas to fall in love with. It was an amazing movie, book and story.

- Faith Charette, The Fish, Sacramento CA

This is a great film. It will allow people to see the love of God and the person of God in a whole new way and in a new relationship with God.

- Robert Christensen, New Season Christian Worship Center, Sacramento CA

This movie was incredible and very close to the book. Awe inspiring.

- Jean Connolly, New Season Church, Sacramento CA

I loved it. Gloria Gardner suggested I read the book shortly after it was released and I was going through one of the toughest times of my life. I read it twice. The film had me in tears. but as we know God uses those too. Tha nk you.

- Lisa Daggs, The Fish, Sacramento CA

I thoguht the film was well done. great message. The characters in the story were on track with the book and they were also relatable. I would absolutely see this fim again and recommend it.

- Denise Davis, Heylo, Sacramento CA

thought provking, insightful, well done, strong and powerful, what Christian movies should be, touch of humor, well acted, loved it. Thankful God loves me and is always with me.

- Carol DeGennaro, Rock of Roseville, Sacramento CA

I loved it. It gave a real portrayal of how easy it is to blame God and others and the pain it causes us. As I watched, I continued to forgive some that I ahve been working on forgiving for years, including myself.

- Gary DeGennaro, The Rock of Roseville, Sacramento CA

Terric movie! It did the book justice in that it represented the main themes well. The actors were superb. I will recommend the movie to family and friends.

- Diana Diaz, New Season Christian Worship Center, Sacramento CA

My heart, mind and soul were touched by this movie. The Shack opened my heart to the love God has for all people, and so should I!

- Ralph Diaz, New Season Christian Worship Center, Sacramento CA

An incredible journey of forgiveness that allows a person to abandon the pain and suffering of carrying around guilt, hurt, anger, shame, so they can be released to have the life tha tGod created for them. A great story of how love can change a person.

- Crystal Dunlap, Lifeway, Sacramento CA

This movie revealed God's love and healing prescence so beautifully. I am so undone! I would recommend this to any and evrybody. 5 stars!! This movie unlocked my heart to receive God's love in all the places I've been tender and shut down in pain.

- Dayna Evanow, Worship Together, Sacramento CA

Not your typical Christian film. It is brilliant, colorful, delightful, real, truthful. ONe of the best films I've seen in ashile. Extremely heartwarming and relatable. Loved it.

- Carmelita Gauthier, New Season Worship, Sacramento CA

I thought that the film really followed the book and that the casting was great. As a believer, the film did a super job of portraying the trinity and totally focused on the relationship with God and not religion. God's love for us is everlasting and He will never leave us or forsake us.

- Bob Hale, Crossroads Church, Sacramento CA

Very pwersonal, from a very personal God. Follows the book well, while portraying a living God that desires to be in a relationshp with us, His created children. He loves us, desires healing, and helps us to achieve that with his help.

- Sandy Hale, Destiny Christian Church, Sacramento CA

The film allowed me to think about God's love in a more meaningful way.

- Kathy Hill, Greater Grace Worship Center, Sacramento CA

Great film. I espeically like and enjoyed how the film showed me how God works. How a wrong can be turned into a positive. Although no scriptures were quoted, it was easy to associate the events and actions to the Bible.

- Barbara Himley, New Season Christian Worship Center, Sacramento CA

Excellently presented. Greatly impacted by the realness and reliability of the film.

- Charles Houston, New Season Christian Worship Center, Sacramento CA

The Shack took me on a ride of personal redemption, transforming from the inside out. I will not be the same. I want to take all my friends and family.

- Chris Hushaw, Cornerstone Covenant Church, Sacramento CA

The film was a 2nd confirmation of God and his commitment of love and forgiveness. I had a friend who just had a divine expreience, and God gave him a choice to stay in Heaven or return to his family. He returned after dying on a table during heart surgery last month.

- Rodney Hylton, New Season Christian Worship Center, Sacramento CA

It stayed true to the book very surprisingly. I truly enjoyed the relationship between Father, Son and Holy Spirit. It highlighted forgiveness and being non judgmental toward everyone. I loved it!

- Michelle Hylton, New Season Christian Worship Center, Sacramento CA

I thought the movie was good. I don't know about the Holy Spirit and the Father being portrayed by women. But I liked how it conveyed forgiveness and healing. I never read the book but heard good things about it.

- Adelina Islas Perez, New Season, Sacramento CA

The movie was heart moving and realistic. I was moved by the depth of the efforts to make the issues we face everyday real to the viewer. The fact that we do not need to be a judge is wonderful. Let God be God. Love it.

- Kathy James, Progressive Church, Sacramento CA

So good. love the portrayal of God, Jesus and Holy Spirit. I believe the film answers some deep hurts people may have and could bring healing. Praying that God will use it to bring people steps closer to God.

- Carol Johnston, Bayside Church, Sacramento CA

Heart warming, thought provoking. I feel that the movie used tragedy to reveal God's heart and love he has for his children. It tackled difficult storylines yet ended with hope and truth.

- Krystal Jones, New Season Christian Worship Center, Sacramento CA

Beautiful and touching. Makes me reflect on how I can change my life. How to look for God's love everyday. Great movie.

- Barbara Kihlthau, Journey Church, Sacramento CA

Awesome! A breathtaking and eye opening experience of God, of myself and God's view of His creation. I cannot begin to describe the life changing experience this has been, and I'll forever cherish it as a true expression of God's love and affection for me. Thank You Lord!

- Katrina Kizer, New Seasons CWC, Sacramento CA

Great, shows what God is love. Shows God is in everything but doesn't cause everything. The part where he asked Mack to judge the children was powerful. I hope those who see the movie will get a better understanding of the great God we serve. Great people to play the roles. Papawas who I wuld have cast for sure.

- Marilyn Lacey, New Season Christian Worship Center, Sacramento CA

The movie was heartfelt. It spoke to me in a pracical way and left no question unansswered. We all have asked the question why and if God is good. It's cledar that life can sometimes not be good, but the truth is God is good and He changes our perspective to truly see that He is.

- Christine Love, New Season Christian Worship Center, Sacramento CA

The Shack was an extremely excellent movie that made me look at my relationship with God differently. I believe that this movie speaks to the spirit, soul, heart and mind of the people who see it. I will go to see it at th emovies n March 2017.

- Velna Lowery, HEYLO, Sacramento CA

I love the message that the story brought when we are in disbelief, we open the door for evil and things can happen n our lives, but when we find the power to believe in Papa and find in our hearts to forgive the person or persons that cause us pain.

- Enrique Loza, New Seasons Church, Sacramento CA

It was an awesome movie, loved how each eprson was given in detail - God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, and how we can relate to each and how they help us in our struggles.

- Laura Loza, New Season Christian Worship Center, Sacramento CA

Excellent film! Great to see such spiritual content in modern film.

- Doug Miller, Adventure Church, Sacramento CA

Amazing. Made the scriptures come alive. The film was so motivating.

- Kim Miller, Adventure Church, Sacramento CA

Beautiful movie. The power of healing is shown and the struggle of forgiveness. I loved the example of Mac walking on water, and how it's done because he trusted in the Lord.

- Marcella Navarro, IHSS, Sacramento CA

loved it. Can't wait to own it on blu ray. I loved the examples they used;.

- Shawn Navarro, , Sacramento CA

One of very few movies that makes you feel like you are literally a part of the movie. This movie is literally life changing and will shape your entire outlook on life itself. The love of God is shown throughout this movie.

- Keylen Newsome, New Season Christian Worship Center, Sacramento CA

This was a very creative film! The book and the movie do a good job in showing the love of God. I enjoyed the film and highly recommend it!

- Jose Ochoa, New Discovery / Assemblies of God, Sacramento CA

I loved how this film explained the Trinity in a practical way that anyone can understand. It also really got me reflecting on fogiveness and what it tryuly means and how there's somene I need to forgive.

- Sherry Ochoa, Community Baptist Church of West Sacramento / Hybrid, Sacramento CA

Full of emotions, experienced sadness, joy, hope and personal therapy. It helped me understand God more in a personal way and I ca relate to Papa better. And yet a bit haunting with the story about the little girl and what happened to her.

- Diane Ortez, New Seasons Christian Worship Center, Sacramento CA

I want to talk with God about how I've tried to impress Him and others. Ilove the way "I'm espeically fond of you sounds and I plan to share that sentiment from my Papa with others. Thank you for the gift of The Shack.

- Lori Pearring, Creekside Counseling Associates, Journey Church, Sacramento CA

Never read the book so didn't what what to expect. I was moved to tears several times. I love the imagery of meeting God and working through pain or where you were stuck. The acting was great. Brought me in and let me feel.

- Rebekah Pearson, Crossroads Church, Sacramento CA

It was good. I appreciated the humor of God being a woman.

- Barbara Rhinehart, Greater Grace Worship Center, Sacramento CA

Amazing! Powerful! Convicting! It's the Gospel in two hours.

- Eva Rodriguez, New Season Christian Worship Center, Sacramento CA

challenging. beautiful. Powerful. Strong. The story left me with a profound longing to examine my own life and sewe where I am in in my own process and journey.

- Yaritza Sampson, Loving on Purpose, Sacramento CA

I felt like this movie answered every question I ever aksed God. I felt like I transformed with Mack.

- Brittany Santos, New Season Christian Worship Center, Sacramento CA

The Shack brings understanding to God. Jesus and the Holy Spirit and what their roles are. It made me understand what forgiveness can do for ourselves. Beatiful production.

- Monique Santos, New Season Christian Worship Center, Sacramento CA

It made me understand the difference betwween the father, the son and the Holy Spirit. If Mck can forgive the unthinkable and choose love and forgiveness, anyone can.

- Monica Santos, New Season Christian Worship Center, Sacramento CA

Powerful, thought provoking, extremely well done. Loved Octavia Spencer and the actors who played the Holy Spirit and Jesus, great casting, excellent script, awesome choices for locations, just can't say enough about this film. Bravo!! Another film the faith based community can be proud of and promote to others to go see it. So how can we get the word out to promote it now?

- Michelle Simon, Harvest Church, Sacramento CA

I thought the movie was beuatifully done! Cating was awesome. Everyone was spectacular. Papa, Mack, Jesus and the Holy Spirit were awesome. My only quesiton is why the adaptation didn't include finding Missy's remains in "reality" as it was in the book.

- Robin Smith, OTP for Success, Sacramento CA

The film was an excellent depiction of the struggles believers deal with regarding loss, hurts, pain, grief, questioning of faith. It was a wonderful way to describe God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Their love, commitment, understanding, grace aand compassion. Every believe of faith should see this film. Well done!

- Synthia Smith, CTPforsuccess.com, Sacramento CA

Absolutely inspriing! Loved the messagte of nonjudgment, forgiving and the fact that God will escort us through the healing process.

- Carla Steed, New Season Christian Church, Sacramento CA

Very insightful of our own lives. Causes one to really take a look at why they react and think the way they do. Comforting that in the midst of chaos and confusion, there is hope in God.

- Arzella Steele, New Season Christian Worship Center, Sacramento CA

Excellent - the impact of the film had me in tears from halfway through the film to the end. A lot of good examples of the power of forgiveness and allowing God in one's life.

- Marianna Stevens, CA State Corrections, Sacramento CA

The film was a great presentation of God's love with judgment and mercy together. Great cinematography as well.

- Mike Tate, Tate Studio, Sacramento CA

I liked the concept of the Trinity and forgiveness. I did not like the Father and Holy Spirit being female.

- Debby Teixeira, New Season Christian Worship Center, Sacramento CA

The picture, music and characters were well put togehter. Loved the challenges and changes in mac's heart. Was thrown off by the women, and man plaing the trinity. Felt it was a little much, but considering the mvies played today. If someone can receive God through this film, how can I be dissapointed. Good ending.

- Abel Terrero, , Sacramento CA

Impressed with quality of picture and acting. Great story and relatable to the churched and unchurched alike.

- Laurelle Terrero, K-LOVE/Air 1, Sacramento CA

This is the best faith film I have ever experienced. It was moving, exciting, sad, happy but moreover real life that happened that anyone could relate to. I highly recommend this film for the unbeiever as well as the believer. It's lifechanging.

- Linda Thomas, Harvest Church, Sacramento CA

Awesome. The movie portrays the book and our everyday life walking with the Lord. He is all things, at all times. Than you Lord for not judging us but loving us.

- Tricia Tisdale, Greater Grace Worship Center, Sacramento CA

Remarkable and inspirational. Wonderfully done.

- Dawn Walker, New Season Christian Worship Center, Sacramento CA

Beautiful film. lvoed all of the life messages though I could see myself in Mac when he was on his journey to forgive and let go of his past. I loved all of it and how he came face to face with wisdom and was able to se eGod through wisdome.

- Darese Winston, Heylo, Sacramento CA

This film did an excellent job of presenting the book. The film was remarkable and gives the perfect understanding for restoration. The beauty of the Trinity and need for all three are needed.

- Kortney Wright, New Season, Sacramento CA

Powersful! This movie takes you tehre. You can understand the father's unconditional love on an entirely new level. The power of forgiveness is on display. The beauty of God's before us.

- Caitlin Zick, Capital Christian Center, Sacramento CA

It's a journey in healing. It's like open heart surgery for the soul! It doesn't feel like Mac's story but your own. The power this movie holds for the inidivudla soul is truly divine!

- Cole Zick, Capital Christian Center, Sacramento CA

Was very moving and inspiring taught me a lot about forgiveness.

- Pamela Alvidrez, RBCPC, San Diego CA

The Shack revolted a mysterious beauty and vidid clarity we all truly need!

- Greg Coppoch, Sonrise Christian Fellowship , San Diego CA

Very inspiring must see movie.

- Gail Curnan, RBCPC, San Diego CA

I was deeply moved with the book and the movie brought those emotions and understandings back to life. The movie helped bring back to life what I so wanted and needed to know. Wonderful, thank you.

- Don Fenlason, RBCPC, San Diego CA


- Doris Fortier, RBCPC, San Diego CA

The story was moving and allows you to see life from a different view - God's view. Eye opening. Engaging. Thought provoking.

- Dawn Hill, Calvary Chapel of Vista, San Diego CA

An increasing touching and poignant movie. A depiction of God online any other un spoken with a clarity that is unique.

- Mark Hunsicker, PGH Ventures, LLC, San Diego CA

I thought the movie captured the book so well. I love how the story gives such a great picture of the Trinity. I would recommend all of my Christian friends to see it. Not sure how a non-Christian would receive it although I do think it answers a lot of questions about God.

- Kelley Klassen, Torrey Pines Church, San Diego CA

Good message, well made, impactful, healing, insightful.

- Larry Lopez, The Rock, San Diego CA

What a powerful movie. It really caused me to think about God in a different way. From a very different perspective. Very well done and very insightful. The scenes were beautiful.

- Jo-Ann Lopez, Rock Church , San Diego CA

The Shack was an all around outstanding film. It was beautifully written and produced. I will absolutely be suggesting this movie to anyone and everyone and I look forward to adding it to my personal collection.

- Stevi Matrie, soulchurchsd.com, San Diego CA

Great story line. Did not expect the ending. Very moving film.

- Honoree McEwan, RBCPC, San Diego CA

Very enlightening! Gives viewers a glimpse of life as God sees it. Lots of lessons about love and forgiveness.

- Jon Mejica, Harbor Of Life Ministries, San Diego CA

I liked it. It made me think and wonder about what God is like. The racial aspect of the movie hits home as well especially now days. I thought the cast was perfect and they didn't seem like they were acting. The plot was tense and very moving.

- Kellis Neidiffer, Palomar College Library, San Diego CA

Loved it. Had read the book many many years ago. Was great to see it played out in a movie form. Great message of God's love forgiveness and restoration, of HIs faithfulness, trust and compassion for the lost and struggling.

- Robbie Nigro, The Rock, San Diego CA

Very emotional and inspirational story on a terrible evil tragedy and power of God's forgiveness enjoyed the loving characters depicted by God, the Father, son and Holy Spirit.

- Susan Rudewick, RBCP Church, San Diego CA

The Shack is a very powerful experience of helping with God!

- Hal Seed, New Song Church, San Diego CA

i like how it was pretty close to the book. The cinematography was beautiful. Sometimes "religious" movies look like they're done on a cheap budget. But this had a very professional quality. The actors selected were perfect! Thanks!

- Kris Shetter, RBCPC, San Diego CA

Powerful. WE all need to watch it. Works for believers and non-beleivers. Use the truth and communicate it is a very awesome way.

- Mofid Wasef, RBCPC, San Diego CA

Wow. I can't even explain how profound that was. I was skeptical about God being a woman but it all makes sense how. Go see this movie, people. I'm not kidding.

- Malia Williams, Heritage Christian Fellowship , San Diego CA

The movie is a beautiful window into the beauty and wonder of God's nature. You see a fresh love and care, the joy and wildness of his personality expressed.

- Joseph Dalton, navah@bend, Santa Barbara CA

Very well done. Made me think if I can forgive like that. Touched my soul. I believe I understand God's purpose for me. Can I forgive like that? I don't know.

- Fernando Espinoza, St Raphael Church, Santa Barbara CA

I believe this film was incredibly beautiful in so many ways. One main way is because the story is relatable to so many people on Earth. When people relate to, sympathetic and/or empathic with a story like this, I feel like it can truly touch and change hearts for the better. I feel like we can all forgive and seek the Lord easier.

- Brenda Garcia, SAG-AFTRA, Santa Barbara CA

Best "Christian" film I've ever seen in my life. Well casted. Deeply touching. Profound to see Father, Son, His. Personalized inspirited me to draw nearer in love to God.

- Deyl kearin, The Joy Agency, Santa Barbara CA

Deep insight into the love of God for each of us, but with natural easy humor of human spirit. Most enjoyable - invoking the emotions and examination of our relationship with God. Honest and truthful re: Christian faith, but not preachy or over-religious. Easy for non-Christians to relate to....and change heart.

- Jacqui Leicht, St. Raphael Church, Santa Barbara CA

Wow! Our God is an awesome God!

- Michelle Limb, St. Raphael School, Santa Barbara CA

Shack shows us truly who God is and how much he loves us even in the things he does not intentionally.

- Jeff Ridenour, JC Electric, Santa Barbara CA

The film was uplifting and presented faith in a more under stable way especially for those who are non-Christians and seeking answers for themselves.

- Bruce Schumikowski, St Raphael Church, Santa Barbara CA

The build up of the anger of a father - at God, and at man was experienced in a way that I'd never felt in any type of my consumption. From that emotional place that picture pills you into that heart of God as loving those who use anger as those who are pained by it.

- Jack Smith, SB Capital Partners, Santa Barbara CA

The most profound, beautiful and accurate portrayal of God and his relationship with us ever produced on film! I will passionately promote and recommend "The Shack" when it is released in theaters.

- Dan Smith, Vineyard Community Church, Santa Barbara CA

This movie has resurrected old questions I have buried and evoked new ones I have the freedom to ask now. Thank you for truth, thank you for giving voice to truth.

- Jane Smith, Vineyard Community Church, Santa Barbara CA

The film was really moving. Though there is a lot of talking, the story is depicted well and while staying true to the book also captivates the heart the way a great film can do when it's done well. The acting is great, relatable and carries the audience through the story. The film moved me and touched my heart to the core.

- Neelka Smith, Upper Room, Santa Barbara CA

The best movie I've ever seen.

- Jamie Stahler, Outreach, Inc., Santa Barbara CA

Incredible! It was such a powerful representation of the book. Images from the movie are seared into my heart. This story changed my life years ago, and the movie was truly outstanding. Powerful. Perfect beautiful picture of God.

- Analee Ward, , Santa Barbara CA

The script and visual metaphors were excellent in portraying the Trinity and problem of evil. Excellent also in the acting without boring sentimental or "sweet".

- Sr Helen Wolkersturfer, Bishop Diego High School, Santa Barbara CA

It was like hart surgery at the soul level. It dug up very hurt and questions and angry felling and healed them on e by one with the loving surgeon's who aged hi tools of truths love. I'm so proud of our college friend brad for perversely till the end-this could literally change the world.

- Camille Block, Landmark Counsel, Santa Monica CA

This visual message of forgiveness will meet you at your level - where ever you are in your journey.

- Jeanene Arrington-Fisher, Peace Community Church, Tampa FL

A very impactful message that every one needs to see for any one that is struggling with forgiveness, trusting in God and letting go.

- Matthew Backlund, , Tampa FL

The Shack movie was a powerful message about forgiveness. "Trust in me" it pulled on my heartstring and really liked the movie. I liked how the Trinity was shown.

- Briana Backlund, Family first, Tampa FL

It was a good movie. Well done, great message. It pictured what I envisioned when I read the novel.

- Dan Bass, Samoset 1st Bapist, Tampa FL

Very powerful, thought-provoking. It shattered a lot of pre-concieved ideas. It was moving and warm to see and experience the love between Papa, Jesus and the Holy Spirit for Mac.

- Tammy Bass, Samoset First Baptist, Tampa FL

Good movie excellent teaching and forgiveness.

- Susan Bauwer, Journey Church, Tampa FL

Great movie and book. When Mac comes to the door and God hugs him and tells him how much he loves and misses him, hit home to me. How you shouldn't judge even people who do evil things - wow - powerful.

- Charles Benjamin, , Tampa FL

I am going through the same thing I just lost my mom and was angry and did not understand. But realize she was a borrowed angel.

- Jeanne Benjamin, , Tampa FL

This film communicates God's love, compassion, forgiveness and nature in a powerful creative storyline that puts "skin" on God. It's a great way to introduce unsaved friends to who and is that wouldn't otherwise go to church.

- Danny Bennett, Calvary East Lake, Tampa FL

The film is a great depiction of the Trinity fogginess, the post and those who hurt you. The refreshing spirit. Take what man intends for evil and allowing God to turn it to good. Papa is especially fond of everyone.

- Terry Beyer, Peninsular Christian Church, Tampa FL

Very moving, appreciated that the content was biblically cannon while accessible, great acting.

- Jack Boardman, Family First, Tampa FL

Beautiful interpretation of God's love. It was serious, truthful, witty and thought provoking.

- jill boardman, Family First, Tampa FL

Thought the film did a great job showing how people who are consumed with pain are angry at God. Love how the message was portrayed the 3 Characters. "Father, Son, Holy Spirit" God doesn't cause bad/evil things but is always there to comfort/love us as we go through things.

- Pamela Burget, O2b Fun Inc, Tampa FL

Great movie! Did good job dealing with difficult concepts. At times movie was a little slow.

- Ronald Burget, CCC/02B FUN, Tampa FL

Moving. The story and cinematography drew me in. I felt immured in the story.

- John Campbell, Church on the Rock, Tampa FL

This movie is awesome - It helps us to remember God is always with you and he is an understanding God. He can come in any form he is forgiving he never went bad for us but evil int he world.

- Jennifer Cliatt, , Tampa FL

A wonderful portrayal of "The Shack" powerful, impactful, moving - amazing expressed of the power of love and forgiveness. Helps to understand the "depth" of God, Christs' and the Holy Spirit's love and protection.

- Linda Daniels, Calvary Baptist Church Clearwater, Tampa FL

We tend to expect the film to disappoint as when compared to the book.

- Gilbert Daniels, Sonotemps, Tampa FL

What a beautiful representation of the power of forgiveness and the demonstration of God's love and grace in extremely difficult times.

- Elizabeth Dearolph, , Tampa FL

Incredible film. Followed the book really well and was not a typical cheesy Christian movie. Loved that there were down actors and scenery that fit the context of the book and its message.

- Taylor DeMesa, Family First, Tampa FL

Brilliant and deeply moving. They brought the book to life.

- BJ Foster, Family First, Tampa FL

It was so well done - not cheesy Christian at all. Great acting and so much wisdom! It followed the book. It was emotional striving and encouraging.

- Elizabeth Foster, Family First, Tampa FL

I thought the movie was very insightful - particularly in addressing the problem of evil. I thought the movie wonderfully brought out the reality of God's deep and unconditional love for man.

- Tom Ganett, Impact Church of Tampa, Tampa FL

Powerful and moving!

- Christina Gard, Grace City Church, Tampa FL

The Shack was a beautiful depiction of the pain of life and the healing that only God can provide.

- L Andrew Gardner, New Baptist Temple Church, Tampa FL

I thought the film was excellent, a must see.

- Stephanie Garrett, Impact Church of Tampa, Tampa FL

Excellent wonderful portrayal of book

- Elizabeth Greeves, , Tampa FL

Powerful, confirming and ensuring film of God's love and grace for His children!

- Toby L Hansen, Hillsborough County Sheriff Office , Tampa FL

This is one of the most intensely beautiful films I've seen in a long time, if ever. Profound messages that delve deeper into our relationship with not only each other but with God. Messages of forgiveness, the mess we call life, being the judge...so in awe of the feelings and emotions that ran through me and will continue to.

- Melissa A Hansen, , Tampa FL

I felt that the film was a good illustration of free choice and how God's loves us, for gives us and his love.

- Susan Hayes, Family First, Tampa FL

I loved the film because hard questions were asked. It made me reevaluate my own thoughts and examine them. It turns out poisonous thoughts and feelings had imbedded themselves subtly in my mind.

- Jazmin Hayes, Family First, Tampa FL

Great Acting/Very realistic. Great depiction of forgiveness and being able to move on even though circumstances one difficult.

- Ralph Hoehne, The Source Church, Tampa FL

What a profound movie to show, how God so tangibly loves and relates to each one of us so individually. How He sees and wants to heal our hearts and hurts.

- Joanne Hoehne, The Source Church, Tampa FL

This was a very powerful movie and many who see this will experience healing and forgiveness. This movie is a must see. Let was beautifully made and my daughter and I hung on to every word. We are leaving with hearts filled with love and peace.

- Mai Grace Hunter, Generations Christian Church, Tampa FL

This film beautifully portrays the love of Christ. This film shows Mac as a portrayal of everyone we all have hurts, habits and hangups. The only way to spiritual healing is through God. This film is inspiring, and powerful.

- Jade Hunter, Generations Christian Church , Tampa FL

This was an awesome example of forgiveness. God's power at work...AMAZING!

- Octavia Jarnegan, First Baptist Church of College Hill, Tampa FL

Great movie to show us that just because you say one forgives doe not mean really can forgive without the help from God.

- Diana Kiernan, Journey Church, Tampa FL

The movie paints a picture of how God and will meet your need right where you are at. All you have to do is trust that God will speak to you through this movie.

- Tommy Kyllonen, Crossover Church, Tampa FL

I feel this movie can help hurting people. Hopefully, many people will seek extra help for their pain.

- Linda Lewis, 1st Church of Nazarene , Tampa FL

To forgive is the only way be free. To escape sorry and pain and movie on to peace and joy.

- Ernie Lewis, Church of the Nazarene, Tampa FL

Uplifting, moving, fantastic, enlightening, powerful.

- Carrie Linsinbigler, Holy Protection Orthodox Church, Tampa FL

The power of forgiveness is so moving.

- Liz Menendez, Elizabth Menendez PA, Tampa FL

Will provide.

- SUSAN MERRILL, Family First, Tampa FL

Beautiful!! This movie went straight to my heart. Amazing, enlightening, healing, transforming. I loved it and will not go back at the opening but will take and encourage I know.

- Jewell Meyer, Expressions by Jewell, Tampa FL

The lesson on forgiveness this movie portrayed was very impactful. I think it explained tragedy well and how to process grief through the lens on love.

- Hayley Mizell, Family First, Tampa FL

How to search your heart to forgive others in your past.

- Frank Murphy, Mentoring with purpose charity, Tampa FL

When Max went to visit wisdom and was God to be the judge. That was such a powerful scene. Also the scene about forgive him. When "Papa" changed into a man.

- Sarina Renee Murphy, , Tampa FL

The importance of honest with God and forgiving everyone and yourself is found through God's grace. This was the message of this film. It's not about how it is about God's love.

- Jeanie Romano, , Tampa FL

I thought it was raw accurate and powerful as it used an unimaginable painful situation to graphical explain God's character and purpose for us and our lives.

- Jeff Rothwell, Family First, Tampa FL

Great visual picture of God's love. Beautiful teaching on forgiveness.

- Lauren Rothwell, , Tampa FL

Incredible movie. Can't wait to spread the news about the movie when it comes out. What a great redemption story! This movie will reach so many for Christ. Can't wait tot see the impact it makes.

- Jordan Rothwell, Family First, Tampa FL

Heart felt, amazing, moving! Inspiring.

- Karen L Slatery, , Tampa FL

The film centered around forgiveness. The power of forgiveness can have on us. Evil vs. God explanation of God's and who he really is. Friend - Realtionship.

- Karen Speicher, South Bay Church, Tampa FL

This story answers questions that we all have but don't know how to ask. Breathtaking, life-changing, and heart touching.

- Sierra Speicher, South Bay Church, Tampa FL

Very powerful and compelling. Love the approach

- Albert Stanley, Grace Family Church, Tampa FL

Incredible portrayal of hard questions we all face.

- Patrick Stevens, Family First, Tampa FL

Impactful! An amazing movie! Absolutely powerful and addressing challenges topics with forgiveness, pain and suffering, well produced and great actors. Thank you

- John Stream, Grace Family Church, Tampa FL

I love the way the film takes Him through the journey of pain and healing all through the love of the Trinity.

- Alex Veloz, Grace Family Church, Tampa FL

Excellent! Wonderfull picture of God's love, forgiveness, judgment...so much in one film.

- Pam Vickery, All Pro Dad/Family First, Tampa FL

Som people are going to get a lot of guidance.

- Keith Vickery, Famiy First, Tampa FL

Probably the best movie I have seen to show the love of God, forgiveness and blame.

- Mark Weir, Harbor life church of God, Tampa FL

Powerful. Convicting. Beautiful. Well done. Revising.

- Nate Wetherwax, CBG, Tampa FL

I liked it! Asks great questions. "Forgiveness is freedom"

- Ryan Anderson, , Thousand Oaks CA

I'm at a lost for words. To say it was a great movie is an understatement. Anyone should be able to see parts or all of their own story in this movie. Brilliant! Emotional roller coaster! Makes God very real if he wasn't already.

- Phillip Allen, Own Your Faith, Thousand Oaks CA

Beautiful movie- Really moving. You did a very good job being faithful to the story. This is a must have to offer, to invite people to watch to introduce them to the father. The wisdom/cave scene was amazing- I did lost a daughter and this movie did a healing work on my heart. Thank youd

- Carline Amoretti, Waveside Church, Thousand Oaks CA

Beautiful movie. Really moving. You did a very good job being faithful to the story.This is a must have to offer, to invite people to watch to introduce them to the father. The wisdom cave scene was amazing. I did lost a daughter and this movie did a healing work on my heart. Thank you!

- Carline Amoretti, Waveside Church, Thousand Oaks CA

It's a wonderful movie. I felt loved by the father brings salvation, transformation and liberation. It's an excellent tool to show others the true love of God the Father. It makes you examine yourself.

- Maria Avalos, Windblown Media, Thousand Oaks CA

This story reminded me that I have so many things have to forgive and during the movie I started to say it out loud. I forgive those that hurt me, and I ask for forgiveness for all the people I have hurt. I really need it this the Shack showed me the love of the father, and challenged me to be a better house band better father and a better son!

- Luis Avalos, Windblown Media, Thousand Oaks CA

It was Gods hand of love reaching down into a hard world. It has a way of getting an individual to think about ones life and purpose. It has a way of telling people that the Lord isn't as concerned about our sins or faults as much as he is concerned that we could comprehend his love for us.

- Jim Barile, 5acres Los Angeles boys and girls society, Thousand Oaks CA

Strong reminder about the power of forgiveness. Very important message. Will benefit many@ beautifully filmed! I especially like the way the story resolves at the end.

- Grace Barkis, Pepperdine Univ., Thousand Oaks CA

Powerful, cinematography. Good adaptation of book. Excellent actions especially by Sam Worthington story puts me in touch with God's forgiveness.

- Kim Barkis, Pepperdine University, Thousand Oaks CA

Seeing God on the screen-three to this as one-was a profound experience. The garden was just as I pictured it in the Book- Beautiful. O.S. was wonderful as God/Papa

- Sara Barton, Pepperdine University, Thousand Oaks CA

Deeply moving. It's rare to see a movie match such deep emotions as felt when I first read the Shack. I pray lives will be touched and love released in the lines of those who experience God's love through this movie.

- Jeff Bell, Salem Communications, Thousand Oaks CA

Was an interesting captivating and inspiring portrayal. The message was redeeming and of profound value. One should not examine the film for theological accuracy, but rather appreciate its underlying message of redemptive value. Beautifully done and written/made with outstanding cinematography and professional skill.

- Robert Black, Oaks Christian School, Thousand Oaks CA

Impactful! Very relatable to anyone who is struggling with faith, trust or does not know Jesus exists. Casting was a great portrayal of God, the son and Holy Spirit

- Jody Cabrera, Pepperdine, Thousand Oaks CA

I'm touched by your message that shows God love. This movie effected my love"passion of the Christ". I've see my father who passed away in my dreams. It gave me peace to know he is okay. God does speak tons.

- Rene Cabrera, Pepperdine Univ., Thousand Oaks CA

Its a lovely film- it's a bit long but it probably needed to be to tell the entire story. I was very moved by the story and the film. Congratulations, Thank you. Explains thins extremely well. Helps with own forgiveness.

- Akesta Carrara, Pepperdine Univ., Thousand Oaks CA

Jesus is my savior, not my religion. For those who don't know God, this is a great introduction,. Beautiful cinematography and colors-loved the parallel of man attempting to righteously judge God's creation. I'm encouraged that a movie like this will be release into our industry!! Praying that God show up this world with tolls like this film! Praise the Lord for making the movie

- Jessica Chow, Claris health, Thousand Oaks CA

The Shack is one of the most moving films I've experienced in my lifetime. The portrayal of God and his impact on our lives was creative, touching, and awe-inspiring. This film is full of lessons and inspiration for believers and non-believers alike. A Must See!

- Janel Coburn, Glendale Church of Christ, Thousand Oaks CA

Very moving and inspiring. Incredibly well rendering of the story. The comments, jokes, and interaction between God, Jesus and Holy Spirit were on point and made the film especially fun to see. I will and do highly recommend this movie to my friends, family and church.

- Lars Coburn, Glendale Church of Christ, Thousand Oaks CA

I'm positive there is not a dry eye in this theater a moving story; got me thinking about those questions Mac asked throughout the movie. Reminded me that he is always there; you can't do it alone.

- Kylie Cummins, , Thousand Oaks CA

Interesting perspective makes you think

- Terri Dawson, Salem media group, Thousand Oaks CA

It was wonderful. I pray that this film will change many lives. I thoroughly enjoyed everything about it. Thank you for keeping it bl=biblical so the Lord use it mightily.

- Joan Dempster, Pepperdine University, Thousand Oaks CA

The great sadness transformed by the great satisfaction. Thank you for a tender presentation of the love who is God.

- Brett Dewey, Oaks Christian School, Thousand Oaks CA

I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. I think it has a great chance being a tool initiating dialogue that leads to the re-opening of doors to God. It is no a movie for establishing Christian dogma, it is a movie for revealing the love and heart of God for mankind. It's effectiveness is in its relationality.

- Johnny Enlow, 7M, Thousand Oaks CA

I liked it. It went along well with the book.

- Glory Ewow, Restore 7, Thousand Oaks CA

Thought provoking and captivating.

- Justice Ewow, , Thousand Oaks CA

The film was deeply moving. It touched on the deep sorrow that can live in all of us that can ruin our lives. It handled the subject matter of injustice, evil and tragic circumstance very well. I liked the avantic guard approach. It was beautiful and moving. I wept through most of it. I believe this....

- Robin Severn Fischette, Creating4ACause, Thousand Oaks CA

I've never seen a film that affected me emotionally this much. The integrity and sincerity were difficult to process in a good way. This movie 100% was an introspective journey in my own relationship with God. Best faith base film I have ever seen. Bar none-Thank you for the work that went into this.

- T C Foster, Conejo Church, Thousand Oaks CA

The film was incredibly well done. I laughed and cried and grew in my faith! The images of Papa, Jesus, ad The Holy Spirit will stay with me.

- Kristin Gregory, Lifesong Christian Communities, Thousand Oaks CA

Wow! The first time the intimate details of God's relationship with us and desire for us has been shown on film! Thank you I learned so much.

- Aurora Harris, Christian Entertainment Guild, Thousand Oaks CA

"Lost in wonder, Love and grace". "The story sits so close to reality". " My heart took me places my mind could not comprehend". " I experienced the gory of hs goodness as I watched this movie".

- Rex Holt, Mercy Chapel, Thousand Oaks CA

Thought provoking and beautiful. A perspective on pain that will bury hope and healing to evidences of all background and faith.

- Josh Hoyt, , Thousand Oaks CA

The film was excellent it allows us to see God as our personal Savior who relishes our freedom to walk with him. Very well done-acting believable and scenery gave us a glimpse of Heaven.

- Peg Hudson, Salem Media Group, Thousand Oaks CA

I found the movie thought provoking and inspiring. I loved the three characters portraying the trinity. All were well played and fascinating. The movie was beautifully filmed, well paced, well acted with a powerful message for all. I will recommend it highly. Well Done!

- Sara Jackson, Administrator, Thousand Oaks CA

Emotionally engaging with very good Characters. and ethic diversity was good. It surprised me with the apologetic approaches-especially how pain and suffering were continuous. Themes sort of a levering down and going from characters to characters to resolution. Healing of the family.

- Sam Jackson, , Thousand Oaks CA

It felt like going on a weekend retreat like what I grew u with- the scenery and colors were breathtaking escape. Mack's encounter with God in the Trinity and his spiritual exercises allow me to take the retreat and encounter God with him. A Beautiful film to deal with the loss of a loved one and forgiveness.

- Christin Jezak, Christian Entertainment Guild, Thousand Oaks CA

An incredibly warm and powerful representation of the marvelous and mysterious relationship with God-Papa! There is so much healing in this film.

- Ana Marie Kilpatrick, Kilpatrick Family Ministries, Thousand Oaks CA

A beautiful depiction of the God we think we know so well. The film offered an insightful, moving window into the heart of God, and I so appreciated its sensitivity to the gravity of pain, and its simultaneous pursuit of truth, wisdom and the mind of Papa.

- Amy Letcher, , Thousand Oaks CA

The movie was incredibly inspirational and emotionally powerful. I will forever remember lines from the film such as "patience please" and ":we were made to be loved" The message of forgiveness I forgive will remain in my heat. Also, I will cherish that the lord and Jesus are always with me. I hope that my soul is the beautiful wild garden. Thank you! I wish I could give everyone in the world a copy of this movie and the opportunity to see the movie.

- Monica Loeffler, Pepperdine University, Thousand Oaks CA

This film was very gripping-I loved the humorous moments thrown in amongest the intense emotion. It depicted the intense love God has for his children and how we can't begin to comprehend how he works all things for good. For Mackenzie to heal from his horrible childhood he had to go through the healing from his daughter's death so he could truly love his wife, children and God. Excellent job!

- Tamara Lott, Simi Community Church, Thousand Oaks CA

Profound way to look at the love of God. Loved how when "Religion: was mentioned, Jesus handled the answer so well. Great getting an actor like Sam Warslington be so real ad genuine joy in the end, and not fake and saccarine. Brilliant casting especially Octanz/Graham Greene as God, and the Jesus Character.

- Ned Lott, , Thousand Oaks CA

Bring a huge box of tissue!!! You will need it. Meeting "Papa" on the screen today changed my whole perspective on who God really is in the world we live in today. I more people see this movie, they will see what love really is. I was deeply moved. It will open the door for those who have been skeptical of seeking a relationship with God. Spectacular imagery.

- Maureen Martinez, Maureen Martinez Insurance Agency Inc.-Farmers Insurance, Thousand Oaks CA

Heartwarming. If you don't believe, after this movie your heart will feel the love and you will believe. Loved this feel god movie, makes me want to hug my family everyday.

- Richard Martinez, MMI-Farmers Insurance Group, Thousand Oaks CA

Well done portrayal of deeply intense issues and christian worldview with excellence. Excellent acting, superb cinema storytelling of complex subject matter.

- Dyonette Mayer, Oaks Christian school, Thousand Oaks CA

Great production value. Well shot. Edited well. Well written story line can reach secular audience with marketing.

- Albert Mayer, Exceslsis Engineer, Thousand Oaks CA

Epic! My 2nd time viewing it and I can't wait to see it again. One of the most profound movies I have ever seen.

- Robert McCoy, Calvary Chapel Church, Thousand Oaks CA

This film will bring so much healing so many people it was raw and authentic. I genuinely loved it and i'm so excited for the world to see it.

- Lauren Mnayarji, Christian Entertainment Guild, Thousand Oaks CA

A powerfully moving film about the love of God that was, is ad always will be with those who mourn. I loved the portrayal of Father, Son & Holy Spirit and accurate explanation that God's is love. I loved this movie immensely and found my self forgiving and as long for for forgiveness.

- Tim Montoya, Riverside Church of Christ, Thousand Oaks CA

Wow! What a wonderful breathtaking portrayal of God's amazing love and healing, redemptive understanding love and forgiveness. It is so overwhelmingly humbling to see how God's gracious kindness for swerves is what transforms a life to heal, love, forgive and be restored to wholeness. This film deeply touched my heart to trust God to not only work in my life, but others. Live the process of healing so powerful!

- Linda Montoya, Riversde County Church of Christ, Thousand Oaks CA

Fantastic! Afraid and fearless to address hard questions and answer them

- Bill Myers, Amaris Media Int, Thousand Oaks CA

No matter who you are, at some point ,this film will be relatable to your. Not only is the message deeply moving, its intimate, personal and undeniably applicable.

- Elizabeth Navaro, The Malibu Gathering Church, Thousand Oaks CA

Impactful. The best film I've ever seen on the predicament of letting go of the hatred and justified anger toward a perpetrator. A poetic picture of finding forgiveness.

- Laurie Nave, Conejo Valley Unified School District, Thousand Oaks CA

Very Powerful, made me reevaluate how to look at life. It's something I'll have to absorb and I'm sure will cause me to continually challenge how I view situations.

- Tanya O'Conor, , Thousand Oaks CA

Excellent adherence to the book. Very good portrayal of the trinity without being preachy or evangelical. Portrayed the perfect amount of human skepticism followed by a realistic submission to truth.

- Ryan OQuinn, Damascus Road Prods, Thousand Oaks CA

Well done. A beautiful portrayal of the book that moved me years ago. I felt awe, love and forgiveness in my own heart. I was drawn inward to reflect while watching forgiveness unfold on screen. I cried, I laughed. I was moved in a way I did not expect. It left me wanting more of him in such a profound way. He is good. This film will move folks in life changing ways.

- Jessika Packman, Classical Conversations, Thousand Oaks CA

So impressed with the flow and productory of the film. Wonderful cinematography acting. A film that carries such a strong message without being religious. Very well done. A film of hope, awareness, forgiveness, thought provoking and discussion.

- Paul Packman, Kingdom Industry, Thousand Oaks CA

Acting was superb--Addresses key questions about the mystery of evil vs good. Did a good job causing you to care about the characters.

- Fawn Parish, Reignbridge, Thousand Oaks CA

For me, its like you stole my loss and made it real. I lost a baby son, a teenage daughter and my mother at a young age. I haven't felt it all at once ever as I have now. Those who well (bless them) and those that won't (bless them more)

- Don Plance, , Thousand Oaks CA

This? Well, it's nothing short of a game-changer. And it's the most accurate depiction of God that I have ever seen. To see the largest questions of life taken on with compassion, humor and understanding was stunning!

- Bob Prater, A Christian & A Muslim Walk into a Studio Podcast, Thousand Oaks CA

The Shack is a beautiful reminder hat God works in the place of our deepest sorrow to heal and restore us, if we let him and trust him.

- Andrea Regalado, , Thousand Oaks CA

The film was excellent. Well produced and impactful.

- Toure Roberts, One Church, Thousand Oaks CA

Very well done. Deep and full of answers to some of the hardest questions. An account an meaningful portrayal of he scriptive, without being sappy tr trite! Recommend you and the movie with the crash and hospital same. doesn't need the pretty ending.

- Hunington Sachs, , Thousand Oaks CA

Powerful, moved my heart. A tangible and real picture of the trinity thru the eyes of human emotion. I was engaged he entire time. I am excited for this movie to impart many. An amazing love story from Papa! Thank you and God Bless

- Bret Shellabarger, Godspeak Calvary Chapel, Thousand Oaks CA

First off I would like to say Great Job casting! The Shack was such an interesting and beautiful way to describe the Holy trinity. I found it to be touching, funny and gorgeous. I will definitely bring my non believer friends to see this movie.

- Susie Shellaberger, Calvary Chapel Godspeak, Thousand Oaks CA

The film was an amazing creative parable of God's love. It deal with difficult issues in a thoughtful and powerful way that will bring hope and healing to many who will watch. I will highly recommend it all my friends and partners in ministry. #theshack

- Jason Sobel, Fusion w/Rabbi Jason, Thousand Oaks CA

This movie is unbelievably creative and well done. The acting is superb and I will be proud to encourage my fiends to see it. I have no doubt that this movie will win many rewards and awards. What a wonderful depiction of our Father. So loving and accepting and kind, truly life changing.

- Stephanie Sobel, Fusion with Rabbi Jason, Thousand Oaks CA

Thank you for this film presentation of the Shack. connected with the message on even greater levels than just by reading the book. God's deep love, forgiveness and redemption shined powerfully trough the story. My heart has been touched.

- Mary Soler, Community Bible Study, Thousand Oaks CA

Absolutely incredible. Gave me so much insight into the trinity like I never could have imagined and I've been in church and Christian school all my life. So impressed with the quality of the story, acting and visuals. I will tell everyone to see it. I was scared to see it because I have 2 little girls(4& 2) but it was really well done so I'm not left with nightmares but am able to see the beautiful picture after especially the kids running in the filed with Christ.

- Jennifer Taylor, , Thousand Oaks CA

So many moments stirred my affection for God. I feel incredibly loved and have so much trust in film.

- Nathan Tecson, Christian Entertainment Guild, Thousand Oaks CA

I love the serious way that faith and Christianity was portrayed. Not all faith based movies need a happy ending.

- Miguel Tejeda, Christian Entertainment Guild, Thousand Oaks CA

It gave me a real broken down understanding of the realness of God. From a stand point I have never been allowed to see. Very Good.

- Daniel Thomson, , Thousand Oaks CA

This film has had a profound imprint on how must I truly love God and all this spender. I believe everyone should experience this body or work and relent on how God is in our lives.

- Michael Tonery, Godspeak Church, Thousand Oaks CA

Very moving and impactful-opened my views of God. It helped named the banar away from the thought of God as one person.

- Mikey Tonery, Oaks Christian School, Thousand Oaks CA

I was amazed to see different actors casted to portray God. I am glad that this film answered many of the questions believers and non believers tend to have when going through a difficult time. Overall the film was warm, a little sod, but beautiful.

- Shadi Valenzuela, Christian Entertainment Guild, Thousand Oaks CA

The center of all that is love and that is good. For teaching of forgiveness in the highest film. A beautiful film that will shine the light and bring hope to anyone seeking answers.

- Karen Waldron, Ampersand Entertainment, Thousand Oaks CA

Very Moving. Well Done. Wonderfully authentic portrayals of the Trinity without religiosity. Believable Characters and emotions. Spiritually encouraging.

- Donna White, August Venture Talent, Thousand Oaks CA

Great work guys! So excited to see how the Lord is going to use this film! Nice job taking heavy/deep material and not making it feel heavy. I feel lighter after the film. Not heavy. YAY!

- mark white, Big Water Music, Thousand Oaks CA

I have seen many Christian films. Most fall short because of acting or written being to simplistic or predictable. The Shack is neither. It is beautifully written acted and shot. It deals with difficult themes and weighty issues with grace, wisdom, insight and respect. I highly recommend it.

- Jack Williamson, Conejo Valley Church of Christ, Thousand Oaks CA

Really well done! Its been a few years since I've read the book, but I love the imagery used. The trinity figures were so well casted in my opinion. Can't wait to be able to watch this with my family. Re-engages me with my Papa and reminds me again the importance of relationship, forgiveness, and walking the road together.

- Tami Williamson, Pepperdine Univ., Thousand Oaks CA

Moving, thought provoking, a source of much needed hope in a world overcome with division and discard. The message simply, "Let go & Let God!"

- Chris Amos, Chr1st Fellowship Church, Virginia Beach VA

A beautiful personification of the nature of God. Moving, kind, and beautiful, especially in an age of pessimism..

- Dorrie Baires, Beliefret, Virginia Beach VA

Powerful. Great exploration of concepts everyone is struggling with now days. Both Christians and skeptics can appreciate the intellectual journey. I'd imagine.

- Peter Beznoska, BNMedia, LLC / Beliefnet.com / Patheos.com, Virginia Beach VA

The film was very intense with astounding scenery so content. Extremely and moving touching. The acting was simply brilliant and if Jesus is that fine I'm going to stay near the cross! Simply Awesome! A must see!

- Sheilah Cason-Jospeh, Mt. Zion AMGC, Virginia Beach VA

The Shack dealt with many of the struggles we face with the pain that is caused when bad things happen. Not being able to see because of the pain. With my sister's current situation of wondering where God is thought her health issues, catching her husband (a minister) in an affair, dealing with her oldest daughter(a junior in high school) with same sex attraction. I am doing my best to love her through it and affirm her to remind her that she is loved and to believe God is still there.

- Richard Castleberry, Great Bridge Baptist Church, Virginia Beach VA

This is wonderfully moving story that touches on real life and theology. It cannot be missed. See this film.

- Scott Chafee, King's Grant Baptist Church, Virginia Beach VA

It's time to experience God outside of the small box that we've created! The shack helps us to do just that!

- Kim W. Chafee, Sentara Hospice, Virginia Beach VA

At first it started slow but towards the middle to the end, the movie as profound!! Amazing!! I cried non-stop from the walking on water to the end. Thank you!!

- Linda Cherry, PORTCO, Virginia Beach VA

I know that it takes me too change the world and if we all did our part it would be a very special world.

- Gloria J. Cherry, , Virginia Beach VA

A epic journey of forgiveness.

- Christopher Clotez, HopeWell Equipping and Counseling Center, Virginia Beach VA

It's incredible how much the Father loves and the extent at the length he/she goes to dig dep to bring about forgiveness of self and others. Impactful movie to bring on e to repentance and forgiveness.

- Vanessa Copeland, Mount Zion A. M. E. Church, Virginia Beach VA

As a mom who lost my seven year old daughter in a tragic way years ago, just like the book, this film ministered to my heat. The deep truths about painful situations are biblical and God's love is revealed.

- Cynthia Foster, Beauty For Ashes Church, Virginia Beach VA

Without getting tangle up in theology this movies point that God loves, pursues and meets us right where we are but he/she never leaves us there. Helpful, healing, hopeful

- Paul Fuss, Waterboyz4Jesus, Virginia Beach VA

It was a powerful story about forgiveness and healing, bring issues. You do need to edit the dinner table scene- Papa necklace looks different in different shots.

- Rachel Gilmore, The Gathering at Scott Memorial UMC, Virginia Beach VA

Great job of capturing the book and the heart of God.

- Karen Glaze, Norview Baptist Church, Virginia Beach VA

The Shack is a powerful film that tells a timely to profound story,. Audiences see an inspiring journey to forgiveness. Does start slow becomes more engaging about 20 minutes in. Book controversy may play a part, but thought script was written well to perish past all of that.

- Hannah Goodwyn, CBN.com, Virginia Beach VA

I wish there were some new words I could use to articulate how spiritually uplifting, revealing and amazing well this movie was put together. So glad to be out on a Tuesday night with my soulmate.

- David Hamlette, Gethsemane Baptist Church, Virginia Beach VA

Every Christian should see this movie to remind us that we don't get to be the judge unless we want to be judge. All us have the closet we don't want exposed. This is an amazing film!!!

- Sharon Houston, Garden of Hope, Inc, Virginia Beach VA

The movie is awesome. It allows you to see in the light and of God. I feel a sense of liberation after watching the movie. I believe the unbeliever will believe after seeing "The Shack"

- Kirk Houston, Gethsemane Community Fellowship, Virginia Beach VA

deeply inspiring. The film gives a fresh perspective of God's love... and forgiveness.

- Deborah Hudson, Hampton university, Virginia Beach VA

Great! Loved it.

- Tina Jenkins, Crossroads Vineyard Church, Virginia Beach VA

It's very good. A wonderful depiction of God's love story toward the book in sentiment. Would love to see it many times more. Thank you for allowing me to preview.

- DIANA Johnson, Kiimc, Virginia Beach VA

This move was very eye opening how we can hold onto hurt and past on forgiveness and how it can hinder us to drawing close to God and puts stumbling blocks in our path to hold us back for fulfilling our purpose and bringing glory and honor to God. Forgive, let go quickly of bitterness and enjoy the peace, joy, love, hope of God. Great Movie!

- Gina M. Johnson, Knotts Island Baptist Church, Virginia Beach VA

Great Movie! It was moving emotional, inspirational and left me feeling hopeful. I loved the characters and the way each piece of the Trinity were depicted. Would love to see it again.

- Amber Jones, Forest Park Church, Virginia Beach VA

Awesome! I think the film is very Evangelist in nature and has the potential to heal hurts of those hurt by religion. It's somewhat controversial which isn't m=necessarily a bad thing.

- Dale Jones, Forest Park Church, Virginia Beach VA

I thought it was remarkable, especially the relationships between the different entities of God.

- Beth Kretz, friend, Virginia Beach VA

Powerful for seeing how good God is an dhow he is not the one who brings evil. Also shows how important it is to release bitterness are to truly figure. Shows it really is a relationship and not about works.

- Eydie Maley, Beauty for Ashes Church, Virginia Beach VA

Amazing! Redeeming for Believer and interesting for non believer. Thought it interesting for either!

- Jansen A. McEntee III, Virginia Beach Meth, Virginia Beach VA

Honestly, I was apprehensive about seeing it because I loved the book so much. What a wonderful surprise to have my expectations and hope exceeded. I love the message, the very believable message, that God is l=always with us doing more than we could ask or imagine. Thought provoking and touching.

- Terry Meeuwsen, CBN, Virginia Beach VA

Absolutely beautiful illustrations of the love of God. Thank You

- Karen Melton, BFA Church, Virginia Beach VA

The film put dealing with pain and how God helps us through it in perspective. When all we see is our pain we ca't see God.

- Kim Middleton, Self, Virginia Beach VA

So profound, yet so accessible. Very moving. This movie will give everyone hope. A reminder that all we need is love and faith. Loved it! So amazing!

- Kamare Noel, Cedar Road Assembly of God, Virginia Beach VA

I came int themovie without knowing anything about the book. I felt that the movie did a great job in putting the book to life. Such a great heart warming movie!

- Hunter Owens, Moyock A/G, Virginia Beach VA

I really enjoyed the film. It moved a little slow, but it felt like a casual a walk with God.

- Crystal Owens, Ember Ministries, Virginia Beach VA

The closeness of the movie to the book is very good. The characters portrayed the book characters extremely well. A true story of relationship and forgiveness. A must see movie for all ages.

- Timothy Ranker, , Virginia Beach VA

appreciate how true to the book you kept the movie. I like the characters chosen. I would like to have seen the character of Mack portrayed a little stronger in the beginning of the movie.

- Alice Ranker, Graceful Impact, Virginia Beach VA

Amazing! Really Really Spoke to me

- Mari Runkle, , Virginia Beach VA

Tremendous story telling of healing and hope wit innovative themes and illustrations.

- Harry Runkle, CBN, Virginia Beach VA

Excellent-very powerful. The movie gave me a lot to think about.

- John Runyan, Turf Equip & Supply Co., Virginia Beach VA

Very touching & emotional. Pulled at my heart ad gave me a perspective about God that I've wanted to feel, but have been taught differently. I'm so glad what I feel has been expressed in a format like this movie! God's love is real & God is truly good!

- V. Tracy Savage, Cedar Road Christian Academy, Virginia Beach VA

The film was a moving experience. It was easy to relate to the characters. #forgiven. Learning to forgive things/people from my past. #keepthefaith. The Shack pulled at my heart strings.

- Gina Smith, Apostles Ablaze Youth Group - Apostles Lutheran Church, Virginia Beach VA

The Shack was deeply moving and not afraid to grapple with many of the struggles humans have with a loving God in an evil situation. The themes of forgiveness, judgement, love were powerful. The portrayal of the trinity also was thought provoking and helpful. Great opportunity for folks with questions of faith to grapple. Well acted! faithful to the book.

- Brenda Stahl, Virginia Beach United Methodist Church, Virginia Beach VA

I was wonderful. I got from it that you need to trust God no matter what you may be going through. NO matter if its is dramatic or not. Love yourself and others and God. I think every young person should come an view.

- Courtney Ann Stovall, God First Baptist Church, Virginia Beach VA

The movie was so very good. It was intriguing from beginning to end. So much was required for his healing. I thought at first the wife was too calm about the death of her daughter, bt I come to realized that her love and contrast with God made the difference a powerful movie and story!

- Ann Stovall, GodFirst Baptist Church, Virginia Beach VA

I read the book several years ago. When it came out: when the movie came out I was worried it wouldn't have he special "feeling" from te book. I shouldn't have worried. The movie is just as special as the book in drawing one to Good. Loved it!

- Gene Strickland, New Heights Fellowship, Virginia Beach VA

The shack was everything I'd hoped it would be. The book changed the way I saw and experienced God. I have an extensive trauma history. I was almost that little girl. The person who saved me, lost their life and unborn child's life. God is the only one that can heal that kind of pain. Now I work as a counselor to help others find his heart of healing for them. Thank You Thank You for making this into a film.

- Meichell Worthing, Hopewell Ministries, Virginia Beach VA

I was challenged in so many ways to address my own prejudicial and intennal thoughts. Very powerful, very creative, and packed with truth. Thank you!!

- Tom Wright, Freedom Fellowship, Virginia Beach VA

Powerful healing message! Goes alone with our ministry.

- Terri Wrigt, Freedom Fellowsip, Virginia Beach VA

A moving piece - relatable for many walks of life. Great casting, incredible music. Very moving, thankful to have the chance to view this!

- Sarah Angell, Magnolia Home, Waco TX

I need to see it about 10 more times to process it all.

- Richard Ashley, Magnolia Homes, Waco TX

This film embodies the questions we all ask in the midst of pain, doubt and fear. I am blown away by the powerful message of love, grace and forgiveness.

- Jordy Barksdale, Magnolia, Waco TX

This movie gave a realistic description of a relationship with Christ in a way that's understandable for everyone! Great production. I cried and laughed the perfect amount to enjoy the movie but feel the emotions needed.

- Taylor Braun, Magnolia Home, Waco TX

Honest and relatable. I love the way the Trinity is portrayed. Thankful for the ferment appearance of God. The book is just as amazing! Thank you!

- Alexandra M Chapa, Magnolia Home, Waco TX

This movie is going to change the lives of millions of people at least. Thank you.

- Cara Connatser, Magnolia Home, Waco TX

Read the book a few years ago and the movie was exactly as I imagined. This movie will stay with me forever!

- Hannah Cummingham, Magnolia Home, Waco TX

The Shack was powerful and moving. It's an impactful story of pain, loss, healing and hope. I am walking away reminded of the heart and kindness of God.

- Sarah Dudley, Magnolia Market, Waco TX

It heals your heart. It reminds me that God loves me - life isn't perfect, but God's desire is that I trust Him in everything.

- Bob Gaines, Unknown, Waco TX

Emotional think piece that will stick with me long after the movie is over. Really impressed with Octavia Spencer's acting. 10/10!!!

- Sam Goff, Magnolia Home, Waco TX

True to the book - visual and emotionality stunning. Interesting presentation of the Trinity - breaking stereotypes of God. Great presentation of some questions that non - believers ( and believers ) struggle with. Good acting - stunning photography - poignant. Emotional gripping - intensely emotional. Wonderful allegory of God's love.

- Bob Graham, , Waco TX

Overwhelmed by the beautiful way the heart of God was revealed. I think I was healed tonight. I want to be the Father Mac was. The volume on the voices seemed quiet, but maybe I'm def. I hope the whole world sees this movie.

- Carl Gulley, Antioch Community Church, Waco TX

It was wild, wonderful and the film had beautiful views. The characters were intriguing. The story line was powerful. I hope the whole world sees this movie this will shift one persons view of God.

- Jonathan Gulley, Magnolia Home, Waco TX

What I love about the film is it allows everyone the experience of sitting with God and asking him the novel questions. I love the newness of Mac - it's reelable. This film changed me on a deeper level than I understand.

- Lindsey Hawkins, Magnolia Homes, Waco TX

Great to see, the book come to life. The 'Trinity' was perfect. Love hearing, Tim McGraws voice. Papa was lovely. So good. I loved it!

- Gail Holt, Magnolia, Waco TX

A wonderful look into an unexpected but remarkable view of God.

- Whitney Kaufhold, Magnolia, Waco TX

What a stirring portrayal of the invitation God gives each of us to be in relationship with Him. Patient with pain and the confusion people have in trusting God. Thank you for communicating God's love through this tory.

- Denise Mason, Magnolia Home, Waco TX

Thank you! This film should be seen by everyone! It touches everyones lives and can help parents explain of the unexplainable. Incredible story, amazing actors, beautiful cinematography, and overall AWESOME pictures I will bring my family.

- Andrew McDonald, High Noon Entertainment, Waco TX

Powerful - this film is online any other - Meaning, I don't believe there is a film of this nature out in the world. This is going to spur some great conversation and encourage many. Inspiring and powerful! Refreshing - encourages me to think deeply about relationship with Christ a continuation of drawing deeper to Christ - a growth of trust and rest. On a more practical level - the story was brought to life in a believable and authentic way wasn't corny - acting was great - I was pleasantly surprised by how accurate the film was to what I pictured reading the book - down to specific scenes - I was surprised by how at was almost exactly what I pictured it to look like.

- alissa neely, Magnolia, Waco TX

I really enjoyed the movie! Amazing journey through the deep mystery of who God is, how HE loves us and how we can know Him. Go see this movie, you won't be disappointed.

- Brian Peters, Evergreen Heating and Air, Waco TX

What a moving and impactful film. As a illustration, it changes my perspective and my relationship with God.

- Annie Rox, Magnolia Home , Waco TX

As a parent this gripped me in every way. It was a rare glimpse of pain, suffering and hope all nan emotional whirlwind of honesty. It's not often that a movie portrays the raw emotions of a book. Incredible depiction of Gods love for us.

- Becki Shepherd, Magnolia Market, Waco TX

This story went straight to the heart. Unlocking the depth and real-ness of life, it hurts its pain. How Jesus enters our world and brings us into His. It's so refreshing to see a dissipation of the Trinity that makes you want to know, be and never leave.

- Laura Stafford, Magnolia Homes, Waco TX

Followed the book very closely. Very well done. Papa was cast perfectly. Cried the whole time.

- Sarah Winn, Magnolia Home , Waco TX

Wow. This movie could change the world. What a wonderful way to help people understand that God is love and it's about relationship not religion. "He whom the Lord sets free is free indeed."

- Susan Ashcraft, , Washington DC

The film portrayed a real representation of the emotion that many experience when they experience death of a loved one. As well as the frustration and pain of dealing with guilt and abandonment, violence, being a child of an addict, etc. I was amazed to see how real God, the father, son and holy spirit show the "presence" during very difficult times. Also nice to see diversity amongst the cast.

- Lanelle Barber, Reid Temple AME, Washington DC

I was on the edge of my seat, waiting for each twist and turn of the story. Powerful. Moving. Great example of God's love for his children and of the importance of letting go of negative feelings.

- Kathy Bateman, Vienna Presbyterian Church, Washington DC

Definitely a tear-jerker. I really appreciated the perspective of how Jesus loves. He doesn't view us as we view ourselves - religion, party, color, background - none of it masters to Him. We are his children.

- Sarah Catherine Beasley, International Foundation, Washington DC

This was a truly spectacular film adoption of a spectacular book, perhaps the best book to film interpretation I have ever seen.

- Ethan Bishop, Washington National Cathedral, Washington DC

I've recently experienced a death of a loved one, and I've been questioning why? Why did God let him die? Thank-you for helping me see. God doesn't cause evil but His has a way of making it good.

- Katarina Bowles, National Student Leadership, Washington DC

Deeply moving. A refreshing perspective on the Trinity. the imagery of God is life changing.

- Camila Chiang, National Student Leadership, Washington DC

Read the book - movie did an excellent job of portraying the book. Very emotional and touching in a connecting way. God and the Trinity came across as a non religious way - breaking stereotypes of own concept & image of God.

- Thomas Francis Clark, Blue Ocean Partners, Washington DC

I very much enjoyed it. It was very deep - very interesting. I as a believer understood - need having read the book. I don't think a non believer will understand a lot of what was discussed, but if they do they will set them free.

- Jane Clark , Home Mgr, Washington DC

Excellent and impactful! The film shows depth and explains the Holy Trinity very clearly. I believe the movie will draw people closer to God, as it explains His peace and his role in our lives. You left out the mosquito conversation with the Holy Spirit - my favorite part!

- Kelly Clauss, The Shepherd's Guide, Washington DC

It was incredibly powerful and moving. I am amazed of and reading the book that I am in complete awe of God's power through Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.

- Adrienne Coverdale, , Washington DC

I just finished reading the book for the 2nd time and am so glad for the faithful translation into the film. It was beautifully done.

- Stephany Crane, St Andrew By the Bay, Washington DC

Very moving and powerful. This is the type of movie we need in our society to spark meaningful conversations about truly important matters, instead of the pettiness that continues to spread. I thank you for making it.

- Marlo Diaz, Concerned Women For America, Washington DC

I was pleased to see this wonderful book brought to life simply and beautifully. The "big night" scene had a profound impact on me during a dark time. I was grateful to see I experienced that scheme similarly to how it was portrayed in the film, which was interestingly very much like I imagined something I called fairy lights during a particular dark time in early childhood. The Shack helped me understand that those fairy lights were/was God who had been there the whole time holding my hand. Good book, great adaptation.

- Michele Dofat, Zion Church, Washington DC

Beautiful film - handled difficult subject in a beautiful way showing the love of the father even during difficult painful times. Opened my eyes to the love of the father. Breaks through religions ideology & stereotypes. Excellent, excellent, excellent!!!

- Carroll Eads, Capital Hill Prayer Partners, Washington DC

I thought the movie captured the essence of an experience of reading The Shack. It awakened places in my heart and pushed past my cynical barriers.

- Ron Ivey, RMI Partners, Washington DC

I think the film was true to the book. It's profound description of who the triune God is to us clearly speaks volume to the world we live in.

- Cheryl Jackson, Radio One, DC, Washington DC

A deeply moving film. Thought provoking and parading shifting. Radically challenging. Beautiful.

- Grace Johnson, International Foundation, Washington DC

Beautiful, loving and helpful. Clearly the Christian doctrine with a bit more room to maneuver. I still don't get why anyone, including God had to pay for sin (pay who?) However, lovely spiritual psychology and metaphysic in the farm of religion for a traditional mind. I felt the love.

- Pol Klein, Self, Washington DC

Moving, emotional, frustrating - makes me want to rush out of the theatr and become a better person and to love God more. Vision is beutiful, characters well cast. Felt story was slow getting started. I felt it took too much time getting to the conflict in Mack and did not adequately capture Mack's "great sadness. Felt Papa jumped too quickly into the deep stuff, Could have developed relationships with Jesus and Sareya. The bantering and gradual trust. But once it got going between them, it was powerful. Missy burial scene was intense and wonderful.

- Christine Lamolinara, St Andrew by the Bay, Washington DC

The film felt realistic and true to the book. The relationships were warm and inviting. I had an emotional response in the viewing. The warmth of the female God character was so welcoming and easy to receive.

- Dawn Luecke, Friend, Washington DC

The film was powerful and moving. It spoke well to loss and understanding that God is loving and sovereign. To me the movie breaks down the trinity in a way that non believers can understand plainly and laid out the foundation of the relationship that God wants to have with us. Every element was well done!

- Tamika McCray, McGuire Therapeutic Services , Washington DC

This movie was amazing, profound and healing for my soul!

- Rasheda McGuire, McGuire Therapeutic Services, Washington DC

Thought provoking, demonstrating the power of forgiveness to release from the stronghold of anger, grief and pain.

- Lee Michaels , Heaven 600 Radio , Washington DC

As someone who has experienced death and loss at a young age, this story awakens hope in me. I continue to have a deep need to be reconciled to Papa and myself and this story has opened a path to do so. The imagery and portrayed is so comforting.

- Amanda Moore, International Foundation, Washington DC

This is an awesome movie. The way I envisioned the characters while reading the book was brought to life. This is definitely a movie that I could see 1,000 times and get something different from it each time. Definitely a must see!

- Samica Morrison, NASA, Washington DC

Very moving and did a great job of memories that God has healed but also see that more work has been done in my life. And others, beautiful movie with so much scripture although picturing God was a bit difficult.

- Theresa Mullen, Kids Konnection, Washington DC

I can relate to Mac in the film. Feeling lost and confused wondering where God is. Learning to forgive the past is the best thing I have done.

- Terelle Mullen, Kids Konnection, Washington DC

Heart wrenching - beautiful! A story about unconditional love, an intentional choice to forgive and the desire to be free in Christ!

- Kimesha Munford, Reid Temple AME, Washington DC

I felt it did an incredible job depicting the God head and the conflicts the main character had to deal with. Didn't sugar coat on give "pat answers." Though it was very well done.

- Robin O'Briskie, RIO Coaching , Washington DC

Moving and emotional. Reminded me of Go d's truth in the word in a new and different way. Surprising and unexpected. Challenging. Inspiring. Portrays the personal ad intimate relationship God wants with everyone. breaks religious mindsets and demonstrates God's perfect love/ god is always with us and is exactly what we need at that time in our life and meets us exactly where we're at.

- Denise Passero, Concerned Women of America, Washington DC

Wow. Struggling to always not be first to judge and trust. This is a great reminder. It's okay to not feel 100% healed and it will take time. Wisdom scene was remarkable! As a photographer it was beautiful imagery.

- Sheila Perez, National Student Leadership, Washington DC

The story was easy to follow and very relatable. There were moments of great humor and plenty (so many) tear-jerking moments. I fought back tears at least 4 times. God, Jesus and The Holy Spirit were so cleverly depicted. LOVE the film!

- Kevin Porter, The Christian Post, Washington DC

Please view this film from the eyes of an African American - even though Papa was AA it was an old white cultural context for which I, we, could not relate. *was this made only with a particular demographic in mind. Great thematic presentation.

- Thomas Rogers, Triumphant Church, Washington DC

I enjoyed the way the story wrapped around forgiveness. The acting was moving.

- Carlos Salinas, Arlington Catholic Herald, Washington DC

Incredible movie. So insightful about God's love for his people. It changes how you view God and his mercy and wisdom. I believe this movie will touch so many all over the world. I feel that the filmmakers stayed true to the book and the writer's vision.

- Nateeka Scott, , Washington DC

The film was basically in line with what was written in the book. The scene that really hit home was when he had to walk through the journey of forgiving the person who took his daughter Missy's life. I am the father of a daughter and hat would be such an incredible test. It gave me chills to see his walk through and to the light of forgiveness.

- Marc Scott, D.C Government , Washington DC

Very well done! Brought up lots of feelings and emotions in a positive, thoughtful way.

- Paige Shire, , Washington DC

Moving. Revealed the relationship of God, Jesus, the Spirit in a fresh and accessible way! Maybe curtail, a edit Church scene with "Awesome God" song.

- Tim Shirk, FR2, Washington DC

I read the book and the film brought everything alive.

- Gina Spann, Federal Government, Washington DC

Awesome story of healing that comes from the Lord. The movie pricked my spirit to reflect on forgiveness and to move from a place in my journey to the place the Lord called me to be. It all begins with healing from a broken heart. Wonderful movie story.

- Delphine Wilks, Radio-One , Washington DC

Oh my word, the movie was phenomenal. The spiritual connotations were on point. Even down to showing God in any form that you need him to be.

- Kimberly Williams, Nikao Outreach, Washington DC

I felt it was creative and very spiritually eye opening. It was also soothing after such painful real like situations.

- Nina Wills , , Washington DC

It was awesome. Very well done. Life changing. Very introspective. I appreciate that it was not at odds with scripture but was very real. I felt like I was living the movie.

- Orlando Wilson, New Antioch Baptist Church, Washington DC

The conversation was realistic and the journey toward forgiveness was very profound. It does tap into new emotions and deep sealed anger. Life, transformation into love and forgiveness - great job of moving a book into a action.

- Muna Zahr, International Foundation, Washington DC